Will Donakonda become the capital of Seemandhra?

A sleepy little town in Prakasham district may well be named the new capital of Seemandhra. Donakonda, a town of about 20,000 population, stands a very good chance of getting this coveted status.

Since last few weeks, Seemandhra leaders have been squabbling among themselves about the new capital of Seemandhra state. There is a mad race between several Seemandhra towns for capital status.

In his report to the GoM, the AP State chief secretary has mentioned Donakonda town as the best suited place for Seemandhra capital.

Donakonda is situated about 90 km from Ongole, and is about 200 Kms from major Seemandhra towns like Kurnool, Guntur, Vijayawada, Nellore, Tirupati and Kadapa.

Land needs of the capital city could be fulfilled by denotifying forest land around Donakonda.

This town has a World War II airport built by the British. The railway line connecting Vijayawada and Guntakal towns passes through Donakonda.

Even the weather condition of the town is also said to be very pleasant.

So, don’t be surprised if Donakonda is named the new capital of Seemandhra.

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61 Responses

  1. soonya says:

    Does the Governor of Tamil Nadu have lands around the place? :)

  2. Ram says:

    Donakonda is very close to Markapur which was part of Kurnool district before creation of Prakasham district in 1971. See here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prakasam_district#History

    Donakonda is very close the the border of old Kurnool district and Guntur district.( http://goo.gl/maps/qG449 ) This way Seema people wont complain. In future, if Rayalaseema state formed, they can divide the city like Chandigarh.

  3. Sivamallikarjunarao Talasila says:

    Donakonda as a capital is nonsense. VGTMUDA is the best place for seemandhra capital.

    • Saikumar says:

      S.it is correct dision.. Hd tkn

    • Sreeram Mushty says:

      Donakonda is the most appropriate place for establishment of capital area to residual state of Andhra Pradesh. Large scale hoarding of land had occurred in Krishna Guntur Area that was in the hands of few persons which would become oligarchy that is harmful coupled with misuse and abuse of government allocated funds going into the hands of few oligarchs causing imbalanced distribution of results generated from infrastructure development with high level leakages coupled with escalated asset prices in the economy slowing down the development and prosperity of Seema Andhra

  4. Srikar (sp) says:

    Donakonda is fluoride affected area.

    Better to make Kadapa as capital, then corruption king rules the state.

    One more Idea—–Central govt should declare Guntur + Vijayawada as Capital and must reserve Guntur & Vijayawada Loksabha seats for Schedule Caste(SC). With this social justice can be attained. (current MPs can go to Himalayas and China!!!)

  5. pavan says:

    I think VGTM is most appropriate place to make capital

  6. varam says:

    vizag r ongole will best option

  7. Surya teja says:

    This is non-sense
    vizag is only best option

    • Saikumar says:

      Dvlp kani vatini dvlp chadam… Donakoda rajadhani chadam…
      1st hyd kuda ante like dnk.. Kani epudu elaundo manakh baga telugu…
      i thnk betr 2 change u r mandset……

  8. sudhakar says:

    donakonda is right place and seemandhra people can built a city of new donkonda which will be like chandigarh ,a beautiful city with wide roads and with no traffic problems and also with out pollution,because all cities like guntur,vijayawada already polluted .

  9. Seemandhra says:

    It is strange news for us. let me know much of this city. Thanks and for the news though the media says ongole is already picked.

  10. K. Ramesh says:

    According to seismic department study Ongole and Darsi regions are Quake prone. There is no basic infrastructure in and around Ongole. The capital should be nearer to a permanent water source. Given the present situation, it would be ideal to have capital which is equi distant to all places of seemandhra ie from Nellore, Srikakulam and Anantapur. The place should be well connected by road, rail and also air. The government will not be in a position to acquire land as it will have to pay four times the value of the land as per the new land acquisition act. Taking all these factors into consideration I feel that the place between vijayawada and eluru is best suited for the new capital for the following reasons:
    1) it is equi distant from Nellore, Srikakulam and Anantapur.
    2) the area is located between Krishna and Godavari rivers and Nagarjunasagar and polavaram canals criss cross this area. Hence there will be no problem for water.
    3) the soil is hard so that high rise buildings can come up
    4) nearer to gannavaram airport and also to vijayawada railway station which is one of the biggest railway junctions in the country.
    5) apart from the above advantages government land is available in plenty.

    • murali says:

      Ramesh garu you are right, it is equi distant from Nellore, Srikakulam and Anantapur dist. but land rates are very high, in my view Macherla is best suited place for new capital, it is also equi distance from Vizag and Ananthapur dist, here land rates are not that much high, murali

  11. tobi says:

    never heard about donakonda…………..

