What Mothkupalli Narasimhulu should realize!!

By: Viswaroop

Off-late Mothkupalli Narsimhulu of TDP Telangana Forum has been aggressive in abusing KCR, Kodandaram and other Telangana leadership. Especially after the bi-election fever has started, he has not spared single moment in abusing Telangana leadership.

One might wonder what is his confidence which is making him use such foul language, after all he has to go to Telangana people for votes and Telangana people cannot tolerate his actions. Here the point is Chandrababu as well as telangana TDP leaders know very well that they do not have any chances of regaining their lost credibility in Telangana region. They know that they are not going to win in any election in near future from Telangana. However they are using such aggressive strategy with indulging in abusive language so that they can gain in Seemandhra.

Chandrababu seems to have promised Mothkupalli, Errabilli and Revanth that even if they cannot win as MLAs in Telangana, he can give them MLC seats and make them ministers if they come to power after 2014. Chandrababu can convince them that Seemandhra seats are enough for TDP to come into power again.

However what Mothkupalli and others should realize is that if not today, formation of Telangana will happen for sure some day. After the division of state, TDP will anyway be confined to Seemandhra region. In Telangana, TDP will simply be  an Andhra party without existence. In that case Telangana TDP leaders have no other choice but to be in Telangana. Power hungry Seemandhra leaders will never allow them to get MLC seats from their state.

In Telangana state, Mothkupalli, Errabelli and others must have to face the anger of Telangana people for all their deceit. There will be no Seemandhra rulers or Seemandhra goons to back them. They have to face people on their own. So Mr. Mothkupalli, choose your words carefully… all the poison that you are spewing will definitely haunt you!!

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