Now A Kolaveri For Telangana Too!

The Kolaveri fever has struck Telangana too. After breaking several old records and creating new ones, Kolaveri is now being adapted and remade several times by enthusiastic youngsters.

One such team comprising singer Madhusudan Reddy, and technicians Gummadi Kiran Kumar and N Nagarjuna has created a Telangana version of the Kolaveri Song.

And the song is already a huge hit with the people of Telangana region. Apart from getting good number of views on YouTube, the video is being shared widely across social networking platforms like Facebook and also on various Telangana forums. Zee 24 Hrs tv channel also telecast a special program on the Telangana Kolaveri video.

Watch the Telangana Kolaveri video here:

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