Why did top BJP leaders shy away from Munugode, KTR asks

Being aware of the election result in Munugode the top leaders from Delhi kept themselves away from campaigning. The local leaders are making much noise lacking any knowledge, said TRS working president Mr KTR.

The BJP plan’s to usurp power in Telangana through backdoor methods misfired and hence its president Mr JP Nadda cancelled his tour to Telangana. Exuding confidence that the TRS would bag the seat and March ahead across the country, Mr KTR said the Congress will not make any impact.

The people of Munugode will teach a fitting lesson to BJP candidate K Rajagopal Reddy. People are aware of how the BJP toppled the governments in nine other states illegally against the democratic spirit. Mr KTR said people of Telangana are more politically aware and know who is who.

Mr KTR was having a chit-chat with the media persons ahead of the Munugode by-election. The brokers belonging to BJP were caught red-handed and hence the top leaders of the party shied away. They could show their face to the people of Telangana. They also know that their surveys indicated defeat to their party.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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