The anatomy of “Cash for Tweet”

New revelations have been coming to light on Telugu Desam Party’s “cash for tweet” scam.

Once their data theft came to light after a whistleblower lodged a complaint on the concerned firm, Chandrababu and Lokesh in order to protect themselves started blaming the Telangana government.

In an attempt to push the blame onto the Telangana government, the TDP has tried to trend the hashtag #TSGovtStealsData. It was learned that the hashtag was being used by random persons, who are neither from Andhra Pradesh or Telangana. The handles were owned by people who tweet for money.

In the latest development, Mission Telangana team has accessed screenshots of Whatsapp chat and google doc which has clear instructions to the agencies to trend the hashtags.

“All you guys have to do for today and tomorrow is expose the hashtag #TSGovtStealsData with tiny messages,” said one of the instruction.

While a few other tweets target the brand name of Hyderabad, the others weakly attempt to mock TRS Working President KTR.

The google doc has a list of tweets which were to be tweeted by the agency with the hashtag #KTRFakeTears.

The Telugu Desam Party has continuously been resorting to unethical means to trend hashtags against Telangana government and TRS leadership on social media platforms like Twitter.

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