We Want to Make Hyderabad a Green, Livable City: KTR

By: P. Hareesh

The TRS manifesto for the GHMC election, which will be released on Saturday, promises to make Hyderabad a clean, green, safe, smart and livable city.

Taking time off from a tight schedule, IT minister KT Rama Rao said throwing some light on what his party’s manifesto would look like, their target, how they would counter the opposition and other issues.

Asked about the salient features of the manifesto, he said, “We want to make Hyderabad livable. It is a city much loved. Anybody who lived here would want to settle here.”

“Hyderabad has got a wonderful climate, great people, amazing food and everything that an international city in making has. We want to make such a city more livable,” opined KTR. The manifesto will focus on bringing down the pollution levels in the city, rid it of traffic hassles, provide playgrounds for children and all other basic requirements right from potable water to pavements to walk, he explained.

“What a city like Hyderabad needs is not what is currently required in New York or Los Angeles. Our requirements are different and the conditions here are different. We have to plan accordingly. People should have basic facilities like clean drinking water, uninterrupted power, good roads, schools and safety.”

But, will it be possible to do it without the support of the Centre? Why is the TRS so critical of BJP which is in power at the Centre?

Rama Rao has the explanation ready. “There is every reason to criticise the BJP. I can list 15 to 20 programmes of the state government. Let the BJP leaders name at least one scheme the Centre has announced exclusively for Telangana, he asked. Rama Rao is confident that he will achieve his target. “Our target is to hoist the pink flag on Baldia. We will post not just a victory but a decisive victory. When I say ‘decisive’, I mean that we will definitely win in 100 of the 150 divisions. When you are in government for 19 months, people will rate your governance. The results shall definitely be a verdict on our governance.” he added.

‘Harish Deputed to Narayankhed’

On party senior poll manager Harish Rao’s absence from GHMC electioneering, Rama Rao said, “He is busy with Narayankhed bye-election. So I am here. We all work according to the party’s directive. Each one of us works in one constituency.

‘Top Post in Govt or Party Not Vacant’

“What more elevation will I get? My party president’s post is not vacant. Our KCR is healthy and will run the party and government for the next 15 to 20 years,” said KTR while replying to a query.

Source: The New Indian Express

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