  12. Srinath says:

    Capital is like Heart.
    Vijayawada and guntur is to be andhra capital and serve better than the present twins(secunderabad and hyderabad).
    If vijayawada becomes greatervijayawada then people never think of even vizag or other.
    so all the central governament has to do is to make vijayawada(VGTM) as our new capital and makes it airport International.

  13. m.s.murthy says:

    The people of Rayalaseema will never accept to make Vijayaawada-Guntur region as
    the capital of Seemandhra state.Already A.P.is going to be bifurcated in to two states.Further division of the state is not advisable.Vizag and Kurnool
    are not suitable places to locate capital as they are located at extreme corners
    of the state.So Ongole or Donakonda should be made the capital of Seemandhra as
    they are located midway between coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema regions and
    plenty of Government land is available in those places and a beautiful capital
    city like Chandigarh could be developed which will have less traffic congestion.

  14. telugu says:

    @all seemandhra people who are reading this,
    let us not make the same mistake again of concentrating entire development in one place.
    irrespective of wherever the capital is,let us make it just an administrative capital.
    industries,software companies,educational institutes,pharma,public sector undertakings-let them be spread out throughout all district

    • Marc says:

      Good said, never again make the same mistake, dont concentrate on 1 city, it has to be assembly and sachivalayam in one city, high court in 1 city, IT companies in 1 cities, manufacturing units in

  15. hari says:

    Donakomda is nice to new capital

  16. mahammad Baji says:

    Good .donakonda is best for seemandra rajadhaani

  17. DAV NARAYANA says:

    Donakonda is good capital and historical of Budda Stupam and near famous Tripurantakam temple and Markapuram is near Slate and Srisilam so these are also famous of Andhra pradesh

  18. Ruksar says:

    kurnool is best for seemandra rajadhani

  19. Poornanand says:

    TIRUPATHI is the best place for seemandhra capital.

    • audiseshu says:

      making same mistake that was happened before selecting the captial for Andhra pradesh and growth was piled up at one location and other district development ignored.

      No need to brain strom on selecting the capital for seemandhra and think about development of entire seeemandhra by spreading the industry sector (Agricultre, tourism, IT sector, Biotechnology and poulty etc..) into different districts.

      We have educate the society the about how to develop new state and getting funds from central government.

      Don’t become a prey for politican tactics for selecting the captial for seemandhra.

      There are many things need to be consider before selecting the state capital and few are given as Geographical location, security and helath concerns, econmic growth of selected place, negative impacts of current city.

  20. audiseshu says:

    Making same mistake that had happened before in Andhra Pradesh for the capital and ignored all other districts development and growth was piled up in one location.
    No need to brainstorm on selecting next capital in seemandhra and focus on how to develop the seemandhra state by spreading the industry sector into various places (Agriculture, IT industry, Education, poultry, tourism and biotechnology etc ..). This process would give good growth w.r.to development of orphan seemandhra state in less time.

    How each district would develop by getting benefits from central government to specific sectors (Education and tourism etc..) that we need to focus and educated the people and society.

    we should not become a prey for politician tactics for selecting the capital

    There are many causes need to be consider before selecting the capital
    1. Agriculture sector should not affect due to selecting capital and government will lose the income if money coming from agriculture sector.
    2. Has to consider the following things geographic location, security, health and economic concerns before selecting capital

  21. AJAY KUMAR says:

    It is very disheartening to loose our Hyderabad city,but my kind request not get discouraged with this.Let our new capital be our Pride.Donakonda is a fine choice,we know all the investments on this new capital are not productive investments,as we heard that we have surplus lands,connectivity of railway and even airport will not become a advantage.The biggest issue that Rayalaseema people may not differentiate on this as it is located even nearer to them also.At least now the rulers should take care of all round development in all the corners of the state and it should be a role model for entire country.Best of luck for New Andhra pradesh.

  22. Donakonda is a best choice to new capital of seemandhra ,

  23. Sri says:

    Donakonda could be a cheap interms of jnvestment or development cost for centre but another irrovocable loss is that we loose valuable forest area which is key to our eco system and other side any how we are loosing papikondalu because of polavaram. Loosing another forest area is not good. If they make donakonda as capital they will extend infrastructure between karnool, donakonda, hyderabad and it wipes of nallamalla completely. Best place to have a capital is between narasaraopet, ongole and vinukonda. That way we can avoid the destruction of forest area. By the way i am from vijayawada, to let all know that there is no regiknal favorism.. :)

  24. v apparao says:

    Before selecting the capital of andhra pradesh(Telugunadu) give water and safest area but not political convenience area. It is better to take E G Dist near Rajamundry area of E G Dt. which is having forest area also.

