Unemployed youth feel cheated by Mr Modi’s government.


Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi who promised two crore jobs every year cheated the unemployed youth in the country.

As per figures tabled in Parliament by union minister Mr Jitendra Singh on Wednesday, they filled up 7,22,311 jobs in the last seven years for they receive over 22 crore applications.

At the same time, the Telangana government filled up 1.32 lakh jobs and issued a notification for filling up another 90,000 jobs.

The Central government has 10 lakh job vacancies still. Of the 140 crore population, the youth constitute 60 percent.

In fact, Mr Modi’s government filled up just 38,100 vacancies in 2018-2019 and 38,850 vacancies in 2021-2022.

The unemployment rate, inflation, and prices of all essential commodities skyrocketed during the past eight years, but the Central government did little to curb them.

The unemployed youth without jobs and lower and middle-class families in the country are experiencing a kind of unrest with the unsound policies of the Central government.

Denial of jobs to the qualified and skilled youth is nothing but betrayal by Mr Modi’s government.

Meanwhile, the Central government is withdrawing itself from the welfare sector slowly by disinvestment and withdrawing concessions and subsidies extended to the poor and needy.

The latest is the withdrawal of concession in train fares to the elderly citizens. It has announced that only those above 70 years will get train fare concession. What an irony?


By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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