Will make Telangana No. 1 in all aspects: KCR

Chief Minister Sri K. Chandrashekar Rao said on Thursday that he believed in making Telangana the No 1 State in all aspects. Speaking at an interactive session at the India Today Conclave South 2018, he asserted that “Telangana State is rich and is going to emerge as the richest in the country”.

“Grow, grow and grow” is the basic principle he would like to adhere to in developing the State in all spheres. Telangana is already ahead of many States in development. It is a fact when you compare Telangana with Andhra Pradesh also Telangana is way ahead of AP, Chandrashekhar Rao said.

He recalled that Telangana was a surplus State even when it was merged with Andhra. “During the fight for statehood, we were hopeful of positioning the State among the top four or five in the country. Today, Telangana could rank at the No 1 spot in the country.”

Rs 20,000 cr loan for Hyderabad
“I would not like to compare Telangana with any other State or Hyderabad with any other city. In fact Hyderabad had been emerging as a global destination. It was a beautiful city and had power supply much before Chennai.”

Hyderabad was a well lit city in 1915 many years before Madras. Hyderabad had underground drainage much before any other city and had airports and other infrastructure. But it was subjected to neglect in the undivided State, Chandrashekar Rao said.

The Chief Minister said the government was making all-out efforts for reversing the process of its destruction that was felt for long. Hyderabad had lost its identity as a city of lakes and pearls and rainwater drains were occupied.

A Chinese bank had offered to give loan assistance of Rs 20,000 crore for reconstructing its drainage system and other facilities and the works on the programme would be under way soon, he added.

Source: Telangana Today

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