My mother language is Telangana and not, Andhra Telugu!

On the occasion of mother language day, when there are many articles lamenting the ‘corruption of Telugu’ with English words, Vijayshree pays tribute to our own rediscovery of our proper mother language – Telangana.

By: Vijayshree Kurumilla 

I have always found my Andhra friends, expressing their surprise at everything, connected with my Telangana identity. I might have belonged to another planet, for all they, know. I do not know whether it is really, because they are ignorant or they are trying to be plain, sarcastic.

Their questions are unending and so are their self perpetuated myths.

The myths will go as follows, that-

1. Telangana people’s language is labour class, and is unmentionable and unpardonable

2. Telangana people are always drunk, and that is why, they ‘stay poor’.

3. Telangana people are not educated, that is why, they are not eligible for jobs.

4. Telangana people are lazy, that is why, they are unemployable.

5. Telangana people will never study, that is why, they do not need educational institutions

6. Telangana do not know how to cultivate crops, that is why, there is no agriculture.

7. Telangana people are naive, so they follow KCR’s words blindly.

8. Telangana people cannot read or write English, so the newspapers can write any nonsense and get away with it.

The list is endless and I have mentioned what I remember, they tell these, directly to our face and also, ask, at times, strange questions like-

1. Do you actually, have a newspaper for Telangana?

2. Do you actually, have a Television channel for Telangana?

3. Are you actually, going to name your state after separation as, Telangana?

And then, there was one of my friends, who had sent at the peak of agitation, a sms joke on Telangana. The joke was, about, replacing the names of popular titles of telugu movies with Telangana names, and that was the first time, my friend, got the taste, of my lashing back, at her.

She is hurt, ‘Vijayshree, I did not know that YOU, had regional feelings?’

And this same friend’s son spoke aloud, his parent’s thoughts, on the eve of KCR’s fast unto death. ‘Good riddance, if he dies.’ That was a seven year old speaking, so I could understand, whose thoughts he was echoing, in his innocence.

This is how children are conditioned, right from the beginning, to look down upon another region’s language or feelings, and besides, filling them with these kinds of lies, by their, so called highly qualified and educated parents.

I would like to salute all our Telangana mothers and fathers, who in their simple ways, did not cloud our minds with this kind of vicious conditioning, of making us, believe in the superiority or inferiority of one, over, the other.

My parents were, hardly educated; they were self taught people, but they had so much of wisdom in bringing up their children and on the contrary, it was me, who as a child, and as, a first generation learner, tried to camouflage my dialect, to please all my Andhra friends and neighbours.

Many of us, city bred Telangana people, might have done the same thing, but in the end our identity came calling on us and we managed to shed, this stifling, artificial cover, with which, we had enveloped ourselves for so long, to come out rejuvenated and with a renewed resolve, to fight, for the preservation of our identity, as Telangana people.

Yes, my mother language is Telangana and not some borrowed, Andhra Telugu. I cannot help it, if our Andhra friends continue to transgress into another world, where these self perpetuated myths, might be of some consolation to them – when they face us.

Jai Telangana!

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180 Responses

  1. shashank says:

    Tears rolling in my eyes!! I faced the same situation too.
    People belonging to some parts of Andhra(especially Guntur and Krishna) came to Khammam dist. during Nagarjuna sagar canal construction time and now dominate the politics of Khammam Dist. They live in our land but abuse our dialect, hate our food and habits and teach their kids to hate.They never support our leaders,never adopt our festivals.While the whole of telangana was with Telangana movement.They hate our movement. I will not let it go.i will teach my next generation to learn to fight this discrimination.
    I will not let my Language die.It is not Andhra Telugu but My Telangana.
    Jai Telangana!!

    • vijayshree says:

      Thanks shashank,

      I know that all of us have this one shared feeling of having faced at some point of life, some kind of ridicule, from, people who perceive that their language is superior..

      They are the biggest idiots in this whole world, as I grew up, I realized, their shallowness and now can only pity them…

      Thankfully, we have now got this shared platform, to air our views..Thanks to mission telengana too..

      Their is so much of comfort in sharing our anguish and how each one of us, had fought and won over, this kind of prejudiced behaviour ..

      We are more than proud of our mother language, now..Yes, we have a long way to go, but we are getting there, getting together is getting almost there..I think..

      Thank you, once again

      Jai Telengana!

      • shashank says:

        Thank You Vijayashree!!
        The probability of a Khammam guy facing Andhra Discrimination is more than any Person from other parts of Telangana facing discrimination. But every time i got a chance… okkokkadini sampi bondha pettina 😛 na Answers tho. Na laga answer cheppetollani na chuttalalla 100 mandhini tayaru chesina.
        When i was a kid in school i used to ask my mom to change her language(she is from manukota(Mahbubabad)) . Now iam proud of my language. I live in Dallas but i say for myself…You can take Shashank(every telanganaite) out of Telangana but you cant Take Telangana out of me!!
        Proud to be a Telanganite.
        Jai Telangana!!

        • vijayshree says:

          Nice getting to know you,shashank..

          I think we as telenganites, celebrate life in its truest sense, while they ruin their lives by always chasing after materialistic things..this basic difference in the way of our lives, made them evolve the kind of myths that they are still using against us.. I feel they are just missing out on the good things in life and are envying us, of the same…

          Our language is that of heart, while theirs follows certain rules and carefully conceals what their real meaning is, unlike ours which knows only the rules of the heart and flows accordingly and is transparent..

          Living in USA, I can understand how much you all must be missing out on telangana..there is so much of beauty associated with everything connected to it, that may be only the stars shining in the night can connect us to it..

          I always look at the stars and think, oh, these must be the same ones shining on so many lovely places in telangana..and I don’t feel very distant from it..

          Proud of all of you, shashank..

          Thank you and God bless you.

          Jai Telangana!

        • uday says:

          hi shashank where are u in dallas?

          im from manukota.
          i live in Austin
          can catch me

    • Prakash says:

      I respect your freedom of speech my dear brother… Andhra (you are saying it but I dont accept the word andhra to coastal area only this has been supported by many of old generation intellectuals from Telangana who doesnt belong to Politics but if I consider your perception only for time being now) doesnt mean Guntur and Krishna districts only. there are so many slangs from Srikakulam to chittor… infact dialect keep on changing from top to bottom as you keep moving from Srikakulam to Chittor… I know many people from Telangana and from other districts of AP also, who abuse Srikakulam and Godavari districts dialect…. I appreciate for having regional feeling … self respect doesnt come with hatred of your fellow being… ( I am not making this comment keeping you in mind …..we should not encourage these things who ever does it, we should condemn even if it is my own brother…Telangana Telugu is not only yours … it is everybody’s whose mother toungue is telugu infact Telangana and Telugu are same…all that we need to please dont respond to the immatured stupids, be it from Coastal area , seema area or from Telangana area….

      • vijayshree says:

        We do know that dialects keep differing from district to district and respect the differences in dialects….We do not support anyone abusing any one else’s dialect..You said you know of many Tg friends abusing EG and srikakulam dialect, I am sure they did not go to Srikakulam or Eg for a living and abused their dialect while making a living there..

        Which is what Shashank wrote about, that these coastal guys coming for making a living in our area have abused our language and culture..

        We do not hate anyone, if we really did, no Andhra would have made TG their home and if you see in SA, there are hardly any TG people and the recent agitation saw these few facing attack, abuse and threats in SA.

        If we do not respond to ridicule, if we keep quiet, which is what we had done for a long period, our culture and language stood a chance of getting decimated..You should never advise anyone to take insults lying down, if they are unjustified, try being in our shoes and then think..

        If only such ridicule was nipped in the bud, it would not have grown to such humongous proportions..Wherever we go, we must learn to integrate with people living there..this has never been the case with SA people, I am stressing once again, we did not come to your region, for a living and abused your culture and dialect, so no comparison with Telangana with other SA areas..

  2. Ravi says:

    This reminds me of one of my friends from Eluru who once said that Telangana Telugu is not ‘pure’ Telugu! I told him Telangana Telugu is my mother language, a mother is a mother, we cannot say ‘pure mother’ or ‘impure mother’, I love my mother and my mother language equally! I told my friend, Telangana and Andhra Telugu are different same way as US English and British English, need not be interpreted as one is inferior and one is superior, he said he understood, I hope he did!

    I live in US, it always makes me feel homely when I can have a conversation with someone in Telangana Telugu. Thanks for the article. On the occasion of Mother Language day, let us remember how there are attempts to ridicule our language, we do not need to feel sorry for our Mother, we are proud of our heritage, our mother and our mother language!

    • vijayshree says:

      Thank you Ravi,

      Yes, being able to converse in telengana feels so warm, as if we are back, to being around the bonfire, where stories are exchanged and dreams are shared in the language in which our heart speaks…

      These same people compalin of facing racism when they are in other countries, but they don’t realize that they had been racist, in a more harmful way..

      How many times I do not know, I had heard being told that, you telengana people are drunkards, I used to get so tired of hearing it, that I would retort, ‘I will agree that we are drunkards, if you will agree that you are blatant liars and theives’ and they would shut their mouths…

      They are seeing a severe backlash from us, now, which they are unable to digest and they dont even give credit to our own intelligence of finding our identity back, but instead blame KCR for having spoilt our minds..

      Can there be bigger morons than these…

      I never had a telengana friend all my life and missed speaking in telengana with anyone..In private offices, only office boys would be telengana, so they would become good friends..

      Only when a bird can sing the song that its heart sings and what had been sung by its kindred, will a bird truly be able to sing happily, otherwise, it just becomes silent and suffer inside..thankfully, we have come out of that bad patch,

      I feel happy, on getting to know so many of telengana friend’s views on this site..otherwise, I know of none, with whom I can share…

      Thank you, once again..

      Jai Telengana!

    • Veera says:

      Every language existing now is one way or another derived from a primitive language. But every language has its uniqueness. Even Malayalam is derived from Tamil few centuries back only. Malyali believe in their language as a “Young Vibrant Language” (in a positive sense). Just ignore such sick-mind’s words.

      • vijayshree says:

        Thanks for your comment..What you said is very true..Telangana movement has given everyone of us, a sense of pride in our language and also a sense of pity for people who cannot tolerate anything that is different from their own..

        Only an intolerant society will not accept or respect the ways of other people whether it is their culture or language….

        We are proud that our dialect has Urdu, Marathi and gond words in it and think it has only grown richer with the addition of those words, those who insist on purity of anything, will never be able to enjoy the diversity that is all around us and which contributes to everyone living in harmony..

        We were able to live for hundreds of years with people speaking different languages but just a few years into merger with so called same language speaking people has only led to sorrow, ridicule and finally rebellion…

        Evolution has happened only with adaption to the environment, people who do not adapt become extinct..these people will become extinct, trapped as they are in their own world of superiority of what they speak..

        Thanks Veera, once again..

        Jai Telangana!

        • dr.abi says:

          Congrats happy Telangana dear…

          • Prakash says:


            I have met enough Seemandhraites who , on the first instance, have no qualms in making dubious claims that “Chennai is a Telugu city”, “Teluguites are maximum in Chennai”, as though they did a survey on Chennai. If 9 out of 10 you encounter make such brash statements, it leads you to draw generalisations.

            Besides, I have friends from Tirupati, Kuppam, Kakinada and Yalamanchili. And all of them have the common habit of flogging Telangana and it’s language. This is not something I knew till I witnessed it in office before-hand. Besides, even the Telugu spoken in Tamil Nadu is made fun of. Is it fair to demand Telugu unity when you cannot tolerate any other culture or dialect of Telugu apart from your own ?

            Maybe it is not something they intend to display, but it is part of their sub-conscious, which comes to the fore during times like those ! Even here itself a Teluguite from Karnataka has posted his experiences with Andhraites, you can go through that for further information !

        • Prakash says:

          First of all, Congratulations for having almost achieved your long-cherised dream . Hopefully Telangana will materialise in 6 months time.

          If it is based on linguistic lines that Seema-Andhraites want Telangana to be part of their territory, can’t you call your language “Telangana” and call for a separate state, on linguistic lines , so that their theory of linguistic unity is put to an end ?

          Being a Tamilian, I can vouch for the fact that Tamil and Malayalam are so close that both of us can understand each other’s language, but still respect the fact that both are independent languages, with a rich literary tradition ! And thankfully there is a natural barrier in the form of Western ghats to divide the 2 states with few gaps and passes in between !

          Malayalam was(and still is) a Tamil word for Dialect spoken in the Mountains (Western Ghats) back in the 11th century. Malai = Mountain Aalam = Place. In due course of time, of course, Malayalam evolved into a separate language with inputs from Sanskrit, different from Tamil.

          Is there a possibility that the same could happen with Telangana Telugu, and it could evolve as a language different from Andhra Telugu with it’s own identity and even a name of it’s own ?

          Also, the version of Telugu spoken in Tamil Nadu is different from the one in Seemandhra and that is also ridiculed by Seemandhraites is what I have heard ! So ridiculing the Telugu spoken in other regions runs in the blood of Seemandhraites I guess !

          • vijayshree says:

            Thanks Prakash,

            They never have sane arguments, so we cannot keep tailoring ourselves to settle their arguments, every time they come up with one.

            Britishers did the same thing to the Welsh, Irish, Americans and Australians, they ridiculed their English as being different and crass and their culture as barbarian, result -continents have divided from the parent country of Great Brittain. Britain became smaller for its chauvinism.

            Whether it is American or Australian, it is still called English.

            Language evolves as per the conditions in the given region, no one has got a right to insist on the purity of it or having some kind of full scale rights to be overtly chauvinistic about it.

            We only are asking for a demerger of a state which is different from division of a state. Pre-1956 status, is all we want. Telangana was a separate entity then, before these guys got merged with us, forcibly and put us into endless agony.

            Somebody said there states should not be formed on cultural or ethnic identity, but who are these people to decide on anything?

            Have they come and checked on, what we have gone through, that the myths which I had written about were evolved to systematically establish their hold over everything in our region.

            Identity has been one part, and destruction is another part, stealing is one more part.

            I wish to share here, some things, when I went to stay at an AP tourism cottage at Ramappa in Warangal, which is in the northern part of telangana, the entire staff consisted of only seemandhra people. A telangana person was not found good enough for even the job of a cook and this is not Hyderabad but in a dense jungle of Warangal.

            Another thing, I found was that vast stretches of forests and entire villages and farmlands have become graveyards, with not even grass growing on them, coz of open cast mining system,being followed for coal mining, for removing vast amounts of coal and this was happening despite protests against it and without payment of compensation. Now, if we are paying the environmental cost, we should enjoy the power but the power plants are built in seemandhra region. This is the destruction part.

            And I have given you just two small examples, which I had personally noticed and which confirmed all the others which I knew were taking place everywhere.

            Why I am telling this is, some people are misconstruing, after reading this article, that Telangana agitation is purely on account of the slighted or ridiculed identity, but I would say that this cuts deeper, the myths I have mentioned have been used to colonize this region. If they had lived with us in the spirit of give and take, differences would not have arisen. And they have not tried to address the concerns, at least during the time when we were fighting for the demand, instead they have embarked upon even more brazen forms of exploitation.

            Telangana has been endowed with nature’s bounty but it had fallen into the wrong hands which have grabbed these resources to their advantage and pushed Telangana people to the brink.

            if the very people who encroach lands around water bodies and enrich themselves come and tell in the city, that there is no water in Telangana, what must we do with these people.

            Yesterday, a Telangana student was beaten up in Tamil Nadu by his seemandhra college mates, for celebrating the announcement on Telangana. And these same people are talking about insecurities in hyderabad, our people did not cause harm to anyone but themselves, and these people have the nerve to ask for security for their lives. what cheek they have, to make such false accusations?

            Now that Telangana is under process, we wish to just move on with our lives and rebuild a destroyed Telangana again. They keep coming up each day with inane arguments and the paid national media plays up to them.

            How lucky Tamil Nadu was, to have had someone like Rajaji to send them packing, wish we had the same sort of leaders. Here, without us so much as telling them nothing more than, to accept the inevitability of Telangana, they are saying we are asking them to leave. Feel like making their words come, true.

            Thank you Prakash, once again..

          • Prakash says:

            Vijayashree – Yes, Telugu is Telugu everywhere, But here, Seemandhra wants Telangana to be with Andhra Pradesh only because of linguistic reasons. UK is not forcing America or Australia to be part of them. Maybe if it did, they would call their language something else, and demand a separate status for their language.

            I would like to state a case here to prove my point.

            Croatian and Serbian are one and the same language . But when Serbians forced Croatians to stay with them as part of their country on the basis of language, (though Croatians followed Roman Catholicism and Serbians followed Serbian Orthodox Christianity.)

            At one stage, Croatians couldn’t bear the forcible merger with Serbia and started claiming their language to be different from Serbian called Croatian and asked for de-merger. That was the basis of the break-up of Yugoslovia.

            Similar is the case with Romanian and Moldovan, Indonesian-Malay, same language, but given different names. Same with Catalan-Valencian, Dutch-Flemish. There are so many languages like that existing as different identities, though they are one and the same in terms of speech and writing !

            And also, at the time of Andhra partition, Tamilians were majority (about 60% of Madras province), so it was easy to fend them off. The situation here is different. Seemandhraites are more in number than Telanganaites. Also, Tamil Nadu lost districts of Chittoor and Nellore to Andhra State , as a compromise for having Madras(though Madras also had Tamil majority). In effect , Madras state had to lose land for Andhra state to be formed. Look at the names of all places in those districts, all are Tamil names. Tirupati, Tirumalai , Tirukalahasti(now Srikalahasti), Tiruchanoor, Chittoor, Puthur, Sathyavedu, Nellore. In the garb of losing Madras city, they looted many areas which should have come naturally to Tamils. But what’s gone is gone !

          • Prakash says:

            Also, Vijayashree, It was NOT Rajaji who ensured Chennai stayed with Tamil Nadu. It was “Mylapore Ponnuswamy Sivagnanam”, fondly called by Tamilians as Ma.Po.Si, who ensured Chennai stayed with Tamil Nadu. It was his political party “Thamizh Arasu Kazhagam”, which fought tooth and nail to retain Kanchipuram, Tiruttani and Chennai, after Chittoor and Nellore were gone due to Rajaji’s ineffective stance.

            I would like to mention about the hypocritical stance of the Dravidian parties here. They kept quiet , citing that even if Madras city(and other Tamil areas) go to Andhra state , it would still be part of a “Dravidian” state.

            Rajaji also kept quiet when Chittoor and Nellore were grabbed by the Andhraites in broad daylight. It was upto Ma Po Si and his “Thamizh Arasu Kazhagam” to lead the battle against the Andhraites to retain Chennai. He started the “Madras Namadhe” movement in response to the movement “Madras Manade” of the Andhras. But he ensured that Tamilians never indulged in petty violence that the Andhraites indulged in.

            It was just pure legislative defeats all across, meaning , Andhraites were defeated in every legislative aspect and lost all moral rights to claim Madras city and Kanchipuram district.

            His important contributions include

            1) Defeat of a resolution in the Madras Corporation , which asked for merger of Madras city with Andhra state.(not Andhra Pradesh)

            2) Defeat of a resolution in Madras Assembly which asked to pay tributes to the martyrdom of Potti Sriramulu and the acceptance of his demand for Andhra state with Madras as capital city.(Moral blow to Andhra demands)

            3) His vigorous campaigning ensured Tanguturi Prakasam lost his deposit in the North Madras constituency , when he stood in the elections , in the name of at least joining North Madras as part of Andhra state, as envisioned by Panagal Raja.(After this, Prakasam lost his moral right to demand North Madras as part of Andhra state)

            It is widely accepted in Tamil Nadu, that it was Ma Po Si who was responsible for not merging Chennai with Andhra Pradesh. He was ably supported by Rajaji at the end. But if Rajaji had been proactive in the beginning, Tamil Nadu would not have lost out many more districts ! Ma Po Si is the real hero as far as Chennai remaining with Tamil Nadu is concerned ! This is the first time I’m hearing Rajaji played an important role in retaining Chennai with Tamil Nadu. He played a supportive role , no doubt, but the hero of it all was Ma Po Si !

            The saddest part is the real hero of this episode is being sidelined in favour of Rajaji. It is just a Brahmanical ploy to deny Ma Po Si the credit, and bestow it upon Rajaji ! I’m not saying Rajaji didn’t play a role at all, but his role was minor , compared to Ma Po Si !

          • vijayshree says:

            Dear Prakash,

            Thank you so much, for providing us with some vital information. I realize now, that history is so badly distorted in every region, to always give the least deserving people all the credit while denying the ones who truly were deserving.

            Tangaturi was made out to be a hero in our school text books and we were forced to read about his great deeds. The truth about history is so different isn’t it. All their movie talent has been used to make their history look very appealing, when it was only a puffed up balloon.

            But what we got to know about Rajaji in recent times is that, he was the one who suggested Hyderabad to seemandhra people, when they were languishing without a capital. In a way I thought it was a nasty thing to do.

            Oh dear, so all those things about Rajaji are not true.

            But I would like to clarify that in Hyderabad Telanganites outnumber Andhras, it is not the other way around. They must be around 30%, I think. They just look like they outnumber us, but they don’t and can not be found in the old city part and have colonized some areas in the suburbs and fringes of the city beside the upmarket areas.

            It is their media which is a major culprit in projecting all the wrong details besides showing the existence of a non existent movement. there.

            I appreciate your concern and well meaning advice regarding the language part but honestly I would never do something just because they say that it has to be on linguistic basis only.

            If that is the case they should combine all the hindi speaking states together. Division of states should happen as per the demands of particular people and the existing conditions in that region. Linguistic based division took place then, based upon such a need. Just because they had used that to separate does not mean it has to become a hard and fast rule, throughout India’s history.

            Our policies should evolve with the changing time, just like coalition era politics which have come to stay, due to inept handling of national parties in dealing with different states.

            And, their real reason for stalling division is Hyderabad, and for that they will come out with all kinds of other reasons. Hypothetically let us say, I agree and say Telangana is a different language, then they will start shouting, that rayalaseema and every other district of Andhra which have different dialects from the dominating Krishna district dialect, will become a different language too…

            Anyway whether they like it or not, whatever reasons, they might come up for stalling it, Telangana is going to be formed with Hyderabad as its capital. The first state reorganization committee had recommended Telangana state formation in 1954 itself, but its non implementation has led to this long drawn agitation.

            They had been very cunning in the manner in which they forcibly merged with us, using their influence with Nehru and guess what, Prakash, for most part of our lives, that is until recently, one of the myths that they spread was that Tamilians are very cunning and we should be careful with them…feel like laughing now, after we got to know the entire history which was carefully hidden by them, from us, thanks to Telangana movement and our own dedicated historians, we got to know the truth about their fight for separation from Tamil Nadu.

            And I have met with many Tamilians who have only been nothing but kind to me. .So, our parents were so right when they brought us, up without any conditioning of our minds..

            I got to know so much through your comments, and we have to relook at so many things again, differently. And our minds are all open to such things and the problem with them, is that they are shut so tight, that no light seems to be passing through them.

            We have answered every question of theirs, but like some psycho partner, they are only saying, we will not let you go. So many of our people have died and they don’t show even a bit of pity.

            Our people are very innocent and straight forward and know, nothing of their duplicity, but these people are so different that they decided our good nature should be taken advantage of and exploit it forever. But unknown to them, there is a history of rebellion here and that has kept the fire burning for many generations and will not go away, how much ever they might wish it.

