WEF to establish India’s first Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution in Hyderabad

Telangana had a big draw on day one of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland. Telangana’s delegation led by minister KTR has signed an agreement with WEF to establish India’s first Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution in Telangana. This thematic centre in India will focus on life sciences and health care.

Hyderabad, being the life sciences and pharma hub and having earned the epithet of ‘Global Vaccine Capital’, has attracted the global body to have their thematic centre in Hyderabad.

Welcoming the announcement, KTR said, “I am delighted that the World Economic Forum has chosen Hyderabad as its India hub for establishing a Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution focused on healthcare and life sciences today. I strongly believe that the Center is a testament to the strong life sciences prowess of Telangana and is yet another step by the Government to elevate the life sciences ecosystem in Telangana and globally. Life sciences is one of the priority sectors in Telangana and I firmly believe that this partnership can leverage on the current ecosystem to further accelerate value and impact created by Telangana’s life sciences sector globally.”

“India has a unique opportunity to spearhead healthcare and life sciences in South Asia. C4IR Telangana – with the support of the Forum’s global network of Fourth Industrial Revolution centres and the backing of the state and central governments in India – will be a key player in driving stakeholder engagement, building bridges between the public sector and SMEs and supporting job creation in the healthcare sector,” said Børge Brende, President of the World Economic Forum.  

C4IR Telangana will be the only centre of the World Economic Forum in India. Being the first healthcare and life sciences 4IR centre in the region, the hub will facilitate, advance and accelerate development and adoption of newer technologies including genomics, personalized medicine and healthcare manufacturing, with a focus on the interplay between life sciences and technology in the region and globally

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