BJP threatens to topple the government in West Bengal now.


The BJP acquired such notoriety that even the most tyrannical rules lacked in earlier ages.

BJP leader Mithun Chakraborthy on Wednesday said he was giving breaking news. He said 38 Trinamool Congress (TMC) MLAs are in touch with his party and 21 MLAs are directly in touch with him.

The BJP lost all its shame and has the least regard for Election Commission, Courts, and democratic values.

TMC MP Santhanu Sen said Mithun Chakraborthy lost his mental balance and he should be taken to hospital.

It may be noted that in the 2021 Assembly elections in West Bengal, the BJP leaders – Mr Modi, Mr Amit Shah, and several others tried their best to defeat Ms Mamatha Benarjee, but in vain.

The TMC got 47.93 percent of the votes and won 215 seats while BJP got 38.14 percent and won 77 seats. Two BJP MLAs resigned while five MLAs of BJP joined TMC. More BJP MLAs are planning to join the ruling TMC in West Bengal.

The BJP toppled eight governments in states in the last eight years including the recent one in Maharashtra state. The Central government is threatening the Opposition and regional parties by misusing the Enforcement Directorate, Income Tax, and CBI which were all populated by pro-BJP men.

Now the BJP is dreaming to replicate it in Tamil Nadu and Telangana as well. The political observers, intellectuals, and academics opine that BJP is setting a bad precedent in the country.


By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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