TRS responds to our campaign on Land Sales

Mission Telangana team is happy to report that Telangana Rashtra Samithi has officially responded to our campaign on halting land sales in Telangana.

We understand that this is not the first time someone has taken up this issue. Several organizations and political parties like TRS have been agitating since the past several years to put an end to land sales in Telangana region by the government.

After coming to know that the Hyderabad Metro Development Authority (HMDA) is planning to start another round of land auctions, sent out an appeal to Telangana activists, organizations and leaders.

Yesterday, TRS Politburo member Dr. Dasoju Sravan Kumar has responded to our appeal. He has immediately issued a press release, where he urged the AP state government to stop all land sales in Telangana region. Dr. Sravan asked the HMDA to stop its proposed auction immediately. He has also categorically stated that all such government land sales would be reverted once Telangana state is formed.

We thank the TRS leadership for taking up this issue and also request other organizations and activists to pitch in.

Here are some media clips of Dr. Sravan’s statement:




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