September 30th should be etched in history: Kodandaram

“September 30th Telangana March should become a memorable chapter in the history of world people’s movements” said Prof. Kodandaram. He was participating in a round table organized by “Maa Hyderabad” to discuss about the role of Hyderabadi’s in the ongoing Telangana agitation. He requested all Telangana citizens to be ready for this mega event.

Kodandaram informed that the preparations for this mega agitation are already underway. He said that the JAC leaders would meet Muslim leaders from old city after the Ramzan festival.

TJAC is planning several events to mobilize natives of Hyderabad. They have planned padayatras in several bastis of Hyderabad.

Telangana Praja Front Convenor M. Ved Kumar, Telangana Lok Satta president Dharma Reddy, representatives of Maa Hyderabad Koride Umakanth and Sridhar Dharmasanam and several TJAC representatives and Telangana activists participated in the round table.



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2 Responses

  1. Naveen Reddy says:

    Telangana movement has reached its last lap, one more strike will break the shackles of six five decade long exploitation and discrimination. It’s a shame government has slowly started recognising T people after all these movements. Telangana people were meted out step mother treatment by government over fifty years. Owing to intense lobbying by the andhra leaders with their money and muscle power, central goverment is forced to maintain status queue. But it is proved that status queue is unsustainable and change must come and Telangana state should be carved out. Let us reassert our right to telangana state , as it was proved time again that it is almost next to impossible that telangana people will get justice in united state. Jai Telanagana.

  2. B.NARSING RAJ says:

    Congress govt.seen the extreme patience of the Telangana People. Telangana Natives cannot forgive this govt. who tried to suppress the democracy since last 60 years, but shows crocodile tears in all international conferences in support of democracy suppressing the natives with the help of BRUTAL POLICE FORCE. Now the struggle has reached the last stage do or die and to pullout congress for ever from the Telangana region and ultimately from the country itself.
    This struggle is to give justice to the natives of the Telangana region who were robed by the Capitalists and Influencial Politicians of Other regions, Let us unite and get the long pending Telangana and Make the Region Prosperious by banning purchase of land and other resources by the other state persons by bringing act similar to HIMACHAL PRADESH AND JAMMU AND KASHMIR to safe gaurd the region people.

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