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TRS to have strategic alliance with MIM to protect Hyd status

After getting enough indications that the TDP-BJP combine might tinker the AP Reorganization Bill 2014 to meddle with the status of Hyderabad, TRS has moved swiftly to have a strategic alliance with MIM.

Information about the plans to make Hyderabad a partial UT were revealed during the last leg of the election campaign. Apparently Chandra Babu Naidu had broached this subject with Narendra Modi during the election campaign. News media reported that Narendra Modi has reacted positively to this plan.

After the election results were announces, media outlets have again started speculating that Chandra Babu would lobby hard with the BJP government to make Hyderabad semi-UT. Telangana people, who are fully aware of Chandra Babu Naidu’s conspiracies, do believe that he will definitely use his clout in Delhi to meddle with Hyderabad city. Apart from making Hyderabad a semi-UT, apparently Naidu is also demanding a share in Hyderabad city’s revenue for Seemandhra state.

Sensing danger, TRS has immediately reached out to MIM party – a potent force in Hyderabad city. TRS MLAs Eetela Rajendar, Padma Rao, KTR met MIM leader Asaduddin Owasi at the latter’s party office yesterday and held deliberations.

It is a known fact that MIM president Asaduddin Owaisi had severely opposed the Governor rule over Hyderabad city.

TRS has improved its position considerably in the just concluded elections. The party now wants to win a major number of Corporator seats in the upcoming GHMC elections. By doing so, TRS hopes it can thwart any conspiracies by TDP on Hyderabad status.

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