Rani Rudrama Shocks DK Aruna

Rani Rudrama, the daring newscaster from T News, was the center of attention at the TV Nandi Awards function held in Mahabub Nagar yesterday.

Rani Rudrama Devi received the Best News Reader for the year 2009. While recieving the award, Rani Rudrama highlighted the injustice that was being meted out to Telangana artists in Nandi Awards distribution.

Minister DK Aruna, who was on the dias and who is known for her anti-Telangana stand, was peeved at Rani Rudrama’s remarks. She made some uncharitable remarks on Rani Rudrama. People who attended the awards function praised Rani Rudrama’s daring speech and severely criticized DK Aruna’s senseless rant.

Watch the Video here:

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2 Responses

  1. chwdvrm says:

    In Democracy , every citizen of country has their views, it is our fate that Arrogance has crept into the mind of politicians ; it has become incurable disease and weakness of those Tiny , heartless , mind less , human beings they dont know their plight. THEY SEE their fulfillment in money and power. not in fellow beings

    Let us all of us must vote iin elections should teach a fitting lesson

  2. srs says:

    DK aruna ne nayamemO …ee rani rudhrama chilakapalukula tho adarshanga undedi..last ki mathram T fans ni buridi kotinchindi..

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