TRS will continue even after Telangana formation: KCR

TRS supremo K. Chandrasekhar Rao dismissed the rumors that TRS is going to merge with Congress as a figment of imagination.

KCR said that the responsibility of TRS will not end with Telangana formation. He said the party would take the responsibility of developing the new state too. KCR was addressing the TRS party delegates attending the 11th anniversay meeting of the party being held at Anantagiri in Vikarabad.

KCR also took potshots at ‘National Parties’. He said that there are no parties which can be called as national parties today. He also ridiculed some parties, who were nowhere in the statehood movement until recent past, but were showing over-enthusiasm now.

KCR asked the Telangana Congress MPs to leave their party and join the statehood movement. He blasted the Congress high-command for cheating the people of Telangana by reneging its promise on the statehood.

Chandrasekhar Rao also reiterated that Telangana formation would ensure social justice to the downtrodden – especially the SCs, STs and Minorities.

The presence of a large number of youngsters at the meet proved that TRS is emerging as the preferred party for the region’s youngsters.

25 resolutions related to various Telangana issues were moved at the meeting.

Ex-DGP Pervaram Ramulu joined the TRS party in presence of all the top leaders in the party.

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