Telangana Jagruthi Bangaru Bathukamma Poster

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2 Responses

  1. vinaychandra says:

    Very proud to say bangaru bathukamma has been part of T.culture

  2. soonya says:

    Bathukamma the Carnival of Life! We must make it a colorful and a huge carnival in Hyderabad annually. It can become an international tourist attraction like the Brazil Carnival or the Oktoberfest in Germany, or the Tomatino fest in Spain.

    It is a better festival than the Ganesh festival, since Ganesh festival only attracts men – and men are prone to drinking and violence. A women dominated and managed festival tends to be peaceful, colorful and inclusive. One can have kolatam for men on the sides though.

    However, they must use only vegetables colors when the dye some of the flowers so that the waters are not polluted.

    Jagriti should invite international media to capture the colors and gaiety of the carnival.

    And Jagriti should also encourage women committees to oversee the arrangements so that they too come into mainstream and learn to organize which is critical in a democracy. Aware and empowered women are critical to a democratic society. These women committees or leaders should negotiate with the police, administration and make the logistical arrangements – that would create competence to manage events on a larger scale.

    Anyways kudos to Telangana Jagriti!

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