            The problem is they do not have leaders who will tell them correctly that its for their own good, having a capital of their own and developing their own state with such a long coastal line. But paucity of any kind of strong character in their leaders is driving them to such perverted agitation.

            Thank you once again, it was so interesting to get to know of the real facts..

          • Prakash says:

            Vijayshree – The truth is even Tamilians consider Rajaji cunning, who changed his colors at will. Example, he was pro-Hindi in the beginning and suddenly jumped ships , once he saw the rising tide against Hindi in Tamil Nadu. Another was his plan to implement “hereditary education policy”, by which students should be given education as per varnashrama and jati rules. He was pro-Brahmin in all respects.

            We have been taught in schools about the real and correct history of Tamil Nadu, thanks to Dravidian movement. Our version of history is far different from what I see in CBSE and other State Board Textbooks. I trust the version of my State Board than have some non-Tamil decide the history of Tamil Nadu. Surprisingly Potti Sriramulu doesn’t find a mention anywhere , though it seems he died in Chennai, and the house where he fasted, in Mylapore, is safeguarded as a “national monument” by AP Govt. If Tamils are cunning as they said, would we have allowed his house to be maintained as a national monument in Tamil Nadu , given utmost security ? Also, will Andhraites allow KCR to have a national monument of his in Vijayawada or Vizag ?

            We non-Brahmin Tamils are unable to deal with the Tamil Brahminical oral diarrhoea about Tamil Nadu , due to their influence in bureaucracy and academia, which is being spread to other parts of India. One example of it is this ,that it was Rajaji who helped Tamils retain Chennai, when clearly it wasn’t the case. He jumped ship to “Chennai for Tamils” movement to consolidate his political standing. If Silambu Chelvar Ma Po Si didn’t give the impetus, Chennai and Kanchipuram would have been as good as gone !

            Also, I think the Hyderabad Municipal Corporation has to play a major role here. During the height of Madras Manade movement, Madras city Municipal Corporation passed a resolution citing Madras city will be part of Madras state, and not Andhra state. It also rejected any move to be joint capital , even for temporary period. If somehow, such a resolution to that effect, by Hyderabad Municipal Corporation, is passed, it would probably convince the Central leadership that Hyderabad wants to be part of Telangana !

          • Prakash says:

            And about conditioning of minds, one incident in my life comes to mind.

            In Chennai, in railway quarters, when I was a kid, there was this family with roots from Vijayawada, but settled in Hyderabad. Their son used to play with us, and he called us “Arava Pandi” once. We had a friend in our midst, a Telugu Raju(Tamilised as Raja in Tamil Nadu) with roots from Rajapalayam, Virudhunagar district, Tamil Nadu. He is a Telugu, but one who considers himself Tamil, because of his Tamil Nadu roots. He told us what it meant. From that day on, we started addressing him Gulute, associating all his negative actions with his Gulute roots. He stopped playing with us in sometime. Definitely , as a kid, he would not have been known to insult others, without his parents teaching him. And I don’t know how he would have felt about the counter-insults he received. But even if he felt bad, it was he who asked for it !

            Curiously , even that guy’s mother had a run in with my mother. It seems , once she asked my mother to vacate a seat in a function , because apparently she wanted that entire row to be occupied by Telugu ladies. My mother flipped her off saying , this meeting is not just for Teluguites, and other ladies soon joined in and supported my mother. Even then, she was shamelessly justifying why that entire row needs to be occupied by Telugu ladies it seems !

            Later on, they took a transfer to Hyderabad voluntarily and left.

            As you said, it is the conditioning of the childrens’ minds and the sectarian and racist attitudes they display , as evinced by that guy’s mother, is responsible for their downfall everywhere.

            Even in newspapers, you see , most of them being subject to “racist” attacks in US are those from Coastal districts, and I’m sure those attacks are motivated more by their arrogant and stupid attitude,than being motivated by racism. Instead of blaming everyone else, they need to take a hard look at themselves and their attitudes, and change themselves !

          • vijayshree says:

            Excepting for a few, most of them choose to remain the same as their parents and are carrying on with the conditioning of their own children in the same way.

            At times it bothered me so much, I felt like drawing the children of these friends and asking them not to believe in what their parents are telling them about Telangana, but something always held me back.

            Who was I to interfere in their upbringing? They will learn the bitter truth, somewhere in their lives. I keep thinking then, it would be enough if we ask our children, not, to put up with this sort of humiliation. But then again, they are such mirror images of us, they seem to be shying away and wanting to please their friends. I think this is becoming like a circle of lives.

            The only solution seems to be cut their power centre, devoid of their rule, they would not dare to continue in their old ways, even if it takes them time to adjust to us, adjust they will and our people would have gained enough confidence to show them their place instead of always being nice to them.

            Thanks Prakash, your views really gave a lot to think about while finding a universality in our experience. The unbearable intolerance of Andhra, will only push them to a corner, for which they will have only themselves to blame.

          • Prakash says:

            Vijayshree – The most criminal thing in the world is to manipulate a child and make it ashamed of it’s own true identity.

            Somewhere I read that the easiest way to kill a culture is to mislead an entire generation into believing in false propaganda , and make it ashamed of it’s own culture. I guess that is what was at play here.

            I have faced similar experiences in life too, back in my school days. I used to study in a Christian school along with a lot of Malayalis in Chennai.

            Now , most Malayalis have scant respect for Tamils, and believe their culture to be superior to Tamil culture , which went on to become a noble one. In essence, they believe they were refined descendants of Tamilians, and they still do.

            Not a single day went by, when Tamil culture, language, the state was not abused and degraded, so much so, I was disgusted being a Tamil in my own state. They abuse Tamils as “Para Paandi”, referring to the Pandiyan Empire. They even made a Malayalam movie called “Pandippada” mocking Tamils. Can you believe it ? (This Pandippada movie was remade in Telugu as Poola Rangudu.

            Keralites being fair skinned and possessing better looks always picked on the looks and skin color of Tamilians , and I was not spared from their taunts, albeit indirectly.

            Only when I went to college , I slowly realised what I was being subjected to. Thankfully, it had not sunk deep into me. Back at work, when any Malayali taunted Tamil Nadu or it’s culture , I would ask them politely to go back to Kerala if they cannot bear this culture or what it stands for. They were a bit surprised and told me I lacked a sense of humour. I told them, if that is the case, why did they not take my statement with a pinch of salt. ;). After all, what I said could also be taken in jest.

            Slowly and steadily, everytime they picked on Tamil Nadu or it’s culture, I would politely retort reminding them of the perennial hartals and strikes they have back in Kerala, or how every Malayali flies off to the Gulf, unable to seek jobs in his own , “God’s own country”, Kerala.

            My brother , unsurprisingly, experienced the same thing in school and in the railway colony. I told him not to bother and mock their language and customs back, if they went beyond the limit.

            That is how I believe one has to deal with those who degrade our culture or language. We have no right to ask our children to insult them or mock them at first instance , but we do have the right to tell them to defend the culture and counter-attack if need be , if they mess with us. That is the way to go about. Or else we would be made slaves in our own lands !

            We have the right to be civilised, but at the same time we have the right to defend our honour and dignity !

          • Nari says:

            I was enjoying your interesting post until the last line when you spoke about something running in the blood of people from Seemandhra. Have you met all of us? Have you seen us individually ridiculing other people’s accents? Why the generalization? I lived in Hyderabad for less than a year. Loved knowing my friends from Telangana(Warangal in particular) and their culture.
            So does it make me not originally from Seemandhra? Insensitive people are present in every region and religion.
            Let us just pray that everyone lives peacefully and prospers.

    • Prakash says:

      This reminds me of an incident in my Chennai office. My colleagues were mostly from Guntur, Vijayawada, Tenali, Nellore, Chittoor areas. There was just this one girl from Telangana, never knew which part of Telangana she is from back then(didn’t bother to ask since I didn’t know much about Telangana).

      But whenever I used to ask her the Telugu translation for few words (since I’m a Tamilian), they used to tell me what she speaks is not “proper Telugu” and that I have to ask them to know the real Telugu word. That was the first time I understood about the Telangana issue.

      Since she was the only one from that area, she used to be subject to a lot of ridicule. Of course, they used to converse in Telugu, but it wasn’t hard to figure out that her accent and language was being mocked at. Since she was the only Telangana person in my office, she had to accept whatever ridicule she faced, but to my understanding, I think she stood her ground and latched on to her accent , Otherwise, they would not have been persistently picking on her accent.

      Even we Tamilians have so many accents, in fact every district has an accent. The Tamil spoken in Kanyakumari, Kumari Tamil or Nanjilnad Tamil, is more Malayalam than Tamil. It’s called Talayalam(Tamil+Malayalam) by Kanyakumari people themselves, but we never mock the accent of anyone ! If a new district is formed tomorrow, it will have it’s own unique accent. That is the amount of variance Tamil spoken in each district has.

      Our leaders found a simple way to tide over this vast difference in accents and created a standardised written version acceptable to all through a movement called “Thani Thamizh Iyakkam” .

      1) They adopted the classical Tamil(not in use nowadays) as the standardised version of written Tamil, used by the Government and the Media. The Tamil you see in news is the classical version which would have been used probably by the Pandyas, Cheras and Cholas, not used by anyone these days. This version of Tamil is the official language of the State of Tamil Nadu.

      2) Tamil movies played a pivotal role in creating the “standard spoken Tamil”. The Tamil spoken in movies does not belong to any particular region. It is a unique creation of Tamil cinema, so no particular region feels there is a domination of one dialect over other.

      For eg. For the English word “After” , the translations would be as follows.

      Madras Tamil – Appala(every district will have it’s own variant)

      Standard Written Tamil – Piragu

      Standard Spoken Tamil – Appuram

      See the vast difference in the 3.

      This policy helped us to tide over the vast differences in accent and create a unity !

      When I look at this Telangana issue, I feel the leaders from Seemandhra failed to create a standard Telugu which caters to the aspirations of people of all districts and regions, and instead tried to force their Andhra Telugu upon the people of Telangana, and are paying heavily today as a result !

      • vijayshree says:

        I think the biggest loser is the person who is ridiculing the other’s language or culture or anything. It is they who are going to be shown smaller, for what they have done.

        And as you said, they try to pass it off, if we show them their place, as our lack of sense of humour.

        The friend who I had written about in the article was shocked when I had given her back, said, ‘you know my sense of humour, it was just a joke.’

        I told her there is a thin line dividing humour and mockery and this time she had crossed the line. She never repeated such things with me, again.

        One would think it is just colour of skin or caste or religion would be the basis for practicing bigotry, but now we know people use different kind of forms to show their hatred for anything different from their own.

        Pity them, who cannot appreciate the differences and we should feel happy that we don’t suffer from this kind of a disease of mind.

        Humanity will connect us to any person anywhere in the world, and those who create barriers can never hope to enjoy what each person has to offer.

        When I was working with an MNC, we had a largely Chinese and Malaysian descent people in the management and I always enjoyed talking to them and bonded well, unlike someone who found it hurt their Andhra pride, having to take instructions from foreigners.

        We are all communicating through English, which is the language left by our colonials, but we have never discarded it and have only found it to be a useful tool.

        Being from Telangana, we have been humiliated and ridiculed but it did not keep us in the end from finding and taking to heart, our own language. The more someone tries to snatch it from you, the harder, we will hold on to whatever it is that they are trying to take away from us.

        They might never understand this, but it is enough if we do and share it with people who must have been subject to similar kind of experiences.

        This world is a small place, for people with a large heart, but for the opposite, the world will remain vast and unbridgeable and so they will get isolated and be left to languish in such isolation.

        Thanks prakash, we got to know so much from you, in just a space of few days, shows how small our world can be, if only we have the right mind set.

        And also thank you so much for supporting Telangana, with all your heart. All of us really appreciate that and wish only the best for you and your family.

        • Prakash says:

          Thank you for your appreciation !

          Truth is I started supporting this Telangana movement only after witnessing this girl being ridiculed for everything, right from the food she eats to the language she speaks. They never treated her as part of their group, even when they went on outings. She was rather comfortable with the North Indians more than with her “Telugu brethren”. Point is why ask for united Andhra, when you are already thinking of your own “brethren” as a different group, not worth your salt ? Better separate for the good of both the regions !

          Even when the agitation was going on and when Chidambaram made that announcement in 2009, one of my colleagues from Vizag told me, Telanganaites can be easily fooled and that is what is going to happen, and like he said, in a fortnight, Congress backtracked on their promise. And there is no saying that they won’t backtrack now also, seeing the amount of protests going on. That is what I fear ! You cannot keep cheating a group of people for long ! And even Venkaiah Naidu seems to be backing united Andhra succintly !

          One guy named Sabbam Hari(just read in news, don’t know who he is), says Congress should withdraw the plan to bifurcate Andhra, and if backlash happens in Telangana because of the withdrawal of the plan, they should send in the para military to suppress the agitation.

          Wtf ? Why can’t he ask for paramilitary forces to suppress the current agitation in Seemandhra ? This just makes me feel that they are ready to kill Telanganaites at will for asking a separate state , but don’t want anyone to take action on the striking Seemandhraites ! I really pity you lot, and hope you achieve your dream somehow !

          And I also wish the articles written in Telugu in this site be translated in English, so that people like me who don’t know Telugu can also read and get to know the happenings in Telangana.

          Thanks once again !

          • vijayshree says:

            The sad part is prakash, it is not sabbam hari’s opinion alone, a lot of my own friends, hold the same opinion and many had even said it to my face, so just imagine, what kind of people, we are living with and can we actually call these people as humans leave alone friends.

            I was shocked when I heard their opinion and simply stopped speaking to them, for many days, in fact it was difficult for me to get over it, for a long time, that they would want us to get killed, and don’t even think twice before telling it to us.

            The devil comes out of them, when it comes to telangana, and this is what they so proudly proclaim to be their great Telugu culture.

            But still I have never hated anyone of them, because I know hatred binds you to the person you are hating and I don’t want any such bonds, even that of hatred with them.

            Thanks for your suggestions and Prakash, so many of our people have died, their souls will only rest in peace, with the formation of Telangana.

            We will get it and would like to never forget people like you, who had shared in our angst and whole heartedly supported our cause.

          • Prakash says:

            That is exactly why I want to question this artificially forged unity. You are ready to kill your own Telugu speaking brethren for forcing unity. What kind of unity is this ? You can be in 2 different states, and still be united.

            The more these Seemandhraites defer and delay this de-merger which is inevitable, the more they are going to build up hatred on both sides, and whatever little feeling of unity which prevails , will bite the dust.

            And I think Telangana Congress guys have compromised their stand on Hyderabad and have given a go ahead for a Hyderabad Capital Region. This is a clear and complete recipe for disaster. As the city keeps expanding, districts of Telangana will be kept on adding to the Hyderabad Capital Region, and the Telangana State Government will lose control over Ranga Reddy, Nalgonda, Mahbubnagar and will also officially make Telangana a 6 district state, and the Seemandhra industrialists with their money and muscle power will force it to be recognised as a separate state with 4 districts. Later on Telangana will be asked to find a capital somewhere in the remaining 6 districts. This is exactly why Tamil leaders didn’t allow Andhra to have Madras city even for a second, else they would expand the city to Chengalpet and want that declared as a Union Territory sometime in the future.

            In fact even allowing them to have it for 10 years is a crime !

            Hope people oppose this tooth and nail ! Later on this shouldn’t be a perennial thorn in the flesh like how Punjab was cheated out of Chandigarh by Haryana and the Centre,

            Recently, Haryana made a bold statement that they want Chandigarh to be theirs entirely , when it should have been handed over to Punjab in 1975.


            I envision something similar if a pact is made on similar lines with Seemandhra !

        • Prakash says:

          //And also thank you so much for supporting Telangana, with all your heart. All of us really appreciate that and wish only the best for you and your family.//

          //We will get it and would like to never forget people like you, who had shared in our angst and whole heartedly supported our cause.//

          Thank you !

          Right from Dec 9, 2009, I have been following this movement in news and have took a keen interest in following it, contributed also by the disgusting attitude of my Seemandhra colleagues towards Telanganaites, which served to harden my pro-Telangana stance.

          I have read about freedom struggles only in history books and seen them only in documentary videos. This was the closest to witnessing a freedom struggle from the yoke of imperialists, during my lifetime. And believe me or not , as soon as the announcement was made by CWC, I ordered Hyderabadi Biriyani, Mutton Haleem and Qubani ka Meetha , and had a feast ! 😀

          Unfortunately, the Tamil society as it is , is extremely closed and reluctant to sympathise with the struggles of anyone, non-Tamil. So, in a way this site has given me an outlet to express my thoughts, through comments, about what I feel about this movement. And you have been extemely polite in replying to each and every one of my comments !

          I have been to Hyderabad a lot of times, and of all the cities in India, including Chennai, it is definitely the best city I have ever been to, and my most favourite one too. Simple people, simple lifestyle, ready to help you at all times and of course, the best food you will ever get anywhere in India. People keep praising Bangalore all the time. Bangalore is good, but apart from the good weather, what else does one have there ? Add to it, the perennial anti-Tamil sentiment prevailing in Bangalore due to Cauvery issues, and not to forget, the bad food, which is enough for one to detest that place. Of course, it is just my opinion ! Even a 10 day holiday is enough excuse for me to book a ticket to Hyderabad and make it to my uncle’s place in Begumpet and enjoy a week there ! Also, I have to mention the attitude of my uncle’s maid who was from Rajamundhry. Even that maid from the Andhra region held people from Telangana with utter disdain and contempt. So is the attitude of my dad’s peon who is from Kakinada ! Both believe Telangana people need to be counselled to get rid of the evil thoughts KCR planted in their minds ! These hardened my pro-Telangana stand even further.

          Some say Telangana state has no coast, it cannot sustain blah blah. Ultimately, it is better to live alone as a “unsustainable” entity and live a life of dignity, than be part of a “sustainable” entity and live as a slave ! PERIOD !

          Hopefully, the next time I come there, Hyderabad will be part of the new Telangana state. And will be enjoying my Irani chais, Osmania biscuits, Pista House Mutton Haleems, Hyderabad biriyani from Bawarchi, Paradise, Bahar or Mandar in a new Telangana state !

          • vijayshree says:

            Dear Prakash,

            I did not see your post, until today and am sorry for a late reply. You provided us a lot to ponder over, when you gave us the real facts about the fight for Madras. What I read in the Hindu, did not come anywhere close to what you had written here.

            I am happy that you enjoy our food, yes, it is the best, I can say, nothing like our food. That is one reason I starved when I was in Mumbai and in Calicut, Kerala. There are so many places to see in Telangana, that I never need to go anywhere else, for holiday trips.

            Yes, Prakash, I have seen maids and watchmen, talking ill about KCR and Telangana in general. I had to straighten up one or two of them, and asked them, to think before they speak, in front of me.

            We don’t hold anything against anyone, even now, but it looks like it is going to take an ugly turn and we all may have to raise up and stand together, to stop them from causing any further damage.

            They have settled in huge numbers all across Telangana, and have the same arrogant attitude, wherever they might be. Specially one particular caste which has encroached land wherever there is water in Telangana.

            I wish we could garner more support from all over India, feel sad that Telangana suffers and the paid national media shows the victimizer to be the victim.

            Prakash, you should definitely enjoy everything that you like, in the state of Telangana with Hyderabad as its capital, hopefully, soon and I am sure it would taste much more better, when you know the heart has finally found the place, where it always belonged.

            We need your support for quite some time, I think, as we get ready for the battle for Hyderabad.

            Thank you, once again Prakash.

          • Prakash says:

            My support will not be for “quite some time” for Telangana, but for as long as the state is able to hold on to itself , and free itself from the clutches of Seemandhra, and even after that !

            Telangana people truly deserve all the support from the rest of India, which they don’t receive, because the media is bankrolled by Seemandhra industrialists, so the victim is being portrayed as the victimizer.

            And IMO, Telangana people have to digest for now that Hyderabad will be common capital for 10 years, and once statehood is granted , a full-fledged fight should be on to retrieve Hyderabad from them. If Hyderabad issue is pressed now itself, it will be good enough reason for the Seemandhra fellows to scuttle the process. That is also the reason why I think TRS and T Congress have been silent about 10 years joint capital.

            As I said before, when Andhra state and Tamil Nadu split, Tamil Nadu had the numbers , 39 MPs as against 25 MPs from Seemandhra , so they went ahead boldly and refused to share the capital, because they knew Centre would favour them in any case. Here, Telangana has only 17 MPs and Seemandhra has 25. Hence, there needs to be a cautious approach. In a representative democracy like ours, numbers matter , whether we like it or not ! Sad but true !

  3. D V RAJESH says:

    Guys fortunately I born and brought up in a village of Karimnagar dist, studied there, and done my PG in KU campus, WGL.

    So for this reason my language always remained as TELANGANA LANGUAGE. still in city if I speak people ask me hey are you from KNR or WGL?

    I say proudly “AVV”.

    Maybe if I were born in city my language would have been CONTAMINATED.

    First of all I would like to say THE FIRST TELUGU DYNASTY is – KAKATIYA with official language as TELUGU (before kakatiya, shatavahana was there but telugu was not official lang). SO TELUGU is born in NAAAA TELANGANAAAAAAA.

    If anybody observes in RAMAPPA temple you will know. (But we will not understand that script now).

    I read an article in this forum about PRAMANIKA BHASHA. We can find close relativity of our TELANGANA LANGUAGE with PRAMANIKA BHASHA.

    SA aatmalu TELUGU nu mana kannunchi teesuka voyindru. allaki palakadam raaka daanne correct anukuntundru.

    Okka andhrodanna mana bhasha matlada lestada?

    Asalu naku ardam kaandi okatundi, aadu mana daggara koste aadu mana baasha matladaale, kaani manam aani bhasha matladtam endo naakaite ardam kadu.

    Nenu Bangalore la pani jesina, aadki poyi nenu kannada words telsukuni matladina, leka pote hindi matladina. Anthe gaani aallu naa kosam telgu nersukole.

    so guys pls speak and spread OUR TELANGANA TELUGU…yes I LOVE IT

    • vijayshree says:

      Thanks rajesh,

      Here, in hyderabad, once we had been looking for a house for rent in 2001, we liked one house, owner was andhra, he was ready to give it, and then he asked my mother, where exactly did she belong to, she said, karimanagar and that’s it..the guy’s face changed to grim look, and he refused to rent it to us..

      At that time having missed out on a good house, we had chided my mother as to why she had said karimanagar and she said, ‘Thokamaye, vadishtendi, ivvakapotendi, mana ooru peru manam cheppukpkokapothe, evaru cheptharu’.

      Amma has more wisdom than her educated children have, I realized it afterwards…but I can never forget how insulting it was, to be refused a house for rent in our own city, just because we were from telengana..

      Our children should not experience such humiliation nor should they keep quiet, and adjust like we did, at that time..

      Jai Telangana!

      • sridhar b says:

        I experienced same last month.. in Alwal, (vijayawada brahmin) owner fellow asked me where i belong to ,(నేను ఆంధ్ర కొలీగ్ తో ఉన్నాను అపుడు అతని మాటల్ని బట్టి నేనుకూడా ఆంధ్ర అనుకున్నాడు . వాడంటాడు …”ఈ మధ్య రెంట్ కోసం చాల మంది వస్తున్నారండీ ఆ మెదక్, కరీంనగర్ నించి వచ్చారు వాళ్ళ బాష అదీ.. 6 k ఇస్తామన్నారు నేను ఇవ్వలేదు.,, మీ ప్రొపెర్ ఏంటి విజయవాడ నా” ? i shocked for some time then i said i’m from khammam. he said khammam is ok because it is near to vijayawada.. I suggested him “better go to vijawada mastaaru.. no one from telangana come to you. and I left the place..
        These fellows not change the mind

        • vijayshree says:

          Thanks sridhar, for sharing the information…

          They will never change their minds, it looks like..I thought at least with so much of telengana movement going on, they would not dare to do that..

