TRS wants changes to be made in draft Telangana Bill

The TRS today demanded that certain provisions like entrusting law and order to Governor in the draft Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Bill approved by the Union Cabinet be corrected when it is passed in the Parliament.

“Law and order is a state subject. We appeal to the Centre not to make an infringement on the powers of the Telangana government,” TRS president K Chandrasekhar Rao told reporters here.

Besides this point, the TRS has also objected to issues pertaining to allocation of employees, admissions to institutions of higher education, distribution of liabilities, among others.

The existing provisions in the draft bill are against the interest of Telangana, Rao claimed.

He said he would write a letter to Prime Minister and also meet him, with a delegation, if necessary.

“I said yesterday that it is still not the time for celebration (for Telangana supporters). I have a reason for saying. We will definitely celebrate when the bill is passed in the Parliament,” he said.

The TRS president, however, thanked the Congress president Sonia Gandhi, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, the main opposition BJP and other parties for the Union Cabinet approving the draft bill.

Replying to a query about merger of TRS with Congress, he reiterated that the matter would arise only after the Telangana bill is passed in both the houses of Parliament.



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