TS Government to Buy Power from Grid for Supply to Farmers

The Telangana government is making all-out efforts to provide uninterrupted power supply for agricultural operations by purchasing power daily from grid.

As the State was facing around 30 to 40 million units power deficit daily, the State government has been purchasing power on a daily basis. The power to be purchased on Oct 21 will be 1.43 million units at a cost of Rs 7.262 per unit taking the total cost for 1.43 million units to Rs 1.98 cr.

According to official sources, the power purchased by the Telangana government from October 1 to 21 is 147.37 million units at an average price of Rs 7.982 per unit. The total amount spent on power purchase in the month so far is Rs 117.64 cr. The government purchased 6.723 million units at a rate of Rs 7.269 per unit on October 19 spending Rs 5.07 cr on October 19 alone for purchasing power.On October 18, the government purchased 3.088 million units at a cost of Rs .52 per unit.

The government was able to supply 139.554 million units on October 19 against the demand of 161.529 m u.

Source: The New Indian Express

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