          But your personal example, shows that the only time, that we should be surprised, is when they are nice to us…..

          And you have given him a great reply,I think…..

          They are being conditioned right from their childhood, to look down upon telengana people..until that changes, any number of passing generations will not change..

          Of the 100 andhra people, who I know, there is just one friend who is good, and I have closely observed her and I found it was on account of her parents, who are very good too and are open minded…

          I understood then where this narrow mindedness comes from and I realize, it is from parents..

          Hats off again to our own parents, who made us what we are today, despite facing many odds..We are very special and blessed people, we are from Telangana..

          Jai Telangana!

        • Sunitha says:

          Khammam Vijayawada ki daggerundi kabatti Rent ki istada? Karimnagar,Medak Andhra ki dooram vunnayi kabatti rent ki ivvada? Mari Hyderabad Vijayawada ki daggara vunda? Vijayawada nundi intha dooram vunna Hyderabad ki enduku vachindo.
          Silently turning our backs to those idiots is not the solution, we have to teach them such a lesson that they will either learn to assimilate with local culture or go back to their native land(in this Vijayawada).

          • vijayshree says:

            They consider khammam and hyderabad, to be theirs, that is why, he was prepared to give it for khammam, I think…Wherever they have settled in large numbers, they think,they have some God given rights over it..

            Sridhar has given a fitting reply, before he left..We are asking them to do just that, assimilate or leave, but they are not prepared for either and these are the same kind of people, who will ask for special status, if telengana is separated..this is what, is their special status, that they continue to be as dominating as always..

            In any bad relationship, we should move on, we are seeking just that, but they are asking us instead to move out, of our own land..Our own leaders from telengana are acting hand in glove with these people, as long as that doesnt change, we will see the continuation of their hagemony…and this is not just happening in hyderabad or khammam, but all over telengana..

            In nizambad, just for raising slogans in favour of telengana, settlers beat our people up..

            I thought, 2001, when I had experienced that humiliation, it was quite a long way back and 2012 or 2013, will be different, but we are seeing that it is not the case..they are not allowing closure of our old wounds. even before they heal, they are tearing them open and making them bleed again..

            I felt bad reading about what shashank had to write, about what is happening in khammam, his anguish is palpable and if we read on, we see everyone writing about similar experiences..but our only weapon is just give it back to them and tell them, what we think of them.. I think everyone writing here has done it in one way or the other..That itself will make them think twice about repeating these kind of things again…

            Thanks sunitha, we need people like you, and everyone who wrote on this posting, comments, my salute to all of your courage and devotion to telangana.

            Reading them, it does not make us feel that telangana is a distant dream..

            Jai Telangana!

  4. Die hard T says:


    The first 8 questions posted by you are the most common questions which are usually asked by an andhrite to any Telanganite. For no surprise I was one of them. Recently when I was travelling in a city bus, one old man definitely from andhra was asking all the above auestions to an other innocent Telangana guy who would be in his 50s. I was patiently concentrating on what he was actually saying. Somehow our Telangana guy has to got down at his destination. Then the andhra guy started saying with one more andhra guy ”Enthamandi Telangana vallu army la unnaru? prathi okkadiki, kadupu ninda thindi, mandu unte saripothundi, okkadu pani cheyadu, dhairyam ledu bayatiki velli panicheyataniki”

    Then I myself got into the discussion, I asked one question to him ” Enthamandi andhra vallu defence la unnaru, jara number cheppu , evariki vere country ki velli pani chese dhairyam ledu?, America poyi chudu Ekkuva NRI s ekkada nundi unnaroo? Dubai poti chudu evadiki dhairyam undoo vere place ki poyi naukri cheyataniki ? antha enduku mana country lane oka north state ku poyi pani chese dhairyam unda neku, Istam vachinattu visham chimmudu kadu dhairyam unte lekkalu matladu, vayasula na kante oka 40 yendlu anna peddonivi gavachu, amayakudu dorkindu kada ani istam vachinattu matladinav intha sepu, inka ekkuva matladithe manchiguntadu” Then the other andhra guy was telling “we can’t argue, leave it” as if what he was doing was not an argument.

    That person shut his mouth and immediately got down from the bus. But I really felt for our Telangana guy who was insulted by this andhra old man. Many of us face these kind of situations. They think we can’t say anything until we break our silence. Once we open our mouth then they start running.

    • vijayshree says:

      I have seen your posting on this site, after a long time, I think..Thanks..

      Drunkards, lazy, good for nothing people is how, they will always categorize, us, no matter how hard we try to explain it to them, that it was otherwise and some of our brethren in their own shyness find it difficult to defend themselves from their onslaught..

      They in fact wonder, where does our own courage come from, then I tell them, I was like them, too, until I decided I had taken their rubbish for too long..

      No one should keep quiet, give back, as good as anyone can..I am glad, how correctly you had replied to those imbeciles, yes, our people slog it out in other countries under terrible conditions, yet they call us lazy and drunkards..

      They are the ones who have used their shrewdness and getting their way, in our own land and grabbing our rightful opportunities.. Our people’s honesty and belief that hard work pays, is their undoing as here, only dishonesty and double speak pays and may be our people are not able to flourish here, the way, they do, in other cities..

      I had worked for a month in mumbai and seen how openly they welcome strangers, and share info, the corporate atmosphere had been vitiated, by andhra people with their casteist ways and keeping everything to themselves and never being ready to share with others, any info…

      And they lie, that because of telangana agitation, the corporate world is facing losses..
      Shame on them, there should be a limit to their lying…

      Good to catch up on you, Jai Telangana!

      • Die hard T says:


        It was after a long time I commented yesterday. Was actually observing what’s happening. This site is where we get lot of information and knowledge. Back here now.

        All my North Indian colleagues ask me why there is so much difference between me and all other guys(who are from andhra) from your andhra. I always tell them that I belong to Telangana and they belong to andhra. Our mothers are different. That’s why there is a lot of difference. Now they also observed a lot and started telling me you are very much correct and clear in case of Telangana issue.

        But those andhra people who are living in our land doesn’t seem to have heart.

        Good to hear from you too.

        • vijayshree says:

          I have a very close friend’s father who is in Police, he is a north indian and retired now, he would tell me, that he has been posted all over A.P, but found only telengana people to be kind and open hearted..He would say, that In their batch, all the north indians would fight to get posted in telangana..

          Hyderabad has been a magnet for people of all regions because, they found us to be gentle and helpful in every way..Not because of these guys who have put in one rupee, made a 1000 crore for their own pockets and now claim hyderabad to be their own property…

          I hope all telengana people working in various cities will bring the same kind of awareness in others, about what is going on, in telangana case..
          It would be an invaluable help, if we could mould their opinion as the national media is on the payroll of andhra lobby..

          It is unbelievable but so true that we had lived for 100s of years, happily, with other language people, but just 60 years of living together with same language people has been intolerable and unbearable..

          It is not language, but a kindred and understanding heart which binds people together and Telangana is a classic example of that.

          Jai Telangana!

          • Tejesh says:

            Bhayya, naadi rayalaseema kaani naaku mana rastram lo anni jillalu pranthalu anna chaala istam. mukyam ga telangana yaasa ante istam, Telangana yaasa lo bharani raasina shiva stotrsm ante naku bhale istam. Nenu hyderabad lo nela paatu unna, ma friend mobile pothe Panjagutta police station lo complaint ivvadaniki vella akkada conistable natho ” em saduvthunnav? ” annadu “ 3rd year sir ” ani cheppa. dhaniki athanu ” Mee andhra vallu masthu saduvtharu, ma poralu me lekka sadavaru ” annadu. Naku lopala chirakesindi, because i love telangana, endhukante ikkada kalakaarulu ekkuva, kastapadutharu, kaani amayakulu. Naku telangana studenta ante eppudu kopam, endhuku sastharu telangana kosam, meeru ennukunna nayakulu sachara mee kosam, telangana tekapothe samputham, bayata tiraganivvam ani me nayakulanu kodithe appudu vasthadi me telangana.

  5. Archana Sonti says:

    Yes, Vijayshree garu, I share same feelings here with exactly same experiences in my life too.
    Recently I got a new neighbor who is from Vizag but they feel as if they landed from America to poor India, Here all Telanganites are Rich with huge buildings big cars, but still they have simple attitude, attire and looks, so this new andhra women from day one is on the mission of criticizing them, their attire, their language their festival activities. One day she even said that God is unfair archana garu, he gave money to useless people ?
    She got the most indiscipline daily activities, very lazy woman too, her husband drinks n daily fight with her, smoke’s and a very corrupt govt. employee, inspite of all these qualifications she gets irritated to our simple and kind-hearted local Telanganites. Like this “Chi ! adem bhasahndi, chi adenti, chi identi, aa lavutaayana, aaa battathalaayani, abbo ippudu brush chesthundaavida/ aayana, adenti labor vaalalaga (this she said seeing small kids playfully quarreling) On Bathukamma festival women gathered to play- then keeping her face with irritation ‘abboe adenti’ ?
    Then I gave a shock to her “am Telanganite, am going to play Bathukamma too” !. I started straightening her twisted tongue, her twisted mouth, her twisted face, her twisted expressions, straightening everything she say negative of Telangana ! This strength I got from the movement otherwise previously we used to feel sad when they criticize, we were made alone, but Now we are not alone, we know how to give them back.

    Today we can stand in any huge crowd and proudly say aloud “Yes am a Telanganite”, Yes my mother tongue is Telangana” iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    • vijayshree says:

      Thanks archana, I know that you had faced similar experience..It was your replies, that made me write this article, as I wished to draw out everyone of us, who had suffered or seen someone suffering and how we had overcome it, and good to see the response…

      All the aunties that I have known in the city are similar to your neighbour, my poor mother was called a lot of things and used to be laughed at, by them, behind her back..With her they used to take all her help and enjoy her company, behind her back, they said the same things heard by you from your neighbour..

      Hurt by that backbiting I used to literally beg, when I was a child, to change the way she spoke, but she refuse, ‘Motu bhashaithendi, nakide vasthade, meeru etla anna matladukondri, nakaaithe, ide vashthadi.’ I gave up on my mother, after trying for some time..

      But now when I think of it, I feel ashamed of myself, it was wicked of me to do that, I think…

      But, Now, it is I who battle more for telangana, no matter which place I am, and it is my mother who will advise, me to tone it down, as I might get kicked out of my job..

      Strange role reversal, but that should make up, for my own childhood wavering..

      Thanks for sharing, archana..

      Jai Telangana!

      • Archana Sonti says:

        Vijayshree garu Its not your fault or any other Telanganite’s who tried to speak andhra Telugu, because we were small children then, we didnt know about our own History, we didnt know about Telangana, we didnt know that the language spoken at home is our mother tongue and has special status as ‘Telangana’, we were always misguided by the Govt.School books, our Teachers in school, and the andhra school mates. Fortunately I never had andhra neighbor as my own house used to be in pakka Telangana area in Hyderabad, Amberpet and in my childhood there were less andhra settlements in that area and very lately few colonies came up nearby. Now that on rent houses we get andhra owners and andhra neighbors.

        So it was more of school atmosphere which influenced many Telanganites, especially in Hyderabad..
        I remember one major incident in my childhood which influenced strongly to twist my mother tongue to andhra slang.
        “In my 4th standard, my English teacher asked everybody in the class that “who drinks milk at home”, some of them raised their hands and some not, but I held my hand in-between. Then he noticed me and said ‘archana why you hesitating to raise your hand ?’ I stood up and said ” Sir, ma amma paalu glassla isthadhi kaani nenu morla olkapostha’ ani i said. He was shocked with my answer, what is ‘Morla olkapostha?’ and called my elder sister who is in 7th then and asked my sister to translate what i said, to ‘proper Telugu’! she felt shy and translated in ‘andhra Telugu’. He laughed and he warned me that ‘never speak in public/outside, the language what you speak at home’, from that day I never spoke my Telangana outside home and used to accept the language corrections by my andhra friends 🙁 My English teacher mother tongue is Telugu but I didn’t know which Telugu 🙂

        We were kept ignorant, but now am aware and I speak proudly my Telangana, If i would have known then our Telangana history, I would have strongly objected my teacher to say like that and would have raised my fist with ‘Jai Telangana’ because we are born revolutionaries iiiiiiiiiiiii

        • vijayshree says:

          Yes, archana, what would a child know about anything..That is why I feel that it was a cruel joke played on us..Because I think it is criminal to play, on the feelings and innocence of children..

          When I look back upon myself as a child agonizing over all those moments, I feel a sense of betrayal, what kind of teachers were they or what kind of friends or what kind of adults were they, who sought to belittle, a child’s mother tongue…How much of self esteem is battered at that point of time, when you start registering things around you..

          There was a drastic change from the time NTR became the CM, until then what was done behind our backs, suddenly became a norm and took a bolder form, as settlers began to arrive in large numbers from then..Until then, there were not many andhra owners and tenants were difficult to find, so they did not refuse..but the gamechanger came with the rise of TDP…

          They became so daring that it was routine, for us to be addressed as naxalites, during the period of naxalism..

          And then, now I am seeing that whether it taking a house for rent or attending a job interview, my personal experience which has been confirmed by sridhar in his posting is that, if you say that you are from karimnagar, they just are simply apalled..warangal raises eyebrows, nalgonda,khammam are considered as being half andhra, and so is nizamabad..but all hell breaks loose, when you say, karimnagar.
          For them, to be from karimnagar is something unforgivable..

          I remember, just recently going to visit a friend’s home, she said her mother is from khammam, so I went expecting to meet at least someone from telangana..I met her mother and everything was fine, until she asked me where I was from. I said, ‘Karimnagar’. Then she stitched her nose, and looked as if she pitied that I belong to such a pathetic place…

          I was very angry and said, karimnagar people are very open hearted and known for their goodness, but she did not relent, ‘Akkadi valla thoti manam kalavalemamma’.
          I asked my friend whether, her mother’s proper place was khammam, then she said, ‘There are plently of settlers there, they are originally from rajahmundry and have settled down in khammam.’

          Sometimes, I feel this is like unending, and it was a good thing that we changed our atitude to be more assertive, they will never change..that I have accepted now…

          Whether they are from chittor, anantapur, srikakulam, or west and east godavari, when they come to hyderbad, they come with some kind of feeling that they can ridicule telangana people’s language..they would all laugh in the office at my telanagana, but how come I never did that, to their different dialects..But at least I have the satisfaction, that my language is heard clear and loud, even if it was a lone voice..

          Thanks archana for sharing,

          Jai Telangana!

          • soonya says:

            It might be interesting to note that a few Vice Chancellors of OU come from Karimnagar. Dr C Narayan Reddy hails from Karimnagar, Velichala Kondala rao, Telugu Academy chairman and importantly the harbinger of modern India post 90’s PV – and many more accomplished people and luminaries too.

            One should share this with such ‘note stitching’ types!

            And Kotilingala is around Karimnagar.

            Probably the first civilization is around Godavari starting from Adilabad and Karimnagar – the foreparents of Telugu people are from that area.

            I am told that stone age implements are found around that place. If only some interest is shown by the state they would be able to find the relics think some archaeologists.

          • Die hard T says:


            I’m also from Karimnagar. I work for a public sector company. You can understand my situation very well how many andhra people I’m surrounded with. It’s like everday battle for me in the office. The CMD of our company and 4 General Managers are from Andhra. When I went to attend interview for this company, there were 3 GMs in the interview panel. Two from Andhra and one from Punjab.

            The second question was to tell about your native place. So I sarted of with the Elgandula khila and etc. Later that Andhra GM asked me is it not famous for Naxalism. Then I said “Yes, it was famous not anymore. Anyway we are waiting for Telangana formation, once it is done people will see whether actually naxalism exists in Karimnagar or not?”. He just smiled at me and said okay.

            After the interview, I thought I should forget about getting job in this company now. But to my surprise I was selected. Out of 60 people from Andhra Pradesh who got selected there are only 10 Telangana people and in that I’m the only girl that to from Karimnagar. The other 50 guys from Andhra used to try and ridicule the other 9 guys from Telangana. The moment they see me they shut their mouths because I always gave them proper answers and shown them their place.

            They think that they are having fun by making us feel awkward with their idiotic comments about our language, culture and people. But they are not aware that these kind of experiences actually are strengthening us. We are getting united and becoming more staunch. Creating awareness in the people who are not aware of the facts.

            Rubber ball ni bhumi meeda gattiga kodithe adi antha ku double meedi ki eguruthadi. Manam kuda aa rubber ball asontullame. Gisontalla matalu manalni strengthen cheyale weak kadu.

            Jai Telangana!

  6. Archana Sonti says:

    jai Telangana iiiiiiiiiiii

  7. rajkumar says:

    After going through all the above comments, I feel it is the telugu spoken by SA ppl which is funny and impure Compare GEDE with BARRE, RAGI with TAIDALU, PACHADI with TOKKU, MAJJIGA with SALLA, BODDINKA with JILLAPURUGU, MURIKI with GALEEJ, KATTE with KARRA, SARPANCH with PRESIDENTU, even english has been adndhricised WATERU, FOODDU, BEDDU, CHARGEELU, RUGGU, etc., etc., How about AYYA BABOI, ADI PODDI, PICHCHA KOTTUDU KOTTADANDI, NENELLANO, last but not the least NAAKEMSAMBANDHAM which is enough to ticle your ribs. So my dear brothers and sisters have a hearty laugh at their Telugu and be proud to speak in your Telugu which is as pure as a morning dew.

    • vijayshree says:

      Thanks rajkumar, Yes their language is very funny, and I used to get confused with the way they call even an 80 year old woman as ammayi..

      When I was working for this company, I was told by my boss that the legal team from singapore who would be coordinating with me are , ‘iddaru ammayilu;, I expected them to be some 25 year olds, and used to be very informal with them, when I would correspond through mail or phone…Imagine my surprise, when they landed up at our office and I found them to be two senior, sixty year old women..

      I recalled then, about what my amma had shared with me about an incident which happened, some thirty years back.
      my mother’s brother was getting married and an andhra priest was found at that time, for conducting the marriage ceremony.

      Kanya danam time, when the bride’s parents have to wash the groom’s feet, the priest addressed them and said, ‘Meeru, mee ammayi, mee alludi kallu kadigi, nellu thala meeda posukandi’
      That’s it, the father of the bride got so mad at the priest for calling his wife as ammayi and saying, ‘Musaldanni pattukoni ammayi antavara’, and he pulled down the pole holding the manadapam and chased the priest away, shouting that he will give him a good thrashing, if he catches him again..I still laugh when I hear it..

      But I would always see that, it is their way of speaking and we need to respect it..even if we could laugh while thinking about it.. It is only when they begin to ridicule mine, that I retaliate..

      I am glad all of us, have rediscovered our language and become assertive against any kind of onslaught from their side..

      Jai Telangana!

  8. vijayshree says:

    Yes, shoonya, Karimanagar has got a very chequered history behind it..I think the only reason it might have got into bad books of andhra people is because of it having been the bastion for KCR and yes, it was always associated with naxalism….

    Naxalism has it seeds in exploitation and inequality..These guys think naxalites to be some harcore criminals, but don’t understand why people turn to naxalism..

    They are worse than frogs in a well, they can never look beyond their own self imposed boundaries, everything beyond that is some god forsaken people according to them.

    They have divided themselves based upon each district, they will never see eye to eye and think, it holds good for telangana too..

    But no matter how hard they try to divide, for us telangana is not 10 districts, but just one entity..all of us have more than a blood bond, with persons from every district.

    This is unbreakable chord, and this is helping us, in fighting unitedly, let our politicians be damned, but we the people of telengana are one and there is no north or south division which is nothing but,andhra media creation..

    Jai Telangana!

  9. soonya says:

    wow, your comments are like morning dew!

  10. vijayshree says:

    Dear die hard T,

    I have not been to karimnagar since 18 years time, that was when my father died in hyderabad, but asked to be cremated in his native village in karimanagar..his memorial lying there, is a painful reminder of what I lost, with his death and I had never gone there, again..I do not know what has happened to the village, in all those years..

    But I knew that in my father’s village, only old men remain..all the others have gone to dubai or mumbai..when naxalsm was at its peak, many youngsters from the village had joined the movement..

    I remember, vividly the police encounters which regularly took place in that village..the farmers would be tilling the fields even as bullets brushed past them, as fire was exchanged between police and naxalites…

    One day when I die, I might want to stay beside my father too and join the soil, where I had come from..

    We should never take their insults to our soil lying down, even if they try to say that i am actually a hyderabadi, since I was born and brought up here, I refuse to buy it and say, I am from karimnagar, as that is where my parents are from..

    Then their casteist minds say, that I must belong to KCR’s caste, as I support TRS..since they support everyone based on caste, they think we do too..and no matter, how much I clarified that I do not belong to his caste, they refuse to believe it..Go to hell, if you are jaundiced, I can not be the same..

    I am glad that you got the job, I lost some, when I said karimanagar..They think it is pucca telanagana..So be it, pucca or kachha..

    Jai Telangana!

  11. rajkumar says:

    Dear brothers and sisters I have discovered that Telangana Telugu is the only language in India which assimilates words from other languages like ‘ DARKHAST’ ‘DUNIYA’ ‘JAMEENU’ ‘DAFTAR’ ‘ACHCHA’ ‘KHARAB’ ‘ADALAT’ ‘SARKAR’ ‘FARAR’ ‘JAIL’ ‘SAWAAL’ ‘GALLI’ ‘BAZAR’ ‘JUNGLE’ ‘FARAK’ HINDI AALOO IN ‘AALOOGADDA’ MARATHI WORD CHENDU ‘DAMAG’ the list is very long. I find our Telangana language the only one in flexibility. Telangana ppl shall proudly communicate in their own lingo & accent unhesitantly disregarding the taunts of their ignorant cmandhra bretheren.

    • vijayshree says:

      Yes,we have assimilated other language words into ours and even our culture has a lot of inspiration from muslim,marathi,and gond, our food is a melange of again different cuisines, that is why it is so much more sweeter sounding language, richer in culture and tastier in food.

      Harmony is another name for telangana..If the others can not see its unique vitality, let them go to hell, the important thing, for all of us, had been that we had found it back again and holding it aloft, proudly to this whole world, not just this blind, and deaf seemandhra…

      Jai Telangana!

  12. Prakash says:

    Hello thanks for this article, and even i faced the same discrimination. One thing out of so many in your article is too important , our parents did not taught us bad about other slang or region people but they did it that’s why now they are facing these blames. Really till my graduation i don’t know about Telangana or Andhra slangs or regions ,i just know we are people and we are andhra pradesh telugu people. But after knowing so many things in the past few years , now i remember how many times my culture , my slang , my attitude is discriminated by andhra friends , It is because of their parents they got those ideas to make a negative impact on other regions culture , slang and attitude. I felt myself bad in the past why my friends comment on my slang , and why some people make joke of my culture is really what i am doing is bad, now it is proved they intentionally acted as a coverts.

    The people who are saying samyakandhra now , have no right to say so. They should feel responsible themselves for what happening today. What balance they shown after merging. When merger has made, state name is kept as Andhra pradesh leaving Telangana and hyderabad identity, what they taught us in childhood all the books are having information of only Andhra people its very awkward that no such great people from Telangana to be teached in books.

