Gujarat women cry for water and warn PM Modi.


Over 50,000 women from 125 villages wrote to Mr Modi asking for water.
They have been protesting for the past few months. They were demanding water from Narmada river and said they would take out a massive rally if Mr Modi failed to solve their drinking water problem.
Mr Modi asked for votes stating he is their brother and anyone can write a postcard to him about any problem. He promised to attend to them. But now he turned back leaving thousands of women in lurch.
The BJP government copied the Mission Bhagiratha launched by the TRS government in Telangana but failed to improve the lot of people.
The local BJP leaders should speak out on the women in Gujarat agitating for drinking water.
Mr Modi’s government falsely claimed credit for Mission Bhagiratha but in fact did give a single rupee for the scheme. It was the ruling TRS government that took it up as one its flagship programmes and successfully implemented it. The scheme envisages providing safe drinking water through taps to every household, a dream of people for decades.
The visionary chief minister Mr KCR took it up as prestige and did it successfully.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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