True to his colours, Congress MP Venkat Reddy gives up

It is an irony that Congress MP Komatireddy Venkat Reddy himself says his party will not win in Munugode and gave up his efforts too, leaving the candidate in the lurch. In fact, he had been calling the Congress local leaders and asking them to support his brother Rajagopal Reddy who is contesting on the BJP ticket.

He further tells the cadre that if Munugode seat is lost, the Congress party high command would dub Revanth Reddy as inefficient and he would get the TPCC post. Then he would do whatever favour the local Congress leaders want.

The TRS working president long ago branded them as `covert brothers’ but then they made a hue and cry over the remarks. But now they themselves proved to be one beyond one’s doubt. Mr Venkat Reddy’s talk over the phone or comments made in Australia with his friends went viral and the whole public knows his true intentions.

Meanwhile, responding to the developments, Congress candidate Palwai Sravanthi said she pleaded Mr Venkat Reddy to help her but he betrayed her though she treated him as her own brother. “It is very disgusting. I have no money power but I believe in peoples’ support and fight my own struggle,” she said with a choked throat.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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