    Movies, haha this is where till now they show huge descrimination. Movies powerfull media, society changes with movies and what they did ,intentionally discriminated telangana culture, people, slang. I never saw a hero speak in Telangana slang, never in these 50 years haha.. very funny that these so many years of movies no hero with Telangana slang, even if one or two it will be disgusting, never saw any hero travel to Telangana region or born and bought up in Telangana region , where is samyakatha where is balance. Leave showing some goodness, what made you to think and keep negative roles slang as telangana slang in every movies, till they show same in movies can check out every movie the slang of negative role person will be Telangana. So the movie giants who are from andhra want to show that Telangana people are rowdies and negative character people. How bad , please friends try to share my views.

    • vijayshree says:

      Thanks Prakash, for sharing your thoughts here..

      All those people who looked down upon us and made us feel ashamed of our own culture and language, must do soul searching at least now..

      if they do not, very well, never mind, they have in a way created a mutually shared anguish which turned out into be something stronger than a blood bond.

      I always felt a strong sense of identity with all the people coming and sharing their pain, on this site. Everyone has been so open and honest, about what they have gone through.

      I can now look back on all of us, as children and may be as grown ups, until recently when we were wavering in our thoughts, thinking why our so called friends, make fun of our language and culture and I think, in a way that experience has made us stronger, because, after we realized, how wicked they were in doing that, we felt a renewed resolve that no one from our future generation should ever go through, what we have been through..

      That is the reason, for all of us to be here, and we must thank MT for providing that platform for sharing our views and in a way bringing us all together.

      Sharing has been a part of moving ahead, now I am sure, you will only feel pity for your friends who could not appreciate the diversity in culture and who have zero tolerance for anything other than their own, they are as bad as any fundamentalist would be..Thinking all that is their own is greater than even that of their friend and worse still speaking those thoughts out unmindful of whether their friend might hurt inside, speaks of their despicable nature..

      And the same people seek protection and feel nervous about Telangana. It is such an irony when they do that. They, who had caused so much of emotional turmoil, in us, are feeling insecure here. We leave them to their fate, once we get Telangana, we want to rebuild it, and who cares about these people and their property.

      We have a lot to do in terms of rebuilding Telangana, Sangisetty srinivas wrote in Bathukamma, about how our history needs to be rewritten and some kind of cultural tours to be organized to take a tour of all the places having the memorials or statues of our heroes..

      All this should happen and we all should see it and then, may be we will know, all that we had gone through had finally seen a denouement..

      Thank you once again Prakash.

    • Venu says:

      Dear Prakash,
      i am from Andhra (Rayalaseema), i proudly says Andhra is diversifed with different regions and unity in one language and i ask you all one question why Telagana people not developed Hyderabad (Which is developed Andhra people) and Why you people wont ask your politicians for the development of your region and with this political leaders how telanagana will be developed.

      I like to divide andhra from telangana, bcoz we dont want to pollute.

      • vijayshree says:

        Dear Venu,

        The dark side of seemandhra comes out when it comes to telangana, what do you mean by pollute? Who is polluting whom?

        Telangana is the proud amalgamation of various words and we don’t consider it polluted by addition of any new words.

        At least when you are trying to tell Prakash, that you have unity in one language, don’t end it by saying you want to divide becoz you don’t want to pollute. Is there any sense in what you are writing?

        Venu, please try to know the know the history of Hyderabad, before writing about its development. It was well developed before you made an entry in 1956, we had electricity before Chennai had, our drainage and water supply system were well laid at that time itself, there were many government hospitals with world class standards then, We had a huge surplus budget at that time, before your merged with us.

        In your 60 years, what have you developed on the above mentioned system, we are using the same infrastructure, the same drainage system, the same water supply system without adding anything except in terms of number of people coming and living here. The result can be seen, with the roads becoming lakes even with a mild drizzle. Have you added a government hospital to it, instead you have destroyed the existing ones to benefit the private hospitals.

        You have encroached on every lake in the city, resulting in the collapse of ground water and also, turning the delicate drainage system, haywire.

        Venu, glass buildings don’t make for development, the ones your CBN claims he has built in HItech city are all crumbling, built only in a haphazard manner, they are simply collapsing.

        And the roads that your people widened, cave in at the most unexpected times. You don’t even know what constitutes development, real estate development is not development. Ring roads which go round and round, fly overs which filled the contractors pockets only benefited the rich contractors and builders.

        You have not added even an inch in terms of Hyderabad’s development.

        You may not have noticed, but most of our protests targeted telangana ruling politicians, for having sold our interests to your leaders. This majority rule has squeezed the life out of Telangana, and FYI, we have plans for REBUILDING a destroyed, Telangana and we have plans for making every leader accountable for over all development of Telangana, so don’t worry about us.

        Jai Telangana!

  13. Prakash says:

    Thanks vjayshree for your renowned response, as you said they should feel themselves responsible for whats happening today.
    I feel very bad when i see some Telugu movies which discriminate telangana culture and slang. I request everyone coming here and going through my view , please try to share, that to stop the discrimination of whereabouts of Telangana in movies. Its very disgusting that they make money and they don’t respect the culture of certain region.

  14. Rishi says:

    Telanagana was never a part of Andhra! When The Nizam was over thrown, telangana became a seperate state, but Politics forced the merger of telangana with andhra districts. Why can’t the andhra people get that?? I have a neighbour aunty , who hates her son because he married a telangana girl !!! These andhraites look down upon telangana people. We have always been treated as second class citizens. They make fun of the way we speak, our festivals, etc. Andhraites feel they are superior to telanganites!! At last, after 60 years of struggle and suffering and bloodshed, telangana has been formed!

    • vijayshree says:

      Dear Rishi,

      I think a majority of the Andhra people living in Hyderabad, whom we have known had indulged in ridicule of our language and culture. They could never assimilate with us, with their dominating attitude.

      And now the same people are seeking protection and are crying themselves hoarse that they are feeling insecure here and they want special laws to protect them from coming to harm.

      I want to ask them one thing, when biharis are being hounded in Mumbai by shiv sena, did they bring out any law in Maharashtra for protection of biharis.

      While here, on the contrary, it is you who have been bullying us in offices, denying us jobs, stamped us with the identity of naxalites, humiliated us in every way, refused to rent us houses, what kind of guarentees should we ask for, to be insulated from your skewed view of Telangana?

      Until now, no one has said anything against you, it is you who constantly want KCR or Kondandram to be hanged, and all the students in OU to be brutally supressed, still we want to move on and forget about the past.

      We don’t care about you, but you must remember this, we will not take any nonsense from you and no one can protect you if you do that and think, some law will protect you.

      It is like a criminal wants protection from their victims, your idea of wanting protection.

      Even now there is a chance for you to mend your ways and learn to live with us, and not think of continuing with your domineering ways. Telangana people are very different, we are kind, but when pushed to it, we rebel and not rest until we get the justice that we want.

      Yes, Rishi, even I have a friend who is married to an Andhra and whose in laws harass her, blaming everything on her telangana upbringing.

      Hoping for the best, I am sure they will have no choice but to change, we will be on alert until parliament bill is passed.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts here.

      Jai Telangana

  15. sadakar pochampalli says:

    I do not understand why still 10 more years club with them for joint capital ?

    • vijayshree says:

      Yes, Sadakar, I do feel 10 years is a very long time and we should bring pressure to shorten it. Even now, instead of concentrating on building a capital, they are thinking of thwarting Telangana.

      And we should be very careful of some law which they are trying to incorporate in the bill to provide for protection of settlers and they plan to give these powers to the Governor. This can be grossly misused by them, by bringing in frivolous cases against us.

      I hope JAC and everyone keeps a careful watch over what is being drafted and put up in the bill.

      Jai Telangana!

  16. Santosh says:

    It was a totally moving tale and I can relate to each and every question( issue)raised by you,

    I want to share my feelings over this issue. I’m a Hyderabadi( born n brought up) and my parents are from Andhra ( settled in city around 1960s). I may not be a Telanganite in true sense but share the feeling of my friends who have been striving for separate state. I completely agree with the discrimination and mockery directed against Telangana language. But people have been very generous and warm all through the decades. I have opposed the splitting of AP but if someone asks me to choose between Andhra and Telangana I would surely choose my birthplace Telangana. Its not because of Hyderabad or any other reason, its only because of d affection shown by a Telangana person can never be compared to the person of any region. The innocence of the people and their warmth can never be matched. No double faces, no double games, no back stabbing.

    I guess even Andhra guys will understand the importance of having a separate state and dream of 4 cr Telangana people once they try to understand the issues faced by people here. My dad and Pedanaanna identified themselves as Telanganites because they have seen d world here. Yes, there is still lot of mind set problem among people of dat region. But the overriding sentiment of people will win over the people of other side and I wish more seasoned and balanced voices should speak, so that people from otherside will be forced to understand the overwhelming sentiment which is not forced upon people by leaders but a legitimate demand which took a political turn for the formation of state.

    Though my roots are from Andhra, my entire childhood, career and now my entire life will be in Telangana. If I don’t support the cause its like fooling myself and trying to help neighbours without understanding your family’s struggle. I’m sure many Hyderabadis will feel d same.

    Though my certificate doesn’t mean anything..I feel like telling….You guys rock and your simplicity and love can move anyone….

    Thank You once again Vijayashree for moving post…All the best !!!

    • vijayshree says:

      Dear Santosh,

      I am happy to see your comments, and think you are in that minority section of Andhra populace, who have loved Telangana for what it is, for what its people stand for. Somehow our people have stayed innocent and straight forward and it has been their bane I think, if majority of the people who are unlike them, think it to be a weakness and therefore, ready for ridicule.

      There is no duplicity in our people and that is one reason, for them to welcome everyone here and make them comfortable. I can tell you out of 10 friends, just one and that too, my sister’s friend echo the feelings which you have written here.

      Its sad that just a handful of people think like you and even amongst them, very few would actually come and write like you have done.

      Hyderabad and Telangana will always be for people who love it for what it is, and you will not find anywhere else, so much of kindness and warmth. People can always come here to be part of us, but please don’t undermine the goodness of these people and cast baseless aspersions on them.

      We want our rightful share and our dignity, nothing else we are asking, and then, we wish to get on with our lives.

      We have a lot of dreams on rebuilding Telangana, and everyone should be part of it. Our fight have always been against a few who had amassed wealth and exploited our resources and opportunities and we want our seemandhra side also to hold them accountable for what they are doing in their area too.

      There is an immense scope for development on all sides, if only people will shed their prejudice. No one has or is ever going to cause anyone harm, but please think of our people, how many have died and how something inside us has broken down and is hardening itself.

      Thanks for speaking your mind, Santosh and I can see that you are truly a Telanganite, because you did such plain speaking without holding back on anything and that reflects a lot on the person that you are.

  17. soonya says:

    Bravo Santosh for being a true Hyderabadi.

    There are many in Hyderabad who came from various states and countries and none of them feel connected to their original regions and have melded and enriched the local culture.

    Thanks for the sanity and wisdom that you bring with you.

  18. archana sonti says:

    Thank you Santosh Telangana people will keep you in their hearts ever iiiiiiiiiii

  19. Mahesh Rohit says:

    I salute you my brother from another mother

  20. vinay says:

    Here I want to bring some more points:

    I see many people (andhra) are talking about other issues like capital city, resources like water, electricity etc.. etc…
    First of all what did they bring to telangana while creating andhra pradesh to ask it now. They wanted andhra pradesh to utilise the resources available in telangana.
    They never had any infrastructure while they formed andhra in 1953. It applies now also as they used many of telangana resources till date for 58 years and still want them even after division.
    And 10 years common capital is a very long period, where they can try to do anything to destroy it in this period.

    First did you people brought any thing to telangana when andhra pradesh is formed to ask a share now…..

    • vijayshree says:

      Hi Vinay,

      I think they brought with them a lot of heartburn, for us, that is all..A few of them have become so rich, after buying the land at cheap rates or encroaching that they are holding us for ransom, for their interests..

      We need a firm leadership to deal with these people, and I hope they don’t drag this till a point of no return. Wherein we may have to use the words of Rajaji, when these people tried to cling to Chennai and abused Tamilians.

  21. deepthi says:

    ikada discuss chusi naku kuda na experience share chesukovalanpinchindi

    nenu 3 yrs back hyderabad lo job chestu hostel lo unde danni. hostel lo nenu join ayina 2 months ki oka andhra ammayi kotha ga join ayindi. ame hyd ki enduku vachindi ante, she is in love with hyd guy. vallu aryasamaj lo marriage chesukodaniki ready avutunaru. marriage date ki sariga one month before vachindi…….hostel lo andaritho bagane undedhi kani………other andhra girls ame ki ila cheputunde, mee kids ki matram telangana slang and culture nerpaku ani…………………maku mastu kopam vachedhi marriage chesukodaniki telangana guy kavali kani maa culture vaddha, ma culture and language nachakapothe pelli enduku chesukuntunavu ani adiginam………..

    • vijayshree says:

      Avunu deepthi,

      My friend, her father is a telangana and mother is an Andhra, she was for samikyandra until she got married to an Andhra guy, now she knows why I always argued for Telangana, Right from wedding ceremony day, her side was put down often, by saying for everything, ‘ee telanganavallinthe’.

      I am just hoping against hope that they will change, once Telangana bill is passed, and we start living in a separate state.

      If they cannot accept someone’s culture, the least they can do is shut up, but they are not doing that, but not every day will be the same and our days are coming too.

      Thanks for sharing Deepthi.

  22. Tharun says:

    Both my parents are not from Telangana, But I was born and lived my entire life here. I hardly visit my mom’s or dad’s native place. I wasn’t influenced by neither the language nor culture of the Andhra people. My parents tried to control the way I speak, but eventually gave up. They weren’t really impressed when I argued why the separation (or I should rather say demerging) of Telangana is important. I often used to get into debates with family,relatives and friends. I graduated from a university in TamilNadu which had many students from Andhra and Rayalaseema region and that was the first time I had this experience of feeling ashamed of what I speak. They used to mock me (they weren’t really trying to offend me but sometimes it did hurt) by saying ‘ A bashendra babu, telugu matladu. Mundu basha nerchukondi tarvatha state kosam kotaldochu’. Today I feel proud, we have an identity, we can proudly say Telangana as our state language without being ashamed ( tears running )

    • vijayshree says:

      Thanks Tharun for putting your thoughts here..

      Our language is like a stream, it knows only flowing according to its heart, but put some rocks in front of it, it will stop but will trickle out from somewhere.

      All these days they tried to put those rocks by shaming our language, but once Telangana movement began, we started talking proudly the way we wanted to.

      if you converse with someone in Telangana, one feels so happy that at last, we spoke the way our heart always wanted to.

      We will not face such ridicule anymore, and also we will not let anyone else face it.

      Jai Telangana!

  23. Sai Kumar says:

    Dear, vijayshree thanks for such a wonderful blog about our TELANGANA.

    Do you anyone here know that our HYDERABAD & SECUNDERABAD were called as PEDA LASHKAR (HYDERABAD)

    I wanna share many issues here but my broadband connection is down so i’ll do it later. Right now am posting this from my phone.


    • vijayshree says:

      Dear Sai,

      Please do share more of your thoughts, here when you are free..

      I have read about lashkar bonalu in Namasthe Telangana!

      It is time to revive our dialect completely.

      Jai Telangana

    • Srinivas says:

      Secunderabad –Laskar

      Hyderabad — Patnam

  24. sprihasingidi says:

    naadi nalgonda warangal…perigindi siddipet,gadwal,bodhan la.gadwalla rayalaseema mix to vunde telangana bhasha inkonchem kannada …ishtamgaa matladetollam…siddipeta lo memu pondina prema abhimanalu cheppalemu..akkadi manushyulu,pandagalu makkagaarelu batukamma abbo..transfer ayi vacchestunte vaada vaada anta kadili vacchindi ippatiki siddipet bus chhooste ekki vellipovalani anipistundi..naa friend kurnool ammayi siddipet ki transfer aye mundu rajasekhar reddy nandyala statement support chesina pilla…ippudu rendella tarvata siddipet vaalani pogidi pogidi alasi potundi..antati prema ruchi chupistaru mana vallu

    bodhan lo inter chaduvutunnappudu modati sari andhra valla pratapam telisindi
    appatidaaka nijamga andhra telangana ee padalu eppudu pattinchukoledu..for every word deed they used to compare nijamu lo chaduvulekkada manamu vacchaake ..ikkadi vallaku muggulu ravu,tiffinlu ravu pacchallu ravu itla enno anni mounamgaane vine danni..ammanu adigite valla buddhi adi manamu mana buddhi enduku podagottukovale anedi like a typical telangana big heart..

    i felt very out of place,uncomfortable and almost hated them .shorlty afterwards we left gunj road where we were the sole telanganites amongst monster andhras ..imagine this in our own bodhan ..and shifted to another area where again the owners were andhras but much better people…they became my mothers fans for her cooking, nature and her every quality which i think every mother of telangana is endowed with.
    then came our inter results and through out i used to hear nonsense like how good they are at studies and how we just cannot study and so on..i scored 83% best in district and scored a never before high of 80%in telugu which they used to boast about as u all know..
    but the question is do we answer their nonsense every time and they are good at this mind you and we are by nature soft gentle kind and never hurt any one…we got this as you have rightly said from our parents who are the epitome of telangana spirit…we should retain it and at the same time be very self confident and cut their crap and assert ourselves at every opportunity..even now they dont stop such misbehaviour and utter blatant lies and try to humiliate us at every opportunity..
    i know one family friend who treats my father as brother ( a settler in gadwal who cant coexist with their folks in vijayawada ..that is another story these settlers cant coexist with their folk in andhra also having got used to us!) and at the time of sakala janula samme she has the guts to ask me if i am treating our people who got lathicharged in the agitation well !and sitting in our dining room eating our delicasies goes on boasting about their cooking.
    after the declaration of T state no body from my andhra and rayalaseema colleagues had the grace to smile or congratulate or say a nice word….well thats how they are

    • vijayshree says:

      Yes, sprihasingdi,

      Even I thought at least one Andhra friend will call to congratulate but I know that they are still not accepting and thinking that their people will manage to stop it or make Hyderabad a Union Territory again.

      In my previous office, they would all say, it is impossible for Telangana to form, I might just forget it. I am waiting for the bill to be passed, and then would like to see them eat their words.

      Even they would often tell me, that students in OU are naxalites and they should be beaten up..I used to get so mad, that they would understand that it will degenerate into a duel, and stop. After all why would they want to get cut off, from the only kind and straight forward person in the office.

      Your nizambad incident reminds me, of one colleague who said he was from nizambad and I was happy and started speaking in Telangana, but he got angry and said, ‘Why are you talking like that, I don’t like that language.’ It was my turn to get angry, when I realized he was an Andhra settler in Nizambad who hated TG.

      I feel if we go on, we can write one mahabharatha I think, so chauvinistic they are, but they will be forced to change now, once they know that Telangana is for real.

      Thank you once again

  25. Swathi says:

    Really felt happy & proud when i see posts over here. that we have such true & innocent nature.I too had faced many such Painful situation. Nadhi Hyderabad naku kuda itlanti sangatana yaedhurayaedhi prathi roju from my neighbours or any other.oka roju mathram chala yaedichesanu Andhra vallu Telangana gurinchi CHALA chinathanamga chesi matladaesariki. Apati varaku nenu common people lagae vundaedhani. a tharuvathae naku vala matladini prathi oka mataki i should reply anae kasi parigindhi.Theliyani avesam valaki thelisaetatu mamemu yaendhuloni thakuvalemu ani.Alaga ani naku andhra People pyna kopam vala pyna dhvesam ledhu. Really cried with happiness when T state had declaried. NOW WE GOT CORRECT CHANCE TO PROVE WHAT WE ARE……. I LOVE TELANGANA

    • vijayshree says:

      Dear Swathi,

      Even I felt a shared sense of agony, when I read the posts here..When I was a child I used to always cry, seeing my neighbour auntie’s laughing at my mother’s language behind her back, while enjoying her company.

      But in a way, like every other thing, what makes you cry at one point, will only strengthen you when you grow up that we will not put up with such kind of humiliation.

      I realized that nobody dares to meddle with anyone, who is assertive and sure of oneself, so I tried to be that. It took me a long time to get there, but once I got there, I felt, why should anyone put up with it, from the start.

      It might have taken us this long coz of our accommodative nature, but life is cruel, it is better if our coming generation or may be I can see you are all young, so you will not put up with it, but stand firm and say, that we will not tolerate being ridiculed anymore.

      We must not suffer fools that easily, this is one lesson for us. I realize it is our innocence which they are perceiving to be our weakness..

      And our generation were brought up on history which never belonged to us, I knew something horrid happened on 1st November, when in school even if they wanted us to believe it to be a great day. I dislike my education for what it did to us, by erasing our identity from our books..

      But everything for our own good, now when I read about it, I feel like holding it close to my heart.




  26. rohith says:

    asalu e andhra kodukulu maharastra nunchi vochi telugu jathi antunnaru actually
    Telugu shebdaniki karanamga bhavisthunna jathi TELAGA , e Telagalu anu anarya jathi nivasinchina place TELANGANAM….
    SO, telugu madehy hyderabad madey
    jai telangana

    • vijayshree says:

      Vallaki adhey kopam gada, Anni maneyey antundru vallu..

      Manayi guda manavi kadantundru, valla coastal line manaku iyya mante isthara..

      They have so much of oil and gas resources and port sector is booming, what more do they want.

      Greediness, will only mean, you will lose everything in the end.

      When they die, they become a fistful of ashes, what will they take with them.

      Manchithanam yeppudu arani deepam, adi veluguthane untadi, yenni yeeduru galulu vachhina maligipodi.

      Telangana gelusthadi, gelichi chupisthadi, nijayathiga undi, yetla oka samajam nilchuntado. It never happened anywhere in the world, but Telangana will show a path to the world.

      Jai Telangana!

  27. ravi charan says:

    the awaited decision had come. though its a good news for us we need to be alert as the news channels were showing the artificial movement of united andhra in a microscope. i dont think the andhra people are really worried about the separation. i have many friends from the other region who told that the politicians are worried actually for their illegal lands and business. the most important thing that we have to keep in our mind is reconstruction of our state…..
    i love TELANGANA….

    • vijayshree says:

      Yes, Ravicharan,

      We all should take part in rebuilding our Telangana, plans have already been drawn out, as we see our people have already prepared them.

      We are waiting for the final hurdles to clear for the bill to be passed, until then we have to be careful.

      We know that only few people are running that samikyandra movement, but these few had been so powerful and so loud, that the remaining seemandhra people, don’t even seem to exist.

      I wish they would bring out a strong Jai Andhra movement to counter these few.

      We want to part without rancour, but these few are speaking in such insane voice that, we are wondering, when will the remaining people open their mouths against them.

      I feel happy that we live in this part, where people who have been working selflessly are the ones whom we follow, not insane voices.. and we are going to be a healthy society coz of that.

      Jai Telangana!

  28. srinivas says:

    “Manchigunnvva bidda”.. This was a common word I used to hear when i was kid..I used to address people as Akka or Anna.

    I am born in Andhra and moved to Telangana at the age of 3-4 years. I have grown up entirely in telangana ..Hyderabad, Nizambad, godavarikhani,, waranagal etc. in fact Telangana culture is part of my life.. for me sankarnti is Patangula panduga..its about making sakinalu etc.