  25. V V RAJU says:

    Donakonda is best place for Seemandra Capital, It is located center of Rayalseema and Costa areas, Railway connectivity is there from Vijayawada, Guntur, Bangalore, Guntakal, Ananthapur, State high way connectivity is 20 km away, Water source from Gundlakamma, Krishna right canal, Cumbum lake and Srisailam , all are having natural gradivity, not pumping required, all are 25km away, British time airport was there, having area, 5. 0 sqkm, nearby lime mines are there to product cement, this is 5km away, close by 5.0 sqkm hill area and Buitiful Big banian tree ( area covered 1000 sqmt) is there, which is suitable for holidy place, lot of State government lands, central government and forest lands was there, these lands are suitable for Government Offices, close by dry lands are there, no irrigation lands, so these dry lands useful for residential, commercial and Institution uses. for example one Bank employies housing co-operative society wants a 50 acres land to build a their residential activities, where we will get that much dry land close by Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada, Guntur, thirupathi and karnool, like that.
    But near donakonda we will get lot of land , which is suitable for all purposes, all lands are having district road connectivity. so my dear friends please think about donakonda which is suitable for Seemandra Capital. Thank you.

  26. Srikanth says:

    Guntur district,puli chintala project is best capital for seemandhra.there are many advantages like for seemandhra there is 13 districts and in that guntur district is in middle for seema and uttara andhra and road or rail lin also can connect easy to pulichintala.and like railway jone, airport should give to vijayawada

  27. Simham says:

    the area between kesineni palle,Erragondapalem&tripurantakam should be the new capital.the rail line can be extended from donakonda to new capital.it can further be extended to ongole.donakonda Air port can be expanded&further developed.Forest area between the new capital&krishna river can be denotified &world class govt establishments,institutions can be set up.Govt need not spend lot of money on land.

  28. SBRAO says:


  29. raghava says:

    markapuram-donakanda is suited to new seemandhra capital near to rayalaseema and costa andhra no more agitations will occur


    Donakonda is well known place for as Capital of Seemandra and also it will be center place for Rayalaseema and uttara andhra and the land cost will be cheep compared various cities

  31. sriram says:

    most suited place in the surroundings vijayawada and guntur for the capital with less funds and more infrastructure available the junction for connecting south and north india. we will devolop more faster by investing the adequate funds in some other districts to rise more equity into the system

  32. Rayudu says:

    Vgtm is the best place for seemandra new capital

  33. Between Gunturr,Vijayawada is suitable area for new andhra capita

  34. Allu Rayudu says:

    Best option for seemandra capital is Vijayawada,guntur,toenail,mangalagiri area.

  35. pasam.ravindra reddy says:

    Donakonda is abest place in seemandhra rajadhani

  36. hrao says:

    START FROM SRIKAKULAM-VIJAYANAGARAM – LET US MAKE IT AS IT HUB. CLOSE TO VIZAG AND BBS, which are also becomming slowly IT HUBS. (LOW water requirements. NEar bye ViZAG can serve as international Airport.
    Vizag and East godavari- Industrial Belt based on petrochemicals and gas based Industry.
    West Godavari -Krishna as AUtomobile and agriculture based Industries and GAs based Power generation.
    GUNTUR- Prakasham- Nellore- Kadapa- CAPITAL region with Multi Industrial Belts. Airports – Vijayawada, Chennai, Tirupati, Donakonda, Kadapa can serve the need
    Cuddapah and Anatapur – Steel based Industry- connected to Krishanpatnam/ Duggrajapuram for Exports of finished steel and not ore.
    Chittor, Kurnool – Educational Hubs.
    Thus over all development is feasible.
    DOnakonda, MArkapur, areas should be Capital City.

    WE can make infratsruture (like airport, buildings, railway, roads, parks etc) for Capital city. This is like Capital facilities, with funds. What about running requirements, Water and electricity- Can be met form Sagar and Srisailam for this zone.

    It is like Bank is giving loan for purchase of BENZ/ AUDI car. Common man buys it with loan.
    Running expenses like 3km/lit petrol and servicing, spare parts who will give loan. Thus running expenses which are required to be planned first and second importance for capital facilities.

    Thus My vote is for area around Krishna River, between sagar and srisailam.

    Second advise, since Krishanpatnam is already in existance, no need for duggrajapatnam again in Nellore district. Let us select Machilipatnam (krishna), Nizampatnam (guntur) or Rammaiahpatnam (Ongole) for a second major port. I am form Port industry, One must plan port based on study and not on political compulsions.
    EYE opener.
    cochin port spends around 120 cr per annum for desiltation requirements, turnover of port is 400 cr or so.
    Same with Kandla, Kolkatta. Kolkatta is more worse. 400 cr for desiltaion per annum.

