Andhra Leaks Part 4: A Lie Called First Linguistic State

By Konatham Dileep (With inputs from Sangishetty Srinivas)

Here is a small test for you.

Name the first linguistic state of India?

I know that many of you know the ‘right’ answer. Those who don’t, may want to Google it and find out the ‘right’ answer.

When the same question was asked in the 2009 APPSC Group I services exam, many candidates got confused. While a few chose Andhra state, which was formed in 1953, a majority of candidates opted for Andhra Pradesh, which was formed in 1956.

Both those options were wrong. Like most people, even the guys at APPSC did not know the right answer!

As I have mentioned in previous parts of this series, only Seemaandhra history is being touted as the history of Andhra Pradesh. A close scrutiny of Andhra Pradesh’s history reveals numerous half-truths and lies.

Sample this…

For decades, citizens of this state and country have been fed on a glaring fallacy – that it was Telugus in Madras state who first demanded a linguistic state and Andhra (or Andhra Pradesh) was the first linguistic state of India.

This is nothing but blatant distortion of history.

The truth is – people speaking Oriya led the first struggle for a linguistic state – and the British government heeded to their demand and formed Orissa – India’s first linguistic state.

Here is a brief history of Orissa statehood movement written by Jhumpa Mukherjee:

The Demand for a Single Linguistic Province for the Oriyas

The demand for a single linguistic province for the Oriyas united all classes of people and numerous representations were submitted to the British Government. When John Beams was the Commissioner of Orissa, the Oriyas appealed to him for the merger of the Oriya-speaking areas into a distinct linguistic unit; the people of Baleshwar made a similar representation to Richard Temple, the Lieutenant-Governor, who did not pay any heed to that appeal.
However, in 1903, considering the scheme of Partition of Bengal, Lord Curzon made a proposal to unite the Oriya speaking tracts under one unit. Subsequently, the MontaguChelmsford Commission as well as the Central and Provincial legislatures recognized this need but nothing was done in practice.
In 1920 Sachchidananda Sinha moved a resolution in the Imperial Council for the appointment of a Committee for the amalgamation of the Oriya-speaking tracts into a single unit within the existing province of Bihar and Orissa.
Ultimately the Government recognized the necessity for the creation of a separate linguistic state and appointed the Simon Commission to report on the matter. The Commission in its report stated, “Bihar and Orissa is a glaring example of the artificial connections of areas which are not naturally related”.
In the First Round Table Conference, the Raja of Parlakimadi pressed for the establishment of a separate province for the Oriyas. His main argument was that since Orissa was an area with a single language and definite historical and cultural associations, it should be under one administration, instead of being parceled out among four different provinces – Bihar and Orissa, Bengal, Central Provinces and Madras.
As such, the Government appointed the Boundary Commission, and the Commission, after a detailed enquiry, came to the conclusion that the province of Orissa  was linguistically and racially the most homogenous province in the whole of British India. In lieu of this fact the new province of Orissa as an administrative unit came into being on the 1st April, 1936 as per the Government of India (Constitution of Orissa ) Order,1936.
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5 Responses

  1. vamshi says:

    I am Vamshi from Warangal.
    Am doing job in bangalore under a Andhra based US company.. My uncle from Karimnagar was one of the key members of the company. And that’s the reason am here.
    Problem arised right at the inception, with around 10 andhra team colleagues rounding up me and cracking various questions reg formation of seperate state. As i respect my motherland sentiments and values, I had a heated Debate and Argument with them. Am almost done in my life without proper purpose. But am really fed up with these Andhra assholes playing some cheap politics and foul games on me. It worsely impacting my work and personal life as well…
    One straight question???
    I don’t wanna be the one among all.. I wanna be one out of all.. With that determination, Whatever the issues i have and nomatter what happens, i campaign and let the people know the need of seperate state. But sometimes i fear what abt my career. Even though they bully me, am waiting for my turn to come. I need some moral support from Organisations like urs. and help me in succeeding whatever am supposed to accomplish.pls guide me in the proper manner


    • missiontelangana says:

      Dear Vamshi,

      Please feel free to email our team at, for any guidance or help. We are always there to help you.

      MT Team

    • vijayshree says:

      Dear Vamshi,

      You are not alone, we have all been through that phase..You have to work with them, specially if you are in Hyderabad. At least you have some leverage there in the form of your uncle, we never had any such thing..

      In one place, I was hounded out without letting me know, the exact reason..But otherwise, I used to always restrict the arguments to the break period and never let the work atmosphere get vitiated..

      here there is more of a stifling caste feeling..that makes things so unprofessional…..

      I feel if people are putting you down based upon your identity or throwing arguments which are senseless regarding TG, then give it back to them, just don’t let it go out of hand..that is all..

      Since no one helps them the way we do, they will always come to us for help,,so don’t worry about anything..

      You will never have a problem as long as the management is not biased against TG people. At Hyderabad, in the entry level itself, they are not recruiting people from TG, specially if they had studied in Warangal or the districts..One finds this more in the sectors which are predominantly Andhra managed like the pharma sector, heard some top rankers in are not getting jobs, if from K.U.

      Life is tough for us, but make the most of it without compromising on what we stand for..If we have to move out of one place, there is always another one, in some other city..

    • rajkumar says:

      Dear Vamshi I understand your predicament. We all go through such situations frequently. I have given suitable replies to the bullies with facts and figures. No reason to lose heart. Go through the articles on this blog especially the rebuttal to Pachiabbadala Prabhakar’s pack of lies. Such atrocious behaviour from pandula manda will only makes you more determined. Remember what kind of hell our beloved leader KCR sir may have gone through. How mean all of us were prior to Dec 9, 2009 declaration KCR sir did not get the support from Telangana society. If Telangana is not formed Telanganites will be doomed forever to tolerate such insults besides losing waters, jobs, funds, resources and what not.You make it a point to enroll your name and names of your friends and family members and the names of all like minded people, motivate them to vote for your own party TRS.

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