    I am proud of my language and i really damn care if some says my telugu is not “Pure telugu ” I say off ..As some one has rightly said , a live language assimilates words from different languages. .
    No doubt there are people who look down the language and culture of Telangana , but friends dont categorise all andhra people as bad..Its only some idiots who behave in such a way … i must say it is the ignorance or foolishness of some people who dont know about this land…Let some idiots does not take the central role in such a joyous occasion of new state …..

    As proud sons of Telangana, let us strive to teach the language and culture to our kids…start with ‘manchigunnava ..dont feel shy in calling the father as “baapu “..
    Jai Telangana

    • vijayshree says:

      Dear Srinivas,

      I do appreciate what you have written here, but I can tell you that you are in minority. Majority of the people we have known looked down upon us and our Telangana.

      Manchigunnava bidda’ reminds me of an Andhra auntie, whose daughter had returned from USA and my mother went to see her. My mother touched her daughter and said the same words, ‘Manchigunnava bidda’, that’s it, auntie got so angry, she kept on scolding my mother for calling her daughter as bidda.

      My mother told me about the incident, many months after it happened, even if she felt very bad about it. I asked her not to go to her house again, but she only said, ‘Aithamaye bidda, ante annaniyyarade.’

      I thought, amma, this is how these people had come to see, us as someone who will put up with anything and keep quiet.

      Srinivas, We can ignore a few people, as you think is the case, but it is not so, it is people like you who are rare.

      I only hope they change now, they do not have a choice now, they had better change. No continuing with old ways, we are not ready to put up with it.

      Thanks Srinivas.

  29. Vamshi Krishna says:

    There are numerous encounters similar to the above posted I’ve gone through, of which I can never forget my first experience.

    I Was born in Mahabubnagar and studied there till my seventh standard. we moved to Hyderabad as we bought our New house in Vanasthalipuram. This place is predominantly occupied by people of coastal region. The only thing i knew was then “We are telugu people.” As a boy i came to this new place carrying Beautiful childhood days hoping to have a similar sort. but the first week in the school gave me a sense of fallen in an aliens land… My slang used to be mocked on my back. it was insulting and disappointing. I was a late joiner in the school and to get Notes for the topics covered earlier. on a day I happen to visit one of my classmate’s house along with my bench mate. when we knocked his gate, he came out asked me to stay there and took my bench mate inside. all I could see through the gate is they were having snacks and laughing. I was innocent… I waited there for 20 minutes..hoping that he would get me notes. after a while my bench mate came out. on the way to home he told….

    Arre nevu telangana vadivi kada anduke vadu ninnu vallu intloki ranivvaledhu…notes kuda ivvalenu ani cheppadu…valla amma vadini telangana abbailatho chusthe koduthundi ani cheppadu…

    It was hard for me to take…they realized me that i am not telugu but a Telanaganite.

    I bow down my head to all Mothers and Fathers of Telangana who never thought us to discriminate people based on Language, Region, cast or culture.We are far better than them… in terms of Qualities and charracter.

    Naa telangana koti Rathanala veen.

    Jai Telangana

    • srinivas konne says:


      Our culture & traditions are far better than any other in the world.

      These(Andhra) ppl are contaminating the future generation as well with thier meaningles and brainless speeches on telangan ppl.

      My humble request to andhra ppl..

      plz try to knw the real history and heritage of telangana..
      Then u will get to knw how rich is our culture..behave like human beings when respecting the fellow (telangana)ppl.

      Birth on telangana soil is not a sin, infact we feel more proud.
      we are eagerly waiting for T-Bill to b passed in Parliament.

      Then we will show what is telangana…if anybody humilliates our language and our culture.

      Jai Telangana
      (The Heart land of India)

    • vijayshree says:

      I found your account very moving, Vamshi, naake yedupuchhandi chaduvuthunte.

      It really stings you when you remember it, to think about how similar it was to apartheid in Africa.

      When I was a child, I was happiest only at home, where we could talk the way, we wanted to. I disliked going to school and may be turned into an introverted person, as I found their culture alienated us completely.

      The warmth that was there at home, was simply missing in them. Telugu that was taught at school was different from the one, in which our mind spoke.

      Thankfully in the convent, we had a very strict rule, to speak only in English and I took solace in it and would speak with all my Andhra friends, in school or outside school in English, even if they spoke in telugu. They would laugh at me, why don’t you talk in Telugu. Slowly, I learnt to camouflage my telangana dialect and speak with them in their dialect only.

      When I got back to speaking Telangana, I found it irritating when they would deliberately interrupt my conversation with, ‘ante enti’.

      Arrey, when I don’t understand rayalaseema or Rajahmundry dialect, I don’t interrupt them, with, ‘what does each word mean’, sarcastically, instead I glean the meaning out of their dialog and smile at them, knowingly.if we don’t understand, the dialect completely, we don’t rubbish it..

      But as we know, these people are the ones who are to be pitied, for their attitude. There should be give and take, in anything, then only a person’s character grows richer.

      If you shut yourself to anything which is different from yours, it is you who will grow poorer for it. We can understand your dialect, but if you don’t understand mine, then its your problem not mine.

      Thanks for sharing here Vamshi, our parents had only made us stronger and wiser, in character, so we will be proud of our mother language, and we will thank them for making us, broad minded in our outlook. I take pride in my Telangana upbringing and think it had given me a lot and made me a tolerant and different person, from the others.

      Jai Telangana!

      • Vamshi Krishna says:

        Thanks for going through my post. All Tanaganites at some or the other point have faced similar situations with these people. The irony is they are not realizing about their mistakes….The Voice for Telangana Throbbed in folds and leaps out of Suppression, Exploitation and Cultural invasion. We did raise our concerns but were not heard in all these years. Neither they corrected what they were doing to us. It’s over Now…

        Enugupoyinaka toka jikkindi Danni pattukoni counter udyamam chesthunnaru. Funny on their part. Can’t stop laughing at Them.

        They nither have a plan nor an Agenda…they are just counter agitating…..Telangana vallaki anyayam jaruguthundanta vallaki nyayam cheyandi ani Munde udyamam chesunte bagundedhi….but their agitations are self centric…they only bother about their interest. Ippudu Valla Ministers & MLA’s Resign chesina prayojanam vundadhu ani vallaki thelusu. Still they are demanding resignations.

        Lagadapati is openly saying that he will buy all MP’s…. We have to see if Andhra MP’s will be successful in buying other MP’s to vote against Telangana Bill.

        “Dharmam Gelusthunda leka Adharmam Gelusthunda chudali ee kaliyugamlo.”

        One thing is for sure now….There is some serious problem with them. they were kicked out of Madras and now from Hyderabad. The History will haunt them like nightmare for generations from now on.

        Jai Telangana.

  30. srinivas konne says:

    Hello every one!!

    I am srinivas nenu putti pergindi karim nagar lo. ippdu working hyd lo undedi begumpet lo.
    I want to share a inciedent happend recently(july 3rd) after tealanagana anouncement.

    A andhra girl whi is living beside my flat is talking on phone.

    She is saying” Hyd madi memu vachi mimmalni develop chesam. Hyd ni vadile parasakte ledu .

    Andra ante telugu talli. So ippudu meru telangana vallu kada meru telugu matldoddu..

    Telangana vaallaki telugu matlade right ledu meru inkedina basha matlaukondi.

    Asalu me bashenti ala untundi chandalanga .
    Chi….Telanaga..a peru vintene naku kamparamostundi. I hate Telangana.

    ila arustune vndi….Asalu ela matladutundante..valla intlanuchi techi manalni develop chsinatu.
    E matalu vintuna naku bp rise ai thittanu…apudu phne cut chesi muskoni vellipoindi.

    Appudu nakanpinchindi asalu oka andra kukka $%^& matladaniki bashe ledu anadam enti…asalu ma telangana vallaku matladdiniki bashe leda ani.

    So e andhra vallu epudu mararu..valla manasulo mana meda visham kakkutune vuntaru
    vallani kattubattalato tarimi kodite tappa.

    E problem ki solution ledu.

    • vijayshree says:

      Dear Srinivas Konne,

      Yes, my sister reported similar discussions coming from her neighbour’s flat in in the same lines as your Andhra neighbour..

      Telangana is a dirty word for them and they hate it, that where they live at Hyderabad, the state will be called Telangana.

      And they are so loud not even caring about we listening to them.

      Contrast it to my sister’s husband who worked for a long period in Vizag and speaks in Andhra dialect, he would ask my sister to lower her voice when talking about Andhra people. When my sister pointed to her neighbour’s talk, he had to take back his word of caution.

      First, we should shed our shy attitude, and start being assertive, then only they will change theirs, to being more mellowed down.

      We don’t need to throw them out, we should make them throw out their arrogant attitude. Yes, if such people leave, it is good for us, but since I know they will not, we will at least make sure they shed their disgusting attitude.

      They will, once they are made to understand that we will not tolerate such morbid and rabid kind of talk.

      They will never comprehend the greatness of our culture but it is enough, if we are aware of it and tell them in clear terms, take it or leave it, this is how it is going to be, if they wish to stay in Telangana.

      Jai Telangana!

    • soonya says:

      Ask her if she ever heard of Potana. And ask her if she can read and understand Potana Bhagavatam. If she can’t she has no right to claim that she knows Telugu.

      Most of their Telugu is a contaminated, bastardized Tinglish with some vachaadu poyaadu types.

      Karimnagar, Warangal, Adilabad Telugu sounds so sweet. There is so much more Telugu and if Telugu will survive as a language it will because of Telangana.

      We need to be patient, in just a few years they will destroy whatever little Telugu they have. If they have to learn they may have to come to Telangana.

      Carefully listen to their Telugu or their channels. How much Telugu is in their Telugu?

      They need to feel ashamed and we need to feel proud.

      They were so arrogant that they thought the idea of Telangana would never materialize. They are going through a shock right now and are still in denial mode. Unfortunately their useless politicians did not prepare them for it. I can only pity them right now. But sense should dawn on them, if not they will feel alien here as much they made us feel alien and low. It is for them to figure out whether to stay here or be where they can bitch about Telangana.

      Why neighbors? Listen to all the bloody FM channels – they all speak the KGB language with so much English in them.

      Learn to laugh my friend. Have you seen the United Andhra brothers flexis they carry as banners in their meaningless movement? They call it Samaikhyandra – there is no word called ‘aikhya’ – it is ‘aikya’. All these bleeding hearts cannot even spell Telugu properly! Kya bolna – naadan ki naadaani per hasna. Uttaaich!

  31. rajkumar says:

    Dear all seemandhrites Telugu is a corrupted lot. Some of the words they use are really irritating like Wateru, fooddu, beddu, whereas our language is assimilative giving due respect to other languages, culture, heritage. People from many parts of India have made this region their home. In Kagaznagar I have seen a Bengali colony who identify themselves with the ethos and sentiments of Telangana. Long live Telugu language, Long live Telangana, Jai Telangana

  32. abhiram says:

    Dear brothers , telugu language belongs to everyone . only slang might be different . Dont feel inferior in speaking our slang . I feel Telugu Cinemas had lot of impact on mindset of people. They portrayed telangana speaking people as villains and comedians .It had large impact on ppl . Media channels and News channels also play a key role in establishing language . More channels , Movies and Newspapers in Telangana would definately rediscover our culture and language .

    • vijayshree says:

      Dear Abhiram,

      Movies had a role to play in that they portrayed and gave credence to what was already there in their minds.

      Instead of trying to embrace, the people’s culture and language, they only embraced the free land that was given to them, to build studios and they further encroached on lot more lands and to a large extent became the force behind many real estate business ventures which in turn have acted as the main lobby point for stalling Telangana.

      Movie industry has played a starring villain’s role in Telangana and we will not forget that easily.

      Hope telangana movies will come up and government provides financial support to them, till they find their own feet and we should also patronize them, if made well, which I am sure, given the talent, will be the case.

      Thanks abhiram, for sharing your thoughts. No shying away anymore from speaking our dialect and speaking it to their faces.

      Jai Telangana!

  33. DesiInCT says:

    Wow … these are really touching stories. Its unbelievable how they can treat children like that! I pray to god that these type of experiences do not happen to even our enemies.

    I want to share some positive experience to lighten up this heavy reading. I grew up in a inner part of Hyderabad and attended convent schools, we had tenants from Andhra region and their kids were our friends and we all grew up together, I have to admit my friends really assimilated with us, they used to speak in Andhra dialect in their house and in Telangana dialect with us. We ate in each other’s houses and celebrated all the festivals together, they enjoyed flying kites with us during patangula panduga than visit their native place.

    • vijayshree says:

      Thanks DeslinCT,

      We are all here to catechize the demons of our past and see that, no children ever experience these kind of incidents again.

      You have given a rare glimpse, yours is the third, positive comment I have seen,here. And I am glad you shared it with us, we do not wish to go witch hunting, we only wish to shame the people who have indulged in such behaviour.

      And also stress that the same people who behaved in such abominable manner are also, shouting loudest, that their lives are under threat from us and that, they are feeling insecure.

      Going by the past, we should be the ones putting them in the dock but we will let bygones be bygones, if they tone down their inflated egos a bit and start acting human.

      Deslin, your tenants are lucky that they had you, as owners and had been good enough to reciprocate your warmth.

  34. adarsh says:

    Hi…m from siddipeta,born n raised there,my andra frnds call me siddipeta adarsh,coz everyone know how much i love siddipeta,n my father is a man fighting for telangana,rasamayi balakishan….i feel proud whenever they call me siddipeta adarsh,but got to know later that they r making fun of me,i got angry,sakkaga poyna,gaala dagarki,malla gitla evadanna nannu gatla annaro,manchigundadhi,i spoke to them in a bit of anger,they got to know my power of my telangana language,they feared alot from that dae to me…later on everyone respected me,my telangana frnds loved me alot,coz i never felt shy to speak my language infront of the externals too…my external in xam asked me are u from karimnagar or medak,i said siddipeta saaru,he loved me for my language n gave me full marks,n later on got to know that he was from karimnagar…every telanganite love his telanagana people….i was happy alot from dat time,thanx telangana to be a part of u,i loved every thing u gave me,the language,the games like shirra-gone,goteelu etc etc,food everyhig,i wish telangana shouldnt be changed till my next birth

    • vijayshree says:

      Hello Adarsh,

      Thanks for sharing your experience here. I think that’s the way to go, talk to them with confidence and they will mellow down, quickly..

      The more we try to please them, the more they think they are correct in their behaviour. It took us a long time to realize that, but now I am sure no telanganite is ready to be put down.

      They won’t accept that Telangana is a beautiful place, bestowed with nature’s bounty. When I would tell them, that it is so, they would only look in disbelief.

      Two of their districts are named after Godavari, so they think, the river originates there, so abysmal is their knowledge of anything.

      I used to think, yes as long as they don’t come and spoil the beauty of the place, I don’t really care about what they thought of it.

      They would insist that there are no water bodies in Telangana, that is why it is backward. The same people who had encroached fertile lands near water rich areas, come and lie here, that there is no water in Telangana.

      Their self perpetuated myths have been used all these years, to establish their hegemony over us.

      Now, they are reluctant to let go of it, Telangana is a beautiful place, which they have only colonized, if they had assimilated with us, there would not have been any problem.

      Right from top to bottom, from CM to the common man, only pretensions, and denial of the truth, seems to be the norm.

      And that is allowing them to fall victim to the mass hysteria generated by their leaders and electronic media. No sane voice can reach them, when they closed their minds to anything but these myths.

      We will get on with our lives and rebuild everything, Yes, Adarsh, I feel very glad that we are from Telangana. Proud of our parents and our ancestors, what they gave us, was invaluable.

      Jai Telangana!

  35. sprihasingidi says:

    this humiliation is a universal experience..but our parents with their big hearts ignored them but we have learnt to give them back…thanks to the movement! sometimes i feel is it true…whether our dream has really culminated into reality. our victory is not ours alone it is a victory for every culture,region,people who are exploited,humiliated and taken advantage of! veellu british valla tatalu. monna oka kadaplaku muggu pette vaadu andhra vaadu itlane modalu pettindu idanta develop chesindi lekapote ikkada vaallanta gudda goshi pettukoni paani puri ammevvallu ani..kaani vaadi meedaki maa atta ,amma nenu pillalu okkasaari egabadevaraku parrar ayindu…ippatiki vaallu maraledu maararu ..KCR annattu veellu lankalo rakshasule mana usuru teesetanduku puttindru!
    last 4 yrs were so painful enni saarlu baadha paaddamo..students chacchipote kooda paisalku chacchinaaru ani chillara ga maatlade vaallanu emanaale!maa nanna maatrmu ee kopamanta state vacchintarvata rebuilding lo chupinchaali antaru.adi nijame kaani kadupu masilite maatrm eppatikappudu vaalla dummudulupaale..mana manchitaname manala munchindi..

    koti telugula bangaru konda kinda
    parachukunnatti sarassu lopala vasinchi
    proddu prodduna andaala poolu pooyu
    naa telangana talli kanjaata valli


    • vijayshree says:

      Yes Spriha, even my colleagues would often talk cheaply about the students suicides, they would say that TRS people light fire after dousing them with petrol. My first reaction used to be that of shock, that people can actually get such degrading thoughts. They would say it so confidently, as if it happened before their eyes and I used to find it difficult not to get provoked into a battle.

      And these people are otherwise normal, but somehow Telangana brings out a monster within them. A monster which has grown, fed on lies passed from each generation. And they think KCR has brought the monster out of very docile people like us.

      I decided that to co-exist with these people, it is better not to talk about Telangana and to only react, if they bring about any argument and to speak the way, we want to.

      Whatever they might say, they had to agree to one point- that we never give our word, without intending to keeping it, unlike them.

      They more often than not give a word, without having any intention of keeping it and they don’t trust anybody coz of that.

      What we are seeing on their leadership level also, is the same thing getting reflected, say yes, to telangana with an intention of changing it at their convenience.

      Mana Telangana, yeppudu koti ratanala veene, The more they have tried to darken it, the brighter it came out shining for all of us.

      Jai Telangana!

  36. srinivaskonne says:

    Because of these investers movement what if govt takes backstep on HYD to make it as permanent combined capital or make it as special zone like Delhi..

    Do we have any other major city like HYD in telangana…?
    It will look like Desert..Their real intention is also this to happen…

    Definitly the domination of these ppl will increase on us than before.
    Then what will be our future….?

    • vijayshree says:

      Dear Srinivas Konne,

      We will not accept anything short of Telangana with Hyderabad as its capital and with complete control over it.

      All these dramas are leading to some kind of an image being created that these people are in real need of security, in Hyderabad. Have to watch out for the cabinet note being drafted, even I am having apprehensions especially after yesterday’s debate that the status of Hyderabad is something they are going to tinker with, unless we show a lot of resistance to it.

      As far as I know there are settlers all over Telangana, not just in Hyderabad, so why are they harping only on hyderbad settlers? Are they giving us license to do as we wish with those in other parts of Telangana?

      Until now their charges are unproven and they have twisted KCR’s genuine statement concerning the employees, to suit their interests and are saying that he is asking all seemandhra people to leave.

      The only way to arm twist congress is to threaten it that, it will not get any seats here, if it tries to cater to these false apprehensions. And also make it absolutely clear that these insecurities are unfounded and should not be taken into account.

      • Kanthi says:

        Hyderabad hamara tha,hamara hai, hamara rahega.

        How can a bunch of Seemandhrites decide the fate of Hyderabad? The voice of crores of people is nothing in front of a a gang of businessmen/politicians?

        Why don’t Seemandhrites fight for a new capital? They are missing a golden chance

  37. Prakash says:

    Also, when Madras state was formed after separation from Andhra, the Teluguites took it for granted that the residual Madras state would be a bi-lingual state, having both Tamil and Telugu as official languages. But it was not to be, thanks to efforts of Arignar Anna.

    Tamil Nadu(back then Madras state) was forced to be bi-lingual till end of 1960s, in the garb of Madras state. And it was only in 1969, the name of Madras State was renamed Tamil Nadu. It seems there were protests from Telugu-ites living in Tamil Nadu when name change was proposed and implemented , and there were attempts to scuttle the renaming in Parliament by Telugu MPs, in collusion with North Indian MPs.

    In fact, it took more than a decade for the state to rename itself from Madras to Tamil Nadu, because of the (botched) attempts of Andhraites , who colluded with the North Indian politicians to prevent the renaming.

    You can refer to the debates in the above link , about how these guys like Pattabhiraman, Lingam and all try to portray Madras State as a bilingual, even trilingual province, whereas their Andhra state was supposed to be only for Telugus !

    Of course, now Tamilisation has been forced on the Telugus, who formed about 20% of the population, in Tamil Nadu to prevent any future claims to territories by them in Tamil Nadu. This had to be done to preserve Tamil Nadu in it’s current form. The Reddy here in Tamil Nadu are called Reddiar, Naidu as Naicker , Madigas as Arunthathiyar(all castes Tamilised). Right now, only 5% claim to be Teluguites, claiming Seemandhra ancestry, in Tamil Nadu.

    What needs to be done in the new Telangana state, if formed, is to Telanganaise the Andhra population, else they will be a perennial thorn in the flesh ! If nothing is done to this effect, they will impose Andhra Telugu as the official language of Telangana, and deny Telangana it’s rightful place.

    • vijayshree says:

      What you have written is so relevant to our current struggle and so many things need to be learnt from it.

      They did have quite a fight with you, if only our people knew who they were dealing with, may be they would have fought harder, to prevent the merger in 1956. The fate of Telangana, was destined to go through much misery through merger with them.

      Our people were so naïve, even more so at that time and these people so crooked, they have been drinking our blood like vampires.

      The rest of India has never had any kind of experience with them, so they live without realizing our troubled times, but I am glad Prakash, that you came in here, to post your thoughts on Tamil Nadu’s history.

      We are unevenly matched here, with everyone asking us to exercise restraint, while their government is running the movement for them.

      In the end though we will win through our own strength and we will have to keep a lot of things in mind, while dealing with them. Going soft with them, will never work.

      Thank you once again, for sharing your thoughts here.

  38. Srinivas Konne says:


    Today i read an article in FB which was shared by one of collegue from andhra.
    You can read this on my timelines in searching srinu konne(analyst at Factset)

    Accordong to this Hyd belongs not only belongs to Telangana but Rayalaseem , Andhra as well.
    By the time of contruction of these old monuments like charminar, golkonda…other ppl from Rayalaseem an Andhra were also paying it belongs to all..

    can any one…give true picture on this…?

    • Srinivas Konne says:

      The articale name is
      “5 mindblowing facts about Hyd that you never knew”

      • Kanthi says:

        Did you ask them how many people from Seemandhra fought against Nizam? Did you ask them how many fought against Razakars? If they bluff they did, please ask them why we don’t read about them in the text books. When they can make tall claims about Prakasam and Potti Sri Ramulu, why don’t they have any names that fought against Nizam?

        The truth is they think they can twist history forever. Now they will share the link(that you have mentioned) and keep on parrotting about it and yelling loudly about their claims. The innocent Telanganites will start believing it to be true.

    • vijayshree says:

      Dear Srinivas Konne,

      For preserving your sanity, don’t believe in your Andhra friends propaganda, they are nuts. They will say that they even own the shirt on you, after some time.

      Just ignore them.

      Jai Telangana

      • telugu says:


        the above links clearly show that nizam gave on lease the rayalaseema districts and sold away the coastal districts to britishers.had he not done so,erstwhile hyderabad state would also have included present day seemandhra districts also

        further proof:
        if u want to ask for seperate telangana, please carry on.but kindly ackowledge history
        puchalapalli sundarayya who was an important person in telangana armed struggle was from nellore district

        • vijayshree says:

          We will acknowledge history after we do our own research on it, if what you said is found correct, we will accept it, but we will not accept history which has been tweaked to your interests and a history which is irrelevant to us.

