TRS leaders help job aspirants in a big way.

The ruling party leaders, MLAs and ministers are involving themselves in a big way by helping the job aspirants in the state.

Earlier the chief minister Mr KCR has announced over 80,000 jobs in various government departments and several notifications were already issued.
The MLAs and ministers are conducting free coaching in their respective constituencies, providing free food and study material as well.
The TRS party too is giving quality coaching.
In the past zonal system the local candidates were deprived of their due share in government jobs.
Since the TRS government came out with a new zonal system, now 95 percent of jobs go to local candidates.
The ruling TRS government came out with a decision to fill all the jobs at one stroke. This is the first time in the country a state government issued job notifications in such a big way.
As the job aspirants have been waiting for a long time for government jobs, there is a festival-like atmosphere all over. The functional hall in many constituencies turned into coaching centres with local MLAs organizing free coaching to the youth.

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