Who is the MLA who was on the run during Telangana movement? KTR takes jibe at Kishan Reddy

Minister KTR asked the netizens to name the MLA who was on the run when people demanded resignation during the Telangana movement.

Reacting to a tweet made by Union minister G Kishan Reddy who tried to take credit for the Million March which was organised by the Telangana JAC and TRS, Mr. KTR said the BJP leader went into hiding when asked to resign in support of the cause.

Mr. Kishan Reddy should be ashamed because Modi faulted the formation of Telangana on several occasions. He should stop being a slave to Gujarati bosses. He should also stop bragging and making a cult figure out of Modi. Unashamedly Kishan Reddy said it was Modi who invented the vaccine for Covid19.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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