          Nizm’s giving away those lands is irrelevant to our struggle. People don’t become a part of something just by sharing in the same territory for some intervening years. Even parts of Maharashtra and Karnataka were part of Nizam’s hyderabad state, they went and joined their respective states later and mind you, they did not fight for Hyderbad when they left.

          We still have a lot of influence of Marathi culture on us and in northern parts of Telangana, Marathi is spoken and understood in districts of adilabad and nizamabad.

          So, what I am saying is when we did not have a problem with people speaking in different languages, and we lived with them for hundreds of years, why are we having it with same language speaking people.

          That is because of the arrogant attitude assumed by your people and you have only yourselves to blame for it.

          Telangana people having grown in a different culture were known for their kindness and welcoming nature, but it was only exploited relentlessly to convert into some kind of a colony for supply of resources to seemandhra and the result can be seen by all of us, personally, who have kept visiting different areas of Telangana.

          Kanthi only wanted to know, why no one of our telangana side is found worth a mention in our history text books, while guys who were irrelevant to us were glorified in it.

          I have always felt a total disconnect with what we read in our text books, when I knew I was not reading about our history but someone else’s.

          I am telling this again, you came as strangers to our land, and remained strangers to it without embracing the people or culture that you came into. Instead you behaved like conquerors and tried to force everything of yours on us.

          I don’t want to go deeper into it, but I can only say that very few of you can lay claim to integrating with Telangana and the remaining of you came as strangers and will always be strangers to us, unless you choose to embrace in the state of Telangana, what will be the all pervasive culture of Telangana.

    • soonya says:

      Lot of Indians do pay taxes when working in US. Does that allow the Indians to claim the city?

      I am sure there are Indians in UK who have been paying taxes. Do we claim London? Or can we? Many Indians died (probably more than the British) in world wars that UK fought. Since Indians died for the country does that country belong to Indians? Even today the British Army has a regiment/troops from Gurkhas. And Gurkhas are a part of India. Can India claim London?

      Dr. Chitnis was touched by the war against the Japanese Imperialists in China by Mao and his rag tag army and served the people of China. Does that allow Maharastrians to demand Beijing?

      Netaji and the INA fought along with the Japs against the British, and many Indians died in the fight – does that allow us to claim Tokyo?

      • telugu says:

        im not talking about taxes,property sharing etc.
        im saying only one thing-telugus were together under single ruler/kingdom EVEN BEFORE 1956.
        there are historical proofs for that.
        thats all

  39. Telugu guy says:

    Telugu is a sweet language. It is a living language that is evolving continuously. All dialects of telugu are equally sweet. I have friends and colleagues who speak different forms of telugu spoken by different parts of India. I can tell you that each of their dialects are as sweet as honey.

    I heard Telugu of Telangana, Ralayaseema, Costal Andhra, Karnataka, Chennai, Madurai, Neyveli, Kharagpur (West Bengal), Brahmapur (Orissa). I can tell you that each of them have a different sweetness and flavour. When I speak to them in telugu, I try to speak close to what they speak in their homes. I have seen them reciprocate by trying to pick up some words and speak close to the way I speak.

    What I said above can be felt by my telugu brothers and sisters.

    We can be different but still stand united against others who try to manipulate our feelings. “Others” have always been jealous about our strong feeling for telugu language and culture. They try to divide us.

    As a language and culture all telugus are same. Some of us migrated here and there. Some migrated several centuries ago. But we never disowned our identity as telugu people.

    I mention that I am witness to the so called “tamilized telugus” speaking highly and proudly about their telugu roots and how they maintained and continue to maintain their telugu identity though several centuries have passed since their fore fathers migrated. They will speak in telungu to you if you speak in telugu to them. The Naickers will always tell you that they are telugu and their ancestors ruled tamilnadu.

    Before you try to guess my region, I am from telangana and studied and worked at different parts of India.

    I respect the feelings of telugu people who wish to have separate states for their regions. The telangana region is very backward since many centuries and it is fine to have a separate state if it helps to improve the standard of living of people.

    I cannot agree that my language is separate from telugu. It is telugu with a different flavour. I don’t want to give different name to it. Let it be telugu. Lets stay united as telugu people. United we stand. Divided we fall.

    “Lets enjoy the jealousies of others who cannot see us stand together as one telugu speaking brothers and sisters”.

    Pardon if any one hurts or makes joke of your telugu dialect, because by pardon you become superior.

    • vijayshree says:

      Which district of Telangana are you from? I have read all the comments posted here and everything sounded heart felt and many were heart tugging, but yours I feel is so full of duplicity, as if it is not coming from your heart but aimed at someone who was kind enough to support Telangana even if he did not belong to this place.

      If you are aiming all your barbs at Prakash, kindly take them back as I don’t believe a word of what you had written.

      Telangana movement has given us enough wisdom to sift through lies and find out the truth.

      The very fact that you are saying telugu culture is the same speaks of your intent. Telangana culture is very different from that of Andhra culture and you have not spoken even a single nice thing about Telangana, while you are waxing eloquent on telugu culture.

      I have heard a few voices of Andhra who have embraced telangana, and they truly reflected what should have been the proper telugu culture worth praising. Tejesh, Santosh, Srinivas, Tharun were the real telugu people who loved Telangana for what it stood for and were open about having become a part of it.

      Your’s is so full of deceit as if you are playing it for the galleries, rather than coming from the heart.

      I am sorry you only had an opposite effect on us, yes, I will pardon anyone who had ridiculed us, not because I want to be superior but coz I am a human being and not some degraded soul who masquerades as a human.

      Telangana, our Telangana was and is always unique and has nothing to do with other dialects which only sought to impose theirs on the others, as being the only one deemed worth speaking.

      You who may not have heard of songs sung by women in the villages when at work in the fields, or of all the bathukamma songs, will never understand the beauty of Telangana and therefore will never be part of it.

      Even if you are from Telangana, I don’t think you can ever be called a Telangana person, when there is so much of hypocrisy within you.

      When Telangana suffered, we grieved that this nation has turned us into an orphan and would not hear or understand our cries for help, but when I saw Prakash’s comments, I felt that at least he made up, for what the rest of the country did to Telangana.

      Telangana is not just telugu, but it has Urdu, gond and Marathi words and is richer for it, anyone can be called Telangana, if they understand its true nature and contribute and become part of it. I don’t want a pseudo Telangana who will only want Telugu to be cut off from other languages and proclaim the greatness of such a Telugu.

      Telangana is different, and that Telangana will never proclaim its greatness, greatness will come calling on it. Telangana is like Mother Nature and only those who are close to earth will understand it, not those who keep destroying earth in the name of greed and a non existent brotherhood of a completely different races.

      You cannot even know the real Telangana, not even in your dreams can you hope to peep at it, because your brains are clogged with something called the oneness of Telugu culture and that is only making you speak half truths and barely concealed hatred towards other language people.

      You are just anti-thesis of Telangana and I would not like to have anyone speaking like this, again under this article.

      Jai Telangana!

    • Prakash says:

      Dear Telugu guy,

      I’m from Tamil Nadu, and most of my friends are Tamilised Telugus from Rajapalayam and Srivilliputhur. In fact, my best friend as a Tamil Nadu Telugu. Virudhunagar district in Tamil Nadu is a Telugu majority district FYI. To them, Telugu is just a language spoken at home. They identify themselves more with Tamilians than Teluguites. Having studied in a Central level University, I know of the fact that when groups were formed in colleges according to their state, Telugu speakers from Tamil Nadu always wanted to be identified as Tamils than Telugus . Why don’t these people fight for Samaikyandhra then if the feeling of Telugu unity exists ?

      Omandurar Ramaswamy Reddiar was a Teluguite who fought for rights of Tamils. He demanded inclusion of Chitoor and Nellore districts into Tamil Nadu, if Andhras demanded Madras. Where is the Telugu unity here ? If he was supportive of Andhraites demand to include Madras, he should have joined Prakasam and co and demanded Madras city to be part of Andhra, but he was protesting for Madras city to be part of Madras state ?

      Then there was P S Kumaraswamy Raja, another Teluguite from Tamil Nadu , who always fought for the Tamils, not Teluguites and was always against Prakasam and co. So where is this Telugu unity you are talking about ? Why go that far, the greatest leader of Tamils today, Vaiko is a Teluguite, do you know that ? He fights for the rights of Tamils more than anyone else does in Tamil Nadu.

      Also, did you know Rayalaseema wanted to be part of Madras State , than be with Coastal Andhra ? There again Coastal Andhra had a forced pact in the name of Sribagh pact to forcefully merge Rayalaseema with Coastal Andhra (Sribagh is the name of the estate in Chennai where the agreement was signed . The estate was owned by Balusu Sambamurthy). The concession given to Rayalaseema was to have a capital in it’s region . That is the reason why Kurnool was made the capital of Andhra state. So, where is the unity in this, if at all stages , this unity had to be reinforced through pacts ? And the same was done with Telangana in the name of Gentlemen’s agreement and 6 point formula.

      If Telugu is a unifying factor according to you, why do you discriminate Telangana people ? I have seen it with my own eyes , in my workplace . Where is the Telugu unity ? If this discrimination and humiliation of fellow Teluguites from Telangana is the type of unity you want to show in the name of Telugu unity, then definitely I’m not and won’t be jealous of such a unity. In fact, noone will be jealous of such an artificially forged unity !

      Unity is not something which comes just through language, it is an emotional feeling. You think Tamil Nadu is just made of Tamils ? There are Kannadigas and Badagas in Nilgiris and Erode, Teluguites are present in almost all districts except Kanyakumari, Malayalis are there in Kanyakumari and Sencottai, Saurashtrian language is spoken in Madurai(this is the only place on earth where the language still survives, the language died at the hands of Gujaratis in it’s homeland , Saurashtra), Marathi is the second most spoken language in Thanjavur for centuries(wiki Thanjavur Marathis). Gujaratis and Marwaris have their own settlement in Chennai called Sowcarpet and have been here for centuries. And the unity which was forged among these people were not based on language alone, but with mutual respect for each other’s culture and customs. In fact, my father tells me , centuries back, we may have been Telugu speakers. So why don’t I have the feeling of Telugu unity, which you supposedly possess ?

      Even the Telangana state which is going to be formed , hopefully will be multi-cultural and take into account the aspirations of Kannadigas, Marathis, Urdu and other tribal language speakers who have been part of the region for centuries !

    • Prakash says:

      Sorry, the Sribagh pact was signed in the house of Kashinathuni Nageshwara Rao, not Balusu Sambamurthy’s house, as I had mentioned earlier. Sribagh is an estate present in Mylapore(Thirumayilai), Chennai. Apologies for the wrong information.

      Interestingly, “Mylapore” is significant to Andhraites and Tamilians in more than one way.

      1) Potti Sriramulu , who fought for rights of Andhraites over Chennai, was born in Mylapore.

      2) Mylapore Ponnuswamy Sivagnanam(Ma Po Si), who fought for rights of Tamilians over Chennai, was born in Mylapore.

      3) Sribagh pact which was to give substance to a separate Andhra state was signed in Mylapore.

      4) Potti Sriramulu undertook his fast in Balusu Sambamurthy’s house, which again was in Mylapore.

      Mylapore was THE PLACE which determined the destiny of the Tamilians and Andhraites !

    • soonya says:

      Language is only one of the conditions of a sense of commonness. But there is culture as Prakash tried to share.

      I (was born in a Hindu family) feel more comfortable with a Hyderabadi Muslim rather than a guy from Rajahmundry. Though both of us speak a different language at home. We feel that we are Hyderabadis.

      If language is the sole criterion, then the US people should not have fought against the British! And most of the folks who are dominant in US are WASPs – white Anglo Saxon Protestants! Even religion cannot bind people. If it were true, Bangladeshis ought not to have fought against Pakistanis!

      If what you say is so simple and true, why did the Dalits in Chunduru and Karamchedu get butchered in the most heinous manner by other Telugu speaking people? Or the recent murder of Dalits in Srikakulam? How do you explain it?

      I think the idea of language based unity and identity is a mythical one. A wishful one. Mostly an infantile one at that. There is more to an identity.

      Culture is a larger construct which influences the identity. Our friends from Andhra are like the British. They keep themse;ves separately, they protect their identity (nothing wrong with it) and do not either borrow or offer to the local culture.

      The Mughals unlike other Muslim invaders, came here, settled, married locally, added to the local cuisine, customs, music, dance, language and also borrowed so much from the local flavors to enrich themselves while they kept their Muslimness.

      They never yearned or pined for the land that they left, except what you find in some rantings of Babur who felt that the pomegranates that he grew up with were better! They did not look for brides from where they came from. Nor did they take anything back to be invested from where they came from. Nor did they make trips during ‘holidays’ back to where they came from. They truly integrated with this country.

      Similarly many people came to Hyderabad state, city and enriched the local culture and enriched their own culture – co-holding both the identities in such a balance, it created a syncretic and a beautiful confluence of cultures which we cherish/ed in Hyderabad state/city.

      Except our Telugu friends from the other side of Godavari and Krishna.

      The first ones, some greats like Adivi Bapiraju and many others even learnt Urdu and contributed to a magazine called Meezan! Not the political ones, and the later migrants. Instead of merging they tried to submerge – that’s why there is resentment all around.

      In 70’s the migrants from Andhra, I distinctly remember used to make fun of us in Hyderabad – saying you folks are Telugu but why do you speak in Urdu/dakhni when you speak to other Telugu friends? That’s the local culture. Urdu is as beautiful if not more than Telugu. You cannot express in other languages as much as you can in Urdu! Especially nuanced and delicate thoughts! I’m sure you will be hurt if I quoted a saying from Hyderabad, ‘Gadhe ku kya maloom Zaffrani ka maza’!

      It does not mean that I did not value Telugu, I was taught to write ‘chandobaddhamaina’ poetry in Telugu!

      Hope you get the sense.

      • telugu says:

        “Nor did they make trips during ‘holidays’ back to where they came from. They truly integrated with this country.”
        whats wrong in that brother?
        people from towns and villages who have settled in cities, during festivals they go back to their native sure even telangana people do that.
        andhulo meeku thappuga em kanipistundo artham kavatledhu?

        “They did not look for brides from where they came from.”

        if ur target is andhra migrants in the above statement, i differ with you.i know many andhra telangana marriages.most of them again are arranged ones, not love sure not many arranged marriages of telangana people with gujarathis/marvaris/sindhis.

        as far as i know NRIs enter into allainces mostly with Indians only that too with their community people mostly.if tommorow, americans
        ,britishers say the same about us, then?

        “Our friends from Andhra are like the British. They keep themse;ves separately, they protect their identity (nothing wrong with it) and do not either borrow or offer to the local culture.”

        in all countries, peoples of other countries have their associations and meetings.
        in all states of India, people of other states have their assocations and meetings.why you are specifically pointing at andhras only brother???

        • Prakash says:

          You missed the entire point , didn’t you ?

          What soonya wanted to say is the Muslims who came over to Hyderabad made contributions to the Telangana culture , and also absorbed certain elements of Telangana culture, whereas Andhra people who came over to Telangana tried to suppress the local culture, and tried to impose theirs on Telangana people.

          Exchange and respect between cultures should be mutual. When one tries to dominate the other, it becomes imperialism, which has been the case here !

          Your argument on the lines of ..”Even they do that.. even we do that…” doesn’t hold any water here. Rather it is a line of argument taken by those who want to deflect attention from the main points being talked about !

          The main crux of the argument is people from Andhra region never really respected the Telangana culture, and tried to portray themselves as being on a “civilizing mission” in Telangana, rather than being equal partners !

          • Prakash says:


            The fact is Biharis and Gujarathis are not part of the state called Andhra Pradesh. Their roots lie elsewhere. But you guys are supposed to be part and parcel of a state called Andhra Pradesh, yet don’t respect the culture and tradition of Telanganaites, who are part of the same state , which is the point of contention here.

        • soonya says:

          I guess you choose to miss the point. One can wake up a person who is sleeping, but not the one who is pretending to sleep.

          The problem is when migrants do not mingle and do not own up there is a problem. Both for the inviting culture and the migrant.

          I learnt from Prakash’s posts, that there were many Telugu’s though they spoke Telugu at home, stood for the Tamil culture since they felt they are part of the Tamil culture where they grew up and built their identity.

          I humbly wish to state that there is a difference between the mythical unified Telugu identity and Telangana identity. If I migrate to another place, I try to learn, respect and meld with the local culture.

          How many Andhra’s in Hyderabad celebrate Bonalu? How many stay here during Sankranti to fly ‘patanglu’? Obviously many look at it like many Indians look at US – it is a place to make money, but my heart is back in India. Now how will they ever be a part of US? Unless they let go of some part of them and engage with US-ness then they will have white US or black US friends. Not the same Telugu fraternity.

          I know some Indian friends who are in US and who are proud of their Indianness but also meld with US culture, they have American friends, they celebrate with them and are a part of their culture.

          None of them ever feel as a stranger in US. While they keep their identity. But not the ghetto mind-set of many Telugus in US.

          Same is true of many Andhra’s and Seema friends who came or come to Telangana. They never own up, they look at Telangana or Hyderabadi’s as the OTHER and differentiate themselves from the local people. Obviously then one feels alien. If one keeps oneself alienated!

          So the insecurity or the discomfiture is one’s own making.

          Anyways, I invite you to explore than argue, experience than try to defend your arguments. Leave it to you sir.

          Marriages apart and other stuff that you quote.

          • telugu says:

            if ‘melding’ would mean respecting the local language and culture, I agree to that.infact, im a 2nd generation settler cand can speak and understand telangana accent quite well.however, my point is why are only andhras being pointed out?u talked about many biharis and gujarathis in Hyderabad celebrate that/our chief secretary is an Orissa person.before that it was a kerala lady.none of them are being called as “job stealers”only andhras are being called so.once kcr said in a speech “people in kuktapally inspite of staying in telangana don’t vote for trs”.don’t Andhra people have the right even to vote for their choice party???im saying all this in anguish, not as an argument.hope you understand me

          • vijayshree says:

            Dear telugu,

            Did you read all the posts here under this article, right from the beginning, please read and then tell me what do you have to say, to the mental agony we all went through? I want your answer to children being humiliated and subject to traumatic experience coz they are from Telangana by people who have come to our land and speak the same language but with a different dialect.

            I want to know from you, why houses are refused to be rented to Telangana people by andhrites, why we have to face ridicule even if we get to stay in the house owned by andhraites, why even if my dog barks, should it be blamed on it, coming from our being Telangana?

            Why are we called naxalites in our land, an Andhra neighbour stopped a visitor to my house, who was a mutual friend and told the visitor that he should not be friendly with us coz we were naxalites.

            Why do you laugh behind our backs while enjoying our company, why as a child did I have to beg my mother to change the way she spoke, just so that I could be spared from the humiliation and tears of watching Andhra aunties laughing at her language?

            Why, for God’s sake? What in the world makes the devil inside you come out only in case of Telangana?

            Honestly, you answer my questions, then I will answer you. If I was in another country, we should have brought a collective lawsuit against you all, for causing so much of mental trauma to us, a child’s tears will remain through out the life time, it will never disappear.

            Do you know why we are all writing and sharing our pain here, it is just to stop the child deep within us, from continuing to cry. You have no right to abuse a child’s trust and faith. Please ask your questions somewhere else, here if you write, you will have to answer all my questions, because it is for soothing our ruffled hearts that this column is and not for answering yours.

          • telugu says:

            I admit defeat
            jai telangana

          • vijayshree says:

            Dear Telugu,

            Saw your post just now, and got the spirit behind the statement, ‘admit defeat’. But my intention was never to defeat anyone, least of all, you.

            I wish to make it clear that, the only thing I succeeded in doing was, to touch a raw nerve within you, that human chord which binds all of us, to realize what has happened or what I had written about is wrong and should have never happened and should not be repeated.

            That is the victory of the goodness within you and I am happy to that extent, for you. Coz, if somebody had not felt the pain in the comments posted here, that means there is no humanity in them, and it is something to definitely grieve about.

            One of our office assistants was from anantapur, and he would always laugh at my language and I used to get mad and say, he is a factionist. But in the end, I used to help him a lot when he needed it and he never failed to express his gratitude for it.

            I will give you another example, to show who we must fight against, I was working for this Andhra managed company and it had a lot of SEZ lands in coastal districts and these lands are taken from farmers promising them, jobs for their children and adequate compensation or many times forcibly acquired.

            Now, there were many youth who came often to the office, all the way from the WG or EG districts, asking for help for jobs, but you know what, they were abused and driven away.

            Do you think, I would not get angry just because they are from Andhra area, No, when I asked about it, some of the old timers, Andhras employed there said, they are just asking for more money, that is all, they said that, they are black mailing you know. So much for empathy for the fellow district or region people.

            I understood then, that those who cant show it pity on their own region people, what will they show on Telangana people. So much for the business class.

            These people are just money making machines, that is all.

            Both the states will prosper, if we only fight for holding each of our leader accountable for our development. Right now, all the power is in the hands of the money making machines, it is time to snatch it from them.

            We are moving in that direction in Telangana, you must take initiatives to do the same in Seemandhra.

            Thanks for empathizing with our cause.

            Jai Telangana!

        • soonya says:

          You have hit the nail on the head.

          SA people always felt that Hyderabad and therefore Telangana is just a place like US or Dubai – where one goes to make money, but the heart is in India.

          Nothing wrong per se. Like Andhra’s in Chennai or Bangalore. But the people of the state of Telangana were sold an idea that we ought to be a single merged state because we speak the same language in 1956.

          I can empathize with your anguish but cannot agree with the ‘we – they’ syndrome which is the crux of the issue. That’s where SA people never melded but kept them aloof as much as a Bengali – or a Britisher – who have their own associations, own clubs where others do not have entry. Your last statement gives the clue my friend.

          And I suggest that you go through a little more literature which is abundantly available on this site and other places as well. Nobody complained or complains when a Vizag s/w engineer got a job in Google. Same is true for a Punjabi or a Bengali.

          But when government jobs which were to be shared in the ratio of the population, and some jobs and seats in colleges which were to be reserved 85% for the locals – those were and are the laws of the land are violated and you see the reverse to be true, then obviously one would be accused of stealing jobs and seats.

  40. srinivas says:

    amma vijaya sri telangaana biddala ku kooda voice undhani dhanni andhra media thokkina, elaanti vedhikala meedha galam vippavachani meeru chesthunna prayathnam chala abhinadhaneeyam. mana bhasahnu gouravinche sanskruthi , edhutivaadu edhuguthunte orche kshama gunam mana poruguvariku leka povadam duradhrustakaram.
    emaina channalla udyamaniki, chanel la udhyamaaniki polika peduthu vikruthanga aanandhisthunna seemadnra media ku sadbudhi kaluga jeyalani aa dhevunnu korukuntu.
    jai telangaana.

    • vijayshree says:

      Thanks Srinivasgaru,

      Intha manchi mata cheppinanduku. Na bhasha gurinchi naku thelvadanike, chala yellu pattindi, antha bhayankaramga thokki pettundru vallu manalni.

      Mana manchithanamne vallu china chhopu choosi, Danni valla goppathanamga anukunnaru. Kani yenni rojulani thokki pedutharu, yeppudo okasari bayatiki vachinappudu, vallu chesina panulu gurthukachhinappudu, anipasthadi, arre manchithananni gundeko hathukkovali gani, veellu manalni oka banisala kinda marchayedanki jusindru.

