Without TRS, Etela Rajender would have been a non-entity, TRS MLAs.

The ruling TRS party MLAs took strong objection to the remarks made by the BJP MLA Etela Rajender who said many TRS MLAs were in touch with him.

Soon many would join BJP from TRS as they were not getting enough self-respect in the party, he said earlier.

TRS MLAs Balka Suman, K P Vivekananda, J Surender, and others took strong exception to his remarks. They said Etela was in fear that he might lose his sitting Huzurabad seat in the next elections. In desperation, he was talking tall to keep himself in good mood. Without TRS there is a dress or address to Etela, they said.

He was unknown to the people of Telangana until 2004. It was Mr KCR who gave him a political birth. But he ditched the hopes and resorted to land grabbing and corruption.

If Etela is so confident, he should tell who are those TRS MLAs who are in touch with him. Instead, it is the BJP leaders who are ready to join the TRS, and people see soon.

Etela colluded with Congress and took the help of Mr Revanth Reddy to win the Huzurabad by-election. But next time it would not work. He who claimed that there is no self-respect in TRS party is now working like a slave to Mr Modi and Mr Amit Shah in BJP.

TRS MLA Mutha Gopal described Etela as a big broker adopting double standards. He changed his name to `Reddy’ which is shameful and what kind of self-respect is it?, he sought to know.

He exploited his Mudiraj community and now wants to exploit the Reddy community too, the ruling party MLAs said.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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