Why this endless mulling!?

By J R Janumpalli

The flurry of parleys on Telangana, because of the heat generated by ‘Sakala Janula Samme’ makes an interesting spectacle. The Congress Party knows the feelings of different segments of its party functionaries in the state. Because, it was either monitoring or micro managing the actions of its functionaries in both the regions in this more than a decade long strife. It was closely monitoring or may be engineering the truculent behavior of Andhra congress elements, as per its political game. For, they have more political numbers and a monetary hold on Congress adhishtanam. They were micro managing the hapless T-Congress elements, who were painstakingly domesticated as second grade congress leaders for long, just for situations like this. The Governor is an andhraphile and his Telangana phobia is well known. In fact he was brought in to the state for these characteristic features, to subvert Telangana campaign.

The green horn CM, who had neither natural ability nor experience to deal with the kind of situation was escalating the strife with his unbridled Andhra bias and utter incompetence. The Center and Adhishtanam was pretending sleep, rather cat napping for long, though they were wide awake and getting every intelligence on the situation, and allowed the situation to drift to this present stage deliberately. They quite pathetically, were wishing that it will blow away in due course of time. But it proved to be a wishful thinking.Telangana Struggle has grown, to its pinnacle. Then why these superfluous confabulations?

Whenever Telangana people generate some heat, the adhishtanam (Congress high command) creates some crafty theatrics. After some time pulls curtains down unceremoniously, for the best reasons known to them only. It has been their ‘modus operandi’ for the last 11 years, more so during the last two years. Whether they really get away with this ‘modus’ this time, in the face of the intense heat of this unprecedented ‘Seakale Janula Samme’, is the moot question. But both central and State govts. appear to be in the same mindset. The state govt. increases its efforts for suppression of the strike, while the latest episode of theatrics is going on in New Delhi. It seems that the adhishtanam is not yet made up its mind to come out of the sadistic mode of playing political chess games with the lives of Telangana people.

Today, at this stage, after all the travails, things are made very clear for onlookers. The Andhra political leadership wants to keep Telangana in perpetual bondage to Andhra region. For this, they intermittently launch ridiculous ‘Samaikyandhra disturbances’. It is ridiculous because, people generally agitate in a democracy, to come out of perceived bondage, but not to keep people in bondage against their will. They also name their weird campaign as ‘Samaikyandhra, the very anti thesis of Telangana. On the other hand, Telangana people want to extricate from the strangle hold of unscrupulous Andhra political dominance, which has converted them in to 2nd class citizens in their own land.

Anybody with some basic political knowledge can understand this. Then how can adhishtanam a conglomeration of all kinds of political brains can miss this, if not for its vicarious reasons, which are definitely outside the gamut of democratic principles. The present adhishtanam’s one point goal is ‘making Rahul Gandhi’, prime minister in 2014. For that they will be playing interminable political chess game on the aspirations of people. It can be said with certainty that they are playing their game not well in A.P.

They had missed the bus in their pusillanimous aftermath of 9, December, 2009 coming under the influence of Andhra money mafia and made a mess of it.

Now, they are trying to come out of it, in the face of relentless onslaught of ‘Sakala Janula Samme’.Yet, on the sly, they are also making efforts to protract it till 2014, which perhaps, is not possible now.

It is an ineptitude and an exhibition of political lack of will, which is definitely proving counterproductive to their perceived goal.Now,after all this, If they are still thinking that they can build consensus among Andhra politicians for an amicable settlement, and retain their hold in both the regions, they are certainly living in their own fool’s paradise.

The behavior of andhras at the time of separation from Madras, now in Andhra Pradesh towards Telangana is the testimony for their political culture. Their systematic violation of agreements and organized looting of Telangana during the last 55 years; their utter lack of concern while Telangana is burning; the arrogance and the condescending behavior of their political leaders; their shameless claim on Hyderabad city; all are the characteristic features of their degenerate politics. Their philosophy is exploitation, corruption, money making and political blackmail. They will never change. Gracious behavior towards others, belief in democratic resolutions of problems is anathema to them. The adhishtanam knows too well these ‘sterling’ qualities’ in these modem day ‘Thugs and Pindaris’.

The unholy alliance of adhishtanam with these naturally unscrupulous politicians for so long at the cost of their credibility is baffling and is bordering on political ‘hara-kiri’.

At least now at the height of this ‘Sakala Janula Samme’, the adhishtanam after seeing the outrageously arrogant behavior of Andhra political leaders can come to a conclusion that they cannot be mended and they are not amenable to amicable division of the state. Their avarice is quite obvious. They want to deny Hyderabad to Telangana people; they want to have it for themselves and eat it too. The people who have denied ‘Mulki Rules’ to Telangana people via parliament, now want safe guards for themselves in Hyderabad city and want share in Hyderabad revenue, forever. Their shamelessness in coveting other peoples resources can stretch to any length.

While the ground realities are like this, what is the purpose of this endless mulling over? Telangana people are now decided to get rid of this ‘Andhra Plague, by any cost, even if they are pushed to pre historic days. It is for the adhishtanam to take the call for calling the bluff of these Andhra Thugs. The game is up; they have to take the bull by its horns. Lest they will be gored to casuality. Declaration of Telangana State as it was on 31, October, 1956, with Hyderabad as its sole capital will be the only solution. It is inevitable, nobody can stop this. Hyderabad can be a common capital for not exceeding 3 years, with an arrangement where andhras cannot play any dirty politics. Anything short of this will be a travesty of natural justice; can prolong the strife with devastating consequences.

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