What’s cooking between PM Narendra Modi and CM Revanth Reddy?

The relationship dynamics between Chief Minister Revanth Reddy and Prime Minister Narendra Modi has reached a different level following Modi’s recent visit to Telangana. Observers note Reddy’s address to Modi as ‘bade bhai’ (big brother) and his vocal endorsement of the Gujarat model, a stance often criticized by Rahul Gandhi, as potential signs of Reddy’s inclination towards the BJP.

Reddy’s active engagement with Modi during his visit, including reposting information of Modi’s private programs on social media, has raised eyebrows within the Congress ranks. Critics highlight Reddy’s unprecedented closeness to Modi compared to other Congress Chief Ministers.

Reminding Revanth’s connections with RSS and ABVP, the BRS Party has been accusing him as an RSS man for  many years. While Reddy has not refuted these claims, his actions, including meetings with BJP ministers and central leaders, have further fueled speculation.

Reddy’s association with Adani, a close ally of Modi, has also drawn attention. The Revanth-led Congress government entering into a business agreement with Adani while Rahul Gandhi sharply criticizes him for ‘crony capitalism’ has raised questions about Reddy’s loyalty within the Congress ranks.

Some party seniors advocate for decisive action against Reddy to prevent further damage to the party’s interests. The evolving situation surrounding Revanth Reddy’s alleged affinity towards Prime Minister Narendra Modi has intensified speculation within political circles.