      Yide mana akhari poratam kavali, ma laga, mana biddalu yeppudu itla, gosa padaddane, mana, ee Mission Telangana website prayathnam. Yidi rasinankane, naku thelisindhi, andaru Telangana biddale nalagane, gosa paddaru ani, andaru okate ashisthunnaru, mana Telangana ravale, malla yevvaraithe manaku chaduvu radhu, chata gadu, thagubotollu ani annaro, valla moothi meedikeli thanninattu, Telangananu malla manchiga chesukundam.

      Jai Telangana!

  41. sree says:

    So as a Telanganite born and brought up entirely in Hyderabad and now in USA, here goes my experiences. People from andhra feel that their telugu is pure and correct. They fail to understand that the Telangana dialect of Telugu is also a dialect. They behave as if their version of their Telugu is pure and that Telangana dialect is trashy. Till a certain age, I was apprehensive of people knowing the fact that I belong to Telangana region. But then, thanks to KCR, who started this Telangana movement in 2001. I then started realising the greatness of Telangana and from then on i.e from class 9th onwards, I never hesitated to reveal my identity as a Telanganite. I just feel pity of these so called andhras who cannot speak the national language Hindi or far from speaking Hindi, they cannot even understand it correctly. I even hate the way these andhra idiots speak English language with their andhra accent.

    There were some instances in my life, where these dumb andhraites tried to belittle the Telangana slang and insult it, everytime they tired to insult it, I strictly condemned it and infact I used to show them how they cannot even understand anything beyond their style of telugu. I still wonder as to how God created these kind of controversial species.

    Anyways long story short, all Telanganites need to be proud of culture, heritage and never feel lowered by andhraite. The only way we can show them that our culture is far better tah their stupid idiotic culture is attack their culture before they even try to ridicule our culture. Yes, this should be the way of every Telanganite. Start making fun of andhra before they try to make fun of us. We have suffered for 60 years under the andhra imperialistic rule, lets not bear this any more. Our next generation should be proud of our culture and heritage, they should be confident enough to hitback the andhra stupid morons.

    Lets pay the stupid nonsensical chuttiya andhraites in their own coin.

    Jai Telangana, Jai Telangana

    • vijayshree says:

      Dear Sree,

      Till a certain point, we all tried to hide our Telangana identity, so great was the pressure from them to conform to what they thought was the only way to speak a language.

      Even now, I don’t see them changing their stand, they are hoping against hope that somehow, they would be able to get some rights over Hyderabad and will be able to continue with their bullying ways.

      Yes, no one can insult us without our permission, all these days we were groping for the truth and when we finally found it, we will not be quiet until we spread it all around.

      I wish all of us to move on and only draw strength from what was our shared past, it should teach us a lesson on how to defend ourselves and not to be cowed down by anyone trying hard to impose their rotten thoughts of what they think is the ideal, on us.

      Each to their own way of defending, but if you think of attacking their culture before they do it to ours, we must be aware that it might be lead us to our ending up being an image of what they are. But I can say, maybe your experience had thought you to resolve these tensions that way.

      We must make sure that our coming generation or in fact, there are many amongst the present generation who are not geared up to tackle with this sort of bullying tactics and many times the ridicule is in a very subtle way and might come from a person who we think is least likely to indulge in it.

      Always telling them not to repeat these kind of things again, will help us in nipping it in the bud. And as you said counter attacking when they attack our culture also helps, if they come up with some baseless accusations, come up with some truths which we know about their ruling class.

      Like once, this otherwise soft spoken colleague of mine said, your people are always drunk and persisted with it, by saying, they need no reason to daily get drunk, I tried to argue with her in vain, then I counter attacked her by saying, I will agree that we are always drunk, if you own up to your people’s lying and thieving ways.

      There is also no harm in throwing a lot of truths on their face, if you know they are itching for a battle with you. I never hid my opinion on their food in office, and many who prided in their cooking talents had to bite the dust, after tasting our Telangana home cooked food. Then I could preen and say, “See, now, Telangana people are as good as their word.’ I always threw that on their face, our knowing only speaking what is in our heart rather than indulging in double speak like them. They would grudgingly agree on that, ‘See, when Telangana people give their word, they will keep it,’ and I had to forgo a few free lunches for that, but anything for a Telangana word.

      It came to such a pass, that when I left that office, they missed my word a lot specially the food and free snacks and lunches.

      As rightly said, no one like them honestly, and no child should be allowed to go through, what we had gone through. Everyone must learn to talk the way their heart wants to speak.

      As long as I camouflaged my language to please them, I felt as if it was not me, that I was doing play acting, in a way, and only, at home did I feel truly at home, speaking what our fathers and forefathers spoke, sharing in the simple thoughts and desires of our parents, knowing no envy or deceit, we grew up pure in our thoughts and that is the greatness of our Telangana and we should salute its culture, that it kept us pure in heart and that helped us, in growing up into much more wiser people who can see the world in a kinder way and definitely, when we are asked to pass our judgement on people who only thought of purity of their spoken word, rather than purity of the thought behind those words, we can only say, that we pity you, for all the things you missed out on never enjoying the diversity and celebrating variety rather than something as undefinable as purity of language.

      Jai Telangana!

      • sree says:

        Dear Vijayshree,

        Your posts are really thought provoking and provide a rich experience. In my experience so far,I always noticed that one section of people from andhra ( ch batch) are more aggressive than an average andhra person. They tend to believe that they are the best race in India. I never understand as to how one section of people keep believing this false, baseless belief. From my experience I can say that we have to be extra careful when dealing with the above mentioned category people from andhra. They are the biggest hypocrites I have ever seen in my life and I can say that they make money for their living, accumulate good amount of wealth by cheating others in one or the other way. I am sorry if I have gone too far by commenting on them but then I think it is high time that we start addressing this sort of irrational behavior from them. Afterall, why should we hesitate in calling a thief a thief?

        Our next generation should be taught as to how to deal with these people incase if they have to( Hoping that Telangana will be formed by this year end and there will be minimal need to interact with them after formation of separate Telangana).

        Also, I would also like to stress upon some important flaws in our behavior when dealing with andhraites. Some of them are:

        1) Telangana people most of them if not all ( unlike me) tend to bear the insults made by andhraites on Telangana culture and our slang. Not sure, as to why many of them from Telangana have this sort of attitude of soft spoken and saadhu sort of behavior. We should here remember the fact
        that by not hitting back them in this case only adds to the strength of the andhra person. They then further start believing it more than ever before as our behavior itself helps them in believing so.

        All I would say in this case is yes we should be tolerant to an extent but not beyond that. Never tolerate any single abuse from their side and we should leave this “chalo janne do ji” kind of attitude.

        2) Many people here would have experienced that andhraites tend to help another andhraite at any cost irrespective of caste, religion. They have such
        strong unity between them and this is primarily one of the reasons as to how they could succeed in stealing resources of our region, stealing our jobs, water and what not everything.
        And when it comes to unity between our Telanagana people, I hardly see any unity among ourselves. Our culture has taught us to see everyone equally irrespective of language,caste and so on but we need to have different approach when dealing with these andhra morons. If we cannot have unity among ourselves, we cannot progress and we cannot gain self rule.

        3) Stop watching tollywood movies. Do not encourage them at all. I always feel so sad by watching some telugu movies in which Telangana slang is ridiculed to the core. I fail to understand as to why Telangana people still tend to watch these movies and be fans of andhra actors.

        It is the fault of our Telanagana people that they have little self respect for themselves to the extent that some one is making fun of us in films and we still watch their films and praise those actors.

        People may ask me that they do not have any other entertainment other than films. But there are many other alternatives. Watch Hindi films, English films. Infact those films are much better than the dumb tollywood films. Yes
        our protest should be in many forms not just in the form of Udhyamam. Do not encourage any single product / service offered by andhraites. Stop watching the tollywood and it would hit them very hard in a direct way.

        • vijayshree says:

          Thanks Sree,

          We have constantly tried to put it across through various channels, that we should shun Tollywood movies, but the response has been cold, excepting for a few, no one is really as deeply bothered as we are.

          Seriously, I am glad I grew up on a staple of hindi and English movies rather than telugu, where is the quality in it, that we have to really encourage it, I don’t understand…At least in olden days, there were some social and folklore themes, but now it is nothing but trash..

          This is the reality, Sree, that it is difficult to break the telugu movie habit, may be if we come up with an alternate telangana movies and deccani movies, and provide encouragement, we can slowly see a change, but until then we will only hit a wall, as far as movies are concerned.

          Yes, I have seen some people have a chaltha hai attitude, and only giggle and bear such humiliations. This only encourages them, to take it, to other people. If all of us cut them off, then they will not repeat.

          We are not against anyone, it is their attitude that we want to strike at, not them. If we see a change in their attitude, we will be the happiest and will always welcome them.

          I just got a call from an Andhra muslim, she said congratulations on getting Telangana, and I felt very happy. She told me that she could not go to their hometown for ramzan on account of bus strike and said, when Telangana decision cannot be reversed, they are unnecessarily agitating and causing everyone inconvenience. I told her, Rajahmundry will see a huge development in every terms and she agreed.

          And she was one amongst many who would insist, that Telangana will never be formed, she is a good person, and she soon, saw how different I was from the rest of their own region people and always thinks well of me.

          And some of our Telangana people have not been interested in the struggle until the reality came to hit them, in terms of denied jobs and denied educational opportunities and this answers your point on why there is no unity, it is because, they did not feel affected either way, initially but when it did, then I could say,’Now , you know why we raise our voice for Telangana’. People have gradually become materialistic even on our side, with the realty boom, the change came, as every price skyrocketed and land became expensive, people are no longer the simple folk we knew them to be.

          That is why KCR concentrated on showing what in the end Telangana will look like, in terms of jobs and educational opportunities etc..Believe me, getting this slowly changing Telangana society to come together was not an easy task and we should count a mixture of things which contributed to it, apart from TRS, and TJAC, so many suicides happening for a cause, all these together brought everyone together for the cause.

          And I am sure, this will last for a long time until we rebuild Telangana, we need to put in efforts to sustain this unity, so that our energies can be used to realign our resources only for the purpose of Telangana.

          Even I want to see more unity, from our side, a single guy from their side, will bring hundreds of them, once he becomes comfortable here. This just does not happen with us, and the only place our people go like sheep, is Gulf, to their death and doom.

          They are scared of Hyderbad, it seems to hold some kind of a terror for them. They are scared of being humiliated and ridiculed, that is why they don’t come here. That is why it is very important for us, to prepare the ground for them to come here. We have to destroy the source of their fear. Show people who are indulging in ridicule their proper place.Be a united force, for at least stopping our people from going to barbarian places like gulf.

          I have read in NT, about our people working in Mumbai, how they struggle mostly in the construction field and how, even there, some Andhra educated guys coming and working as their superiors, are making their lives miserable. So, it seems to be a universal experience, Telangana people living anywhere should draw strength and not put up with any of their degraded behaviour.

          It is better to create some kind of support groups, where they can share their plight and it should be our Telangana government’s job to help in going to their help. In the meanwhile, all of us should make Hyderbad into a place where anyone can come and live without any fear, and I am not talking about the false insecurities of seemandhra, it is our Telangana people’s security that I am worried about. I want people from the districts to be able to come here, without fear of facing humiliation.

          it is our job to clean up Hyderbad of such elements and make it as welcoming as it was before, for Telangana people. And for that no one should put up with ridicule or insults and should straighten up anyone and we should bring pressure, so that such ridicule can be booked as an offence, yes, we should do that, otherwise there is no point, in catering to the false insecurities of Andhras, while our own people quake in fear about coming and working in our own land.

          Thanks sree, once again, it is good to share in what can be done to rectify the situation and to see that things do not get repeated.

    • soonya says:

      Sree understand your anguish. Many of us have seen and experienced the discrimination, the smirks and the stupid arrogance of some of these people.

      Like Sujai said in another post on this site, they bear the false burden of ‘Telugu’ and therefore a false moral high-stand which was convenient for them to legitimize the exploitation of resources of Telangana – financial and others.

      My humble appeal is not try to get even – that would get us locked into the past. Let us focus all our energies into rebuilding Telangana and not waste time with these folks. In my view it is a waste of time.

      Let us build our history back, celebrate and discover our heroes, lay the ground so that the next generation will have a better future.

      Some part of us wants to get ‘even’. If we overcome the urge, we can use all the creative energies and the angst to rebuild the new de-merged state.

      One way is to celebrate all the Telangana poets, culture, customs, cuisine and redefine our own relationship what is our own.

      Bitterness, is corrosive, it will affect the ‘enemy’ but also corrode ourselves. But the source of that energy let us divert for a new Telangana.

      I understand and empathize every feeling that you shared. But as enlightened citizens of Telangana and this country do we look backward or look forward?


  42. Kiran kumar says:

    Jai telangana!
    I ve read most of the posts in this web site.Few posts here made me run into tears.So I felt that it is important to share my experiences.

    My father was born in a village called “BAHIRANPALLY”,Maddur mandal, warangal dist.The revolution made by the people in this village during the time of “Telangana Rhythanga Saayudha Poratm ” has boosted confidence in people of telangana those days.But now ,many people of Telangana don’t even have the knowledge of such a great revolution.Incident which was called as “Second Jallianwaala Bagh ” in the history of our Freedom movement .
    When I was reading my 10 th social studies text book about “Jallianwaala Bagh ” which is in punjab ,I felt sad as I couldnot find my village and its greatness.I really felt like killing those uneducated teachers who had published that text book.Their main target is to bury history of telangana.

    • soonya says:

      TNN has been seeking writers who document our history. Please do document the heroic struggle of your village. It needs to be shared widely with rest of Telangana.

      Yes, we were fed partial truths, we celebrated a Tanguturi Prakasam, while not being aware of a Turrebaz Khan or a Bandagi or Ilamma or many more.

      I know how you feel. We were fed with the distorted history and history which blanked out parts of our history. We need to document, share and celebrate.

    • vijayshree says:

      Yes Kiran,

      Some of the posts have been very moving, to the point of bringing tears. And everyone who wants to let go, of a niggling experience can always share it here.

      Bahiranpally is very famous, I had read about it in Namasthe Telangana and always thought I must visit the place on my trips to Warangal.

      The revolution was very important for us in many aspects, it has brought many changes in our Telangana society.And it gave us, that spirit of rebellion.

      Even if they tried to hide it from us, our people have kept it in their minds and hearts and we have heard it from people who had been through that revolutionary period. That is why I have taken it for granted, not to trust anything being shown as history until we have done our own independent research on it.

      And there is no better source than our own elders, who can give a clear picture about what went on in those days, came to know about a lot of truths of those days. Mother told me, just becoz my bapu was wearing white kutha and pyjama, and was a very young lad, he was put in jail by the Nizam’s police and was freed only after his parents begged that he was not connected to the rebellion.

      I only wish Bapu was alive, so that I could have dug into more of that history. He was close to the communists at that time, I believe, and knew many of those leaders. If you will touch any family coming from Warangal, Nalgonda and Adilabad, they will know at least something related to the revolution.

      I heard a lot about our buried past that way, only the 1969 movement was a bit hazy for me, but when I was speaking to a retired officer from the police field, I came to know the first person account of some horrifying incidents of that period. That is when it really hit me very hard, about the truth and how it was layered with lies and completely buried from our sight.

      Never mind Kiran, we will rewrite history, but please do not forget one thing, that it is better to carry history to another generation in the oral form, tell our children what our parents or grand parents told us and what we ourselves have witnessed, so that history will not be reduced to statistics but the real life experience of our people and also, that way we will give the due place of honour to our own heroes.

      A child’s interest lights up, when he or she hears, it to be part of our family and our blood, so like our songs which remained vibrant and a weapon of our fight, so will this oral tradition of rendering truth to posterity will contribute to our own sense of fulfilment.

      Thank you once again, Kiran, please do share any incidents you might have heard about beherenpally, here and we will be glad to read about it,

      Jai Telangana!

  43. Prabhu Raja says:

    To all my Telangana Brothers and Sisters,

    Myself I am from Bangalore, my mother tongue is Telugu, basically in our language we have many Kannada words but from centuries we are speaking in the same language and we have historically based in Mysore.

    When I started working, I got many people from Andhra as my colleagues, initially I had lots of respect for them since I never visited Andhra except Tirupati, but sometimes when I was speaking to my mother or or my relatives in my dialect, they used to make fun of me, then I understood their real attitude, they have very high superiority complex, they claim they have better culture and they have better language.

    Though majority of the people are technically or logically very weak but they are master manipulators, in fact their only skill is manipulation, many instances made me avoid them, and now I hate them completely, They never try any venture with their money or resources, they always try to use others’ resources to try any new ventures, this crook attitude is the reason they have no capable city now for an alternative to Hyderabad, just imagine when then lost Chennai why they came to Hyderabad instead of developing any of their cities? I guess Andhra people are one group mostly hated by others be it in USA or in India.

    -Prabhu Raja

    • sree says:

      Dear Prabhu,

      Thanks very much for sympathizing with us on the issue of Telangana. Andhraites as you rightly said are expert manipulators be it concerned with anything. They have successfully manipulated our Telangana history and have been the reason for low confidence among many of the youth from Telangana of previous generations. As a result, Telangana people of the previous generations were not much successful in our own mother land.
      As a child, I always kept thinking as to why our Telangana people were so backward when compared to andhraites who came from other regions of AP to Hyderabad and were enjoying good comforts at the expense of the jobs, resources of Telanganites. After all, it is heart breaking to see our own people reeling under poverty when there was every chance of leading a much much better life. I cannot put in words what I went through all these years right from my child hood thinking about these things.

      But I would like to warn you one thing. May be my assumption may be far too fetched but I am sure these seemandhra people some day will start demanding Bangalore as their city as they are in good numbers even in Bangalore.
      I heard from many of the guys while working in Hyderabad sofwate Industry where they were of the opinion that they contributed heavily to the development of Bangalore.Considering their past demands of Madras and current demand for Hyderabad, I am pretty sure the day is not far where they will raise their voice for Bangalore.

      • Prabhu Raja says:

        Dear Sree,

        Very true, that voice already raised few years ago not politically but in real estate, but somehow they understood Bangaloreans are more aggressive when it comes to land and language, this had happened already with Tamils so you can imagine what kind of reply they got, so hopefully they never make such nonsense again for their own peace.

        In my company when we discuss about Telangana issue, we always used to make comments like we also start protests to make Andhra a separate country at least that will bring peace for South India 🙂

        Few things if I mention it might looks racist but I can’t help, I am also a software engineer, and in Bangalore it’s open secret that many companies straight away reject people from certain regions because of their reputation in cooking resumes and unethical practices, my self I fired at least 6 Andhra guys because of fake telephonic interviews, I think the only contribution they made to the software industry is closing down Satyam using all their cooking skills.

        They are very good in arguing so when we criticize any of their wrong doings, they immediately tell that we are jealous of their growth, not sure what kind of growth, no knowledge, no skill, no vision, they are just like robots who knows only two steps in life do some manipulation and make money then repeat from step 1.

        But working from long time in different domains I never seen an uncivilized tribe like them, in my experience as soon I met any Andhra guy and he knows that I am speaking Telugu then the first question he will ask is what caste I belong to, and as soon he knows where I am working then immediately they ask how much I do earn, and is there a way I can refer them in my company, if I say no then they ask do I know any backdoor entry ways 🙂 this is what their wonderful contribution of development of software industry, in US ask any HR manager or a wall mart sales boy, they will write at least a book on their way of manipulations.

        But observing them from last 10 years I understood one thing that they have guts only in movies but when it comes to real life many of them not ready to fight directly, they always try to manipulate things indirectly.

        But I can really understand the pain of yours, though I am an outsider initially I was not so much aware of the issue of Telangana but when I started reading history then I understood the unjustified political tie.

        Anyhow hopefully the future of Telangana should be wonderful.

        Prabhu Raja

      • Prakash says:

        Teluguites demanding Bangalore will never happen. The migration of Kannadigas from rest of Karnataka, North Indians and Tamils into Bangalore is much more than Teluguites.

        Present demographic composition of Bangalore is 38% Kannadigas, 30% Tamils, 16% Teluguites. Perhaps even North Indians are more in number than Teluguites , as of today. Also, Bangalore borders Tamil Nadu districts and people from the Kongu Nadu region (Krishnagiri, Dharmapuri, Nilgiris, Coimbatore, Erode, Salem, Namakkal,Tiruppur, Karur, Dindigul districts) of Tamil Nadu flock into Bangalore than Chennai for jobs. Bangalore doesn’t share any border with Andhra Pradesh besides.

        If they demand Bangalore, not only Kannadigas, but also Tamilians and North Indians will whack them. 😀

        • Prabhu Raja says:

          Hi Prakash,

          Rightly said, the demographics of Bangalore will never have any separate group will claim Bangalore for any reason. not only Kannadigas no other linguistic group will allow such demands.


    • vijayshree says:

      Dear Prabhu,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts here. I don’t understand their Telugu brotherhood theme, they don’t know the meaning of brotherhood I think and are insulting it, by taunting every other dialect different from what they speak.

      Some day, they will be taught a very good lesson, since they don’t seem to be learning anything from their past. It is better for them to stay in the region of their own and build a fortress like wall around themselves, with a big signboard that, ‘Here live the weird brotherhood of Telugu, where only one dialect will be tolerated.’ So that everyone will keep away from them.

      They should not migrate anywhere else, and cross their boundaries, coz they don’t seem to understand the concept of mingling with the natives or co-existing with other people. Andhra species, if they do not change, will be abhorred by everyone, until now they lived like parasites off us and now they are losing their minds, thinking how to hold on to what they thought was their permanent property. That is why they are talking whatever comes to their mind, even if it does not make any sense.

      Like you rightly said, they don’t invest anywhere, they make others invest but to the whole world they will make it appear as if they have invested. Now also, they are screaming that they have invested heavily, what will happen to those investments. I have seen closely how they do it, they create some plans on paper, take a plush office and lure investors and banks to those plans and get them to invest heavily. Those plans never materialize and investors and banks have to go bankrupt, that is how they converted Hyderbad into a fraud or scam capital.

      They are so shameless, that Hyderbad would do well to get rid of them quickly to salvage its image as a safe investment destination. Cheating is always there on their minds, specially their business class. We can write reams of pages, on how they defraud people.

      All the properties that they are claiming protection for, are encroached ones and have been grabbed illegally using their own govt. and bureaucracy.

      It is going to take us a long time, to rebuild Telangana, and it will be one real challenge for us.

      They are proving to the whole world how inferior they are, by insisting on their superiority. They don’t realize it but they are cutting a sorry figure wherever they go.

      Thanks Prabhu, for telling us of your experience, if only in 1956, the merger did not happen, we would not have lost so many lives to gain back our land from them. I think it was Telangana’s fate to suffer thus, with such abominable people.

      Hoping to be rid of them soon!

      Jai Telangana!

  44. soonya says:

    Valla pappulu Bengalurulo udakavu.

    Karnataka has a strong cultural movement and a pride in their language. They do not allow dubbed Hindi films or Telugu or other serials there.

    They never will dare with ‘Bengaluru manade’ type argument.

    Our seemandhra friends are cheap, arrogant, ignorant and generally exploitative and manipulative. I can’t say all of them are such, but many are so.

    It comes from their arrogance and a false belief they are superior to everyone. They ridicule Rayalaseema accent, Telangana accent and also deride the Uttarandhra people.