    Let us make feasible study and optimise the operating cost with Industrial hinterland.
    Duggrajapatnam . Disadvantages . CLose, Chennai, Ennore, Kattupalli and Krishnapatnam. Half day sailing from these ports. how the port will survive.
    Like opening 10 tea stalls in a village busstop and no one will survive.

  37. neelam says:

    its the right time to select the right place for the future of tommorow so be sure ,be secure ,and be safe these should be in mind , so wethere donakonka ,guntur ,ongole ,vijag ,kurnool,etc,,,,,,,, for capital city. people of andhra should decide which is best for tommorows future not for present .
    points for capital
    AND SO MANY ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    • M. Uma Maheswara Rao says:

      These are man made things, even today’s big cities are yesterday’s small towns, hence, better make Donakonda a capital of Seemandhra Pradesh.

  38. venkat says:

    donakonda is right place of capital

  39. Ramachandra Rao says:

    Donakonda is the best place for seemandhra to set up capital as it has all resources with plenty of land and with out any problem it will remain a common capital in future if Seema and Costa regions bifurcate. In all angles, Donakonda is the best place for future capital. Any how it is also better to decentralize the administration and projects by setting up the departments by distributing them to all districts so as to have overall development in all the districts. Hence Donakonda is the right choice for new capital.

  40. GVReddy says:

    Donakoda is best option for andhra Pradesh capital.

    More govt places for capital, no afraid of earth quake s

  41. narayana says:

    I think donakonda is better option in seemandra capital because of rayalaseema and andhra this is the milddle . So every near by all cities, govt plase and air port also available Here

  42. Mariyadasu says:

    Donakonda is best place for the seemandhra rajadhani because it is center to all places and have lot of government lands.

  43. haneesh says:

    donakonda should be capital

  44. chowdary says:

    vijawada is the capital of seemandhra

  45. A VISWANATH says:

    I think capital would between guntur and vijayawada

  46. Thirupathi from central govt service says:

    Donakonda is best place for the seemandhra rajadani because it is a centre to all place and have lot of govt land/surplus land and defence land and old accomedation of army at the time of british

  47. SreeTelungu says:

    Donakonda is not at all suitable. If you think only of land cost and ignore other aspects, you will end up cougihing up ten times more money in building a capital. The twin cities of Vijayawada and Guntur are the ideal location for locating a new Telugu capital. Govt employees need high end schools, colleges, universities and corporate hospitals. These are available only in these twin cities. Besides the coastal twin cities have very big railway and bus junctions. If you pick a place like Donakonda, it will be ages before creating these facilities there. Why reject an already developed urban area which right now looks like a metropolis ?

    • M. Uma Maheswara Rao says:

      To avoid any regional problems taken place like Telangana & Andhra Pradesh in future, , it is better option to choose Donakonda as capital city of Seemandhra Pradesh, since it is located adjacent both Rayalaseema & Costal Andhra Pradesh. the following reasons shall make it Donakonda best place to be a capital.

      1. Location: It is adjacent both Rayalaseema and coastal. If any problem arises can be easily solved like Chandigarh.
      2. Land Acquisition: No major problem to acquire land for government buildings since,huge Government land available in free of cost.
      3. Airport is also available.
      4. sea port also not far from the place it is hardly 90kms, where a modern port can be built.
      5. Since, it is backward area, need growth required under social-economic improvement.

      6. Vijayawada,Guntur and visakapatnam these cities are already developed and cost of land touches more than crore per acre, Place constrains and the area is high fertile and that is what the place being called rice bowl of Andhra Pradesh. It should not be made concrete jungle.

      7. Regional balance can be achieved by making backward area a capital city.

  48. P Vineeth says:

    Andhra Pradesh has beautiful beaches! Why can we consider “Machilipatnam” as capital! Literacy is high there… It is a historical place! There is a port… It can be made into a planned city! :-)

    • Prakash says:

      I often wonder why the British abandoned Machilipatnam and came to Madras in the Tamil region ! Whatever the reason, it was a boon for Tamils. Got a well-developed coastal city ! Machilipatnam’s loss was Chennai’s gain !

  49. D V Rathnam says:

    Donakonda . Is suitable for the capital of our Andhra Pradesh . Also financially helpful for the state by getting a large forest area denotified by central govt. And useful for all types of offices,companies,housing and many more. Further no need of funds from central, if unable to help us. Help to select this place for the capital

  50. mahesh says:

    vijayawada is the right place for capital for government places also available in paidurupadu(100 ecaras) 9 km from vijayawada. And in nunna also govt places so vij is the suitable place for capital.

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