  45. telugu says:

    @prabhu kurnool and anantapur districts which share border with karnataka and have considerable cultural influnce are among the poorest in india.est anantapur.united ap movement is strngest the movent is not just fr has the 2nd lowest rainfal in india aftr jaisalmer district of the water there has to come frm other districts.infact scamsters can survive anywhere.not the poor and working class

    • Prabhu Raja says:

      Mr. Telugu,

      I know there are many similarities in culture, food habits, etc between two districts of Rayalaseema and south Karnataka, especially Bangalore Rural, Kolar, Bellary districts share many similarities, but it’s different, there are many surrounding districts in AP and TN depend on Bangalore for business and other activities, for example Dharmavaram sarees traded 75% in Bangalore markets and a major share traded in Chennai, geographically it’s feasible.

      The poor is poor everywhere they have no interest or time to make fun of people around.


    • soonya says:

      the sentiment and and the unknown anguish could be more. But for what? In what way their lives will become or have become better? 57 years of united AP if their lives have not changed under all the types of dispensations that are possible – TDP, Congress what do they expect?

      And our JCs, Saakes come from there. The poor’s lives do not change then whom is for a united AP?

  46. soonya says:

    Here is a poem from Anna Honda which reflects your experience!

    Modus Operandi

    Arriving like a Queen,
    with ego so solid,
    her gravity dwarfed mine;
    with self-importance so momentous,
    she steamrollered me.
    Acting like she owned the place;
    and for a minute I accidentally let her…
    I was stunned by hubris so stealthy,
    picking my pockets of self-esteem.
    She demanded and I served,
    taking what she wanted,
    and leaving.
    Just Like That.

    before I could realize,
    before she could realize,
    she is an impostor, a thief.

    She’s rich with everything she ever wanted.

    Poor Thing.

    Next time I promise to recognize her m.o. in time,
    so she might recognize herself as well.
    She needs me to stop her in her tracks,
    because I am the Queen of me.
    a mirror in self-confidence to say,
    may I ask who you are?
    Copyright © 2012 Anna Honda. All Rights Reserved. From

  47. rajkumar says:

    A settler from Andhra in an apartment in Ameerpet was unable to communicate with
    another resident-a Telangana person, who knew only Telugu and Hindi.
    The andhrite said “Kullai Katteyi water waste avvutundi”.
    Another instance a judge from Seema presiding a court in Hyd. Witness hailing from Palamur said “Peyyi Sustaindi” judge was unable to understand the witness, the Public prosecutor gave correct interpretation. The judge referring to mayhem was saying “galata” the witness was insisting it as “gadbad”. , the defense advocate took advantage of the whole situation and gave opposite meanings.
    The judge obliged the defense advocate. The result was miscarriage of justice.
    Now can anybody say the Telugu spoken in both regions is the same?

  48. T says:

    While, this might be a totally off topic. I sympathize and empathize with your feelings here Vijayashree. I know, I would get a lot of heat for what i am going to ask and question. But, i am ready for this(in a very good sense). My parents moved from Andhra as young people to Hyderabad, to work for organizations there and pretty much made Hyderabad home. Me and my sister were born and raised in Hyderabad and we call it our home. I moved to the states 8 years back and still call Hyderabad as my first home. I have seen your comments on how you have been treated by people from Andhra and in the most truest sense i feel bad for you.

    My question now is that i have seen in the news that KCR wanted all people who do not belong to Telangana to leave hyderabad and go back to which ever place they belong to? Whats your take on it? You think thats justified and completely acceptable speech? As a citizen of India, don’t people of Telangana think it is the will and wish of a person to settle anywhere in India? I just wanted to hear your opinions on this? I am not asking this to debate a topic, which creates more hatred? but only as a person with a lost self identity.

    • vijayshree says:

      Dear T,

      Yes, people have every right to settle anywhere in India and I agree to that extent. But people do not have a right, on encroaching poor people’s land, grabbing what should actually belong to the natives i.e, their job and educational opportunities, diverting the water belonging to the locals to their own region and exploiting its resources, while not giving them, anything for their development.

      If KCR wanted anyone or anything to go, it is these people, and no one else. He has never asked the common man coming to eke out a living to leave Hyderabad.

      Do you think our people should not get a fair share in the government jobs?

      How can you encroach upon thousands of acres of land belonging to poor muslims, farmers and tribals?

      Why don’t our people wanting to set up business not given land for setting it up, while your people get obscene amounts of land free as SEZ and other forms, even if they never set up industries in them and using them only for real estate?

      Why are we paying the environmental costs for open cast mining system in Coal mining, while the power plants are set up in Andhra?

      Why does the miner who risks death, going into coal mines belong to TG, while all the jobs right from clerk to the head, are held by people, from your region?

      Why does Nalgonda have to be a victim of fluoride while the water from the river Krishna in its district goes to feed your crops?

      Why is the irrigation not improved, and our people have to dig bore wells and unable to pay the electricity bills, commit suicide, when there are water bodies all around?

      Why did you not integrate into our society, instead chose to decimate it, and indulged in the humiliating behaviour I wrote about and also all those painful comments posted here?

      Do you have an answer to my whys? I have answered your question, in the beginning itself, so now you must come up with proper answers to mine.

      I am also telling you this that you were lucky that a person like KCR was leading the movement, not a single violent incident took place in the past 12 years, but just few days into your united Andhra movement, many of our people have been physically attacked and somebody owning a cent of land in guntur was kicked out of his land.

      So who is kicking whom out, please answer that? Our people’s innocent and believing nature was exploited to push him to a corner and make this region into some kind of a colony for supplying resources to your region.

      Now how many people have committed suicide for our cause, a thousand and more, and still you come with questions like the one you just asked?

      Had we any hatred towards the common people, things would have been different, everyone is living happily here, only accept the truth of the inevitability of Telangana with Hyderbad happening and you can be assured that there would not be any rancour in our minds towards you all. But if you live in self denial, then the wedge will get deeper. Don’t keep stabbing us again and again.

      Please behave like humans, and you will find it adequately reciprocated. There is only warmth in our hearts, and as long as you feel you belong to this place, you will stay here, if you wish to alienate yourself with self imagined barriers, then no one can help you.

      Telangana is for real and we are not sending anyone away, least of all you all. We wish to move on and rebuild Telangana and no one, has got time to think in that direction as, all our energies will be spent towards how to develop TG and nothing else.


    • Kranthi Kiran says:

      Hi T,

      After a Pretty long time I found this blog very interesting and the people here are discussing about their experiences and the facts which have happened in Telangana. Kudos guys and appreicate the person who started this blog.
      However, to answer your question, KCR did not ask The Andhra’s to leave Telangana. He asked the govt employees who are from Andhra to leave TG , he said that so because, if those positions gets vacant locals will get promotions and inturn create new jobs for the freshers. Any questions please refer to India times “”.
      Bottom line is Our so called AP Media(Most of them) which again is controlled by Andhra folks have misinterpreted the things he said. Time and again it have been proven true that TG people never hated Andhra and it was only vice versa. Its only that TG people have raised their voice and its not going good with the counter part.

  49. T says:

    Thank you for your reply Vijayashree. Indeed appreciated. Something that bothered me through out your reply was the constant differentiation of “us” and “you”. Although it has stopped surprising me much. I do hope you understand that I didn’t come here to make a point that something is right or wrong. I was always of the opinion that if the formation of a separate state like Telangana would help in a better administrative and developmental processes, then it should definitely happen.

    Just something on a closing note: Something that nobody on this forum/thread would deny(although they might outright deny it, but deep inside it there is an abundance of truth to the following):

    We Indians, always use the “blame” game for anything and everything. We can’t achieve something, we blame it on the “system”, “government” or something else. That has come naturally to us. Once upon a time, my muslim brothers blamed upon my Hindu brothers saying that they feared them and wanted a separate state.(Now current pakistan).. if it was still part of India… they would have still blamed Hindus for it and the Hindus would have still blamed them for the violence or under-development. We differentiate ourselves between castes. The OC blames the reservation system quota. The lower castes blames something else. North indians blame South Indians and vice-versa. Now Telangana hates Andhra and vice-versa. Well, its easy to do so. One of the core reasons, our system/country as a whole is still failing is because of an attitude like this. Our decisions are based of on an Emotional Quotient and not based of on the legitimacy of a situation. This is just a matter of observation and completely “my” statement.

    I am not here to preach or as said again, make a point. I do hope the formation of Telangana does really help poor people of the region (which from your statistics, i understand are in huge number) in bettering their lives.On a lighter note, If i put this in your words, I hope “your” people have a better livelihood and I hope “our” people support it.

    Thank you!

    • vijayshree says:

      Dear T,

      You got your answer and had to give a parting shot, which indirectly says, that we are just indulging in a blame game and it had nothing to do with the exploitative nature of your people.

      Yes, I will say, ‘Your’ people and ‘our’ people and it is not we, who had differentiated, it is you all who brought it to that condition.

      If you had read the article with a proper understanding, you would have got the extent of alienation that your people had subjected us to. We thought they were our friends, but it is the same friends who never tried to understand our identity and instead belittled our identity, in every way.

      It is we, with a feeling of wanting to make you comfortable, changed our language to suit your mind set, we did everything to make you comfortable and in the end, all I can say, is by the time we realized it, you had made yourself too comfortable and almost decimated our culture and our identity.

      That is when the wedge was driven, when we finally understood that who we thought were our own, were in fact not. They were just, ”them’ that is all.

      You had brought in that distrust upon yourself.

      Integrate dear T, wherever you go, with the natives, share in what they have to offer and not try to hold yours to be the only proper one.

      Do you think, I wrote this article, out of my own imagination, it is just the summary of all our experiences with your people.

      And there is no blame game, here, we had personally checked on what is going on in the field level, before we chose to join forces for bringing T to reality.

      Yes, our next biggest challenge is to rebuild, the destroyed Telangana and we will spend all our efforts, in undoing what damage had been done by your people.

      Remember Britishers, and their rule, do you think India fought for its freedom as part of some kind of a blame game? I am sure if you think it is not, then you should find it easy to understand, the equation is the same here. We were your colony and we are close to freeing ourselves from your rule.

      I have never felt a Marathi or any other language person, to be ‘them’, but I feel it towards you and it hurts like hell and you are not allowing it, to heal.

      Yes, I want Seemandhra state to develop, as much as my own state of Telangana and I hold no feelings of bitterness towards you, all.

      It was our fate to suffer in your hands and now, we have to make the best of a hard won freedom to bring about an all inclusive development to all our people.

    • Prakash says:

      Hi T,

      You conveniently ignored the fact that the game of “blaming” others started right from the Andhra people themselves. They were the first to “blame” Tamils for their backwardness and conducted pogroms against Tamils in Telugu districts to achieve their goal of Andhra state.

      The reason why Rajaji agreed to split Andhra from Madras state was because of the fact that an unruly Andhra mob holed upTamilians in Bezawada(Vijayawada) railway station and threatened to kill them, if the Govt did not grant a separate Andhra state. I don’t think Telangana people have resorted to such barbaric savagery like Andhra people did in their quest to achieve a separate state.

      I wonder why you conveniently ignore this aspect of history, and instead blame KCR and everyone else. In gist, whatever Telangana leaders are doing is something which they borrowed from leaders from Andhra ! Perhaps, they are only a milder version of the then Andhra leaders in fact.

      And as fate would have it, such blackmailing your leaders did on Tamil people has come back to haunt the Andhra people in a matter of 60 years ! What goes around has to come around !

      What do you have to say about these actions perpetrated by the Andhras on Tamilians ?

      PS:I’m a Tamilian !

      • rao says:

        I donot have good writing skills. Sorry for that. Madras state was mother of all language related hate movements. Separate Telugu state movements started much later. Before that sa people got enough brain wash about greatness of tamill language and all other languages were just nothing before tamil. I couldnot understand why do you claim Telugu majority districts should be part of Tamilnadu while people here like andhra. Telugu people of Tamil nadu part has not supported Andhra state. As they are living with tamils from more than 400 years. They are comfortable with Tamil. If they would have supprted, madras would have been shared between us. why madras would have been shared? madras had grown under british rule, people from all parts of madras state had made it their home. Leading to Telugu majority city. It was like that tamils in madras used to speak Telugu when needed. Telugu people of TN dosent want to loss access to their home town in TN for the cause of separate andhra state. That made madras as a city of Telugu majority but only minorities wanted andhra state. Andhra state got created without madras. Today, Madras became much bigger city with less people flow from sa. Todays madras is clearly Tamil majority city and todays Tamil youth donot speak Telugu but older generation madras Tamil person dose know Telugu.

  50. Kranthi Kiran says:

    I am from Hyderbad, and I love my city very much, I take pride of being an Hyderbadi. This city had taught me many things along with the people. I will tell you a bit of experience which I faced when I was a kid. My mom is from Nellore, Kavali settled in Kamareddy my dad is from Medak. I had to visit my grand pa’s place which happens to be at Kavali. He took me on his lap and asked me tell me some kaburlu. I asked my mom who was sitting right beside me what kaburlu means. FYI I was 12 years old. My mom said muchatlu, I understood that and started to narrate a funny story to my Thatha garu. I said ” mem tution class la unnapudu oka pedda pamu asthe mem pora gallam andram lolli petti bayataki urkinam” my grand pa did not understand the words “asthe” and lolli. He called my mom and asked her to change my lang. These are the words uttered by him. “Amma veedi bahsha marchukovali, chala daridrang ga undi veedi baasha, naa degira unchi vellu veediki svachamaina telugu basha neripsthanu”.
    I told the same to my dad, he said their dialect and our dialect is different, it doesnt mean that they are worng, we are correct and vice versa. He told me to teach them our dialect when they come to our home and learn theirs when I visit their house.
    I did not understand this when I was a kid but as time passed by I have realized its not just me who is faced this sort of things.
    Bottom line is being a TG born guy I belong here, and I asked for my rights a “seperate state” and I am abiding by my constitution nothing else. Its Andhra who is opposing my wish and says All Andhra’s should be united as we speak Telugu lang other than that they have no other point to debate on. So please Andhra folks understand this govt of India tried an experiment to keep us united and it failed miserably not once but twice, so please let us go in peace.

    • soonya says:

      Well said.

    • vijayshree says:

      God bless your father Kranthi, who taught you, what in essence is Telangana language, not to hurt others and at the same time not to, let others belittle us.

      There was so much of wisdom in the way he explained things to you, even if we did not understand things as a kid, we fortunately could sort it out, at least now.

      To trash what we do not understand or what is different only makes the person who does that feel superior temporarily, but without his or her understanding, they are building invisible walls around themselves, which will isolate them in the end.

      And that is what is happening with our Andhra friends, those who are mature enough had become part of Tg, long back, but those who did not and had tried to bully their way through life, with their,’ I am so great, feeling’, are still not coming to terms with what is surely going to happen and thus, feel under threat and are launching counter threats instead of accepting the inevitable even now.

      I feel I always saw any person as only a human being first, before he or she is that language person but with the entry of the superior feeling Andhras, some things definitely hurt, specially when they try to separate us from our own identity by falsely thinking that our identity and we are different…That a vijayshree is vijayshree not a Telangana person, so they can savagely attack Telangana language and culture and get away with it.

      They got away with it for a long time, coz we were told to give up some things for friendship sake, only time told us, that If they were really friends they would not indulge in such behaviour and somewhere, friendship felt insulted and now, they see us not taking kindly to their same old behaviour and blame KCR for it, and still do not even give us credit for our own understanding and phase of growing up, to embrace and hold aloft our identity.

      Thanks Kranthi for sharing your views here.

    • Sharath Chandra says:

      I think Kaburlu is derived from the word KABAR which means news

  51. Writing from Munich, Bavaria (on a short tour):

    As a global traveler, I learnt early in my career the importance of learning a few “golden words” in the local language. Equally importantly I learnt “I do not speak xxx” in several languages. This is followed by “Can I speak in English?”.

    This worked well in most places. I had given sufficient respect to the local language and the rest of the conversation continued in English until the end when we exchanged goodbye in the local language.

    I almost landed in trouble when I first went to Munich many years ago. After exchanging greetings (in German), I said “ich sprechen nicht Deutsch. Is it OK for me to speak in English?”

    My counterpart appeared taken back initially but regained his composure in a while. He laughed out aloud and said in English “Jai, I also don’t speak Duetschi. This is Bavaria”.

  52. naresh says:

    we lost lot or words in telangana. how can we learn those back . are their a good source of book we can learn

    • vijayshree says:

      Dear Naresh,

      Namasthe Telangana, sunday magazine ‘Bathukamma’ features one page dedicated to Telangana words. And most of our own elders are repositories of our language. Like I had to relearn Telangana from my mother, who was the only person in our family who spoke Telangana, all of us had diluted, it to suit our Andhra friends.

      So, I would suggest keep listening to people who speak Telangana in your family and you can easily catch up on a lot of lost words. I ask my mother for the meaning of everything, so that I can register it in my mind. It used to feel nice, relearning, felt as if I was reconnecting to the earth once again, and feeling grounded.

      I have no idea of a book, written for it, but I am sure Dileep or Shoonya will be able to provide some kind of a source to you.

  53. Srinivas says:

    Dear brothers and sisters
    It is symptomatic of our adminstration and education system whereby the telugus of all areas have not been sensitized about the cultural differences among various parts of telugu land. This has lead to the ignorance which is obvious through the examples cited of how andhras have ridiculed telanganas.
    I am from andhra and have been largely ignorant although i am a history buff! I am no linguist but I believe that telangana telugu is purer than modern telugu of seemandhra. This is because of the liberal use of English in telugu. i feel sad with the degradation of telugu language whereby we in andhra are unable to string sentences in telugu without use of english.With this energized spirit that you all are exuding my sincere hope is that telangana will lead the way in teaching andhras how to speak chaste telugu.
    Lets all work towards reducing the adulteration of telugu with liberal use of other languages.
    In time to come i sincerely hope that we will develop mutual appreciation and admiration towards our variations and celebrate our trilinga pride .(historically telugu word was derived from it).
    Let me also say that From a historical perspective we need to go beyond nizam to understand that we were speaking the same language. So it is incorrect to say that we were never together.
    Personally it is heart wrenching to anticipate the pain of Separation. Much akin to Indian partition I guess. I would like to believe that the samaikyandhra movement is a spontaneous affection towards a unified state when politicians have failed go inspire us all this while.
    My sincere hope is that if the state was to bifurcate and who knows trifurcate or quadrifurcate we shall respect our variations but celebrate our telugu/telungu/ telangana language with mutual admiration.
    To finish – we used to celebrate every summer at our home in coastal andhra by singing some great telangana songs – ” sammakka challaga choodu talli saarakka maa tappulu kayu thalli”.
    Jai telugu/telungu/telangana talli – or historically apt Jai Trilinga desa.

    • vijayshree says:

      Dear Srinivas,

      I am happy that you appreciate Telangana and see the hollowness in the claims of purity of language by Andhras. We are standing at a point of no return, as far as bifurcation is concerned. But please don’t compare it with Indian partition, we are not drawing borders and becoming countries, here Telangana is only going in for self governance.One must never cling to artificial lines drawn, it is the human spirit that bonds us.

      Telangana has suffered a lot of agony in this failed experiment of merger and we are only demerging. people like you will always be treated affectionately, as you are very rare and can be count on fingers. Many come here with bloated egos or with double speak, so it is natural for us to view Andhras with suspicion.

      You can still sing those songs, nothing is going to change and you should all prosper in your state and we should share in that happiness rather than prolong this separation and create bitterness and hard feelings on either side.

      Thanks srinivas, for sharing your heart felt views with us.

      Jai Telangana

  54. peterparker says:

    It is all andhra domination

    andhra people dominated telengana

    impoverished the resources

  55. telugu says:

    the only answer to all those andhra myths and prejudices is the economic development of telangana people.if a telangana person becomes a company CEO, nobody would DARE to comment on his habits or his accent.

  56. rao says:

    One general comment on all posts. I belongs to guntur. I lost my mother accent due to our Telugu teachers. Most OR ALL of Telugu teachers wanted us to pronounce words as per Sanskrit pronounsation and grammar.

    My father calls my grand father as AYYA. My parents thought me calling father as nanna garu they just gone with the flow. our guntur accent can be found in old movie’s servant role. Who want to pronounce like servant. We changed. Same with other districts in andhra. You will never find any andhra districts accents in any move lead role. In fact hero speaks our accents if he is uneducated or thief, once he gets education or changes as good person then he speaks with proper Sanskrit words and grammar.

    Andhra people laugh at telangana basha:
    True in case of older generation. As it was first time they were listening to it. Our generation know telangana basha more then our own. It doesn’t has surprise element to make us laugh. My old mother still feels surprise element as she listened to it only after her 30s. You will laugh at our accent as it is suppressing for you. Suppress element is key for laughs or irritation or even anger.

    Bottom line initial andhra state/pradesh leaders wanted to follow same lines as madras state and form uniformed way of talking. And they chossed sanskritisation as choice. as tamils chose clasic tamil.

    In younger group I did saw one woman from vijaywada correcting some other persons language. Trust me she donot know or hate actual vijayawad accent. she corrected words to match with Sanskrit and told that is pure. I donot like to mention cast but she belongs to devote Hindu family. This particular Hindu group initialy defined andhra state or pradesh.
    Well I am Hindu but I enjoy festivals that’s all my Hinduism nothing more. I don’t mind if some one says Sanskrit is just another language.
    Unfortunately many in this forum thinks there is such thing as andhra telugu. There is no such thing , for every 50 kms you will find villagers speaking different accent. But it is generally accepted that school thought language is pure. Same as tamils think their schools teach them classic Tamil and there is no much objection.

  57. sandeep says:

    we want to follow our culture and speak telangana language as our mother language.

  58. prasad says:

    Hie frnds … Don’t forgot the fact tht ‘ all of us came from one father .. plz refer quron; bible and bhagavad gita… some people blames telangana people and others do the same … freedom is all of ours right then we need to seperate peacefully . thats not happens here in both the areas… we cont do big things with out love. sure we can do anything with love … be cool guys .. thank u..

  59. Rajeah kumar says:

    who said telangana people are not educated.every year 1st rank in eamcet are getting for telangana students.
    who said we are not elligible for jobs. sribhagav who get job in get 8 lakhs per month and he is first person from ap to get highest salary at least age.h is telangana
    only one from ap working in facebook he belongs to telangana.
    andhra polticians are very busy in corruption.
    bt telangana poltician are busy in prajaseva.
    if there is no telangana u andhra people will suffer from no water,no jobs,no projects,no companies,no touruism,no development. so support telangana. if u have courage ang self respect develop ur andhra state as much as we is challenge to you

  60. Ramya says:


    I neither belong to Telangana or Andhra . I have a friend here in USA from Karminagar who insults my slang as ours is bit dragging(from chittor).I started giving back to her . I do agree Guntur and Vijayawada people insult a lot .When i was in my Bachelors There use to be many people from Vijayawada in our college(SVEC) Tirupati. As soon as they land Tirupati , they start commenting on our slang . But there are people who does this kind of things everywhere more or less

  61. sarath says:

    Best of luck to Telangana.

  62. maheswari says:

    really all people of telangana face all these problems from andhra people,especially when we are student stage.manna telanganalo companys katti manavalaki jobs evakunda andravalani thachukoni peda postlu estharu manavalaki amo labour post istharu inka mana meda robab chupistharu entha bada untundi.mana telangana manaki vachinaka kuda valu mathram alaga vunaru.

  63. anil says:

    Finally Telangana goinig to be telangana After GHMC ELECTION WON BY Trs

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