TRS leaders condemn Y S Sharmila for her remarks

The ruling TRS party MP M Kavitha, MLAs G Sunitha and B Suman, and others condemned YSRTP leader Y S Sharmila over her remarks against their party and leaders.
MLA G Sunitha said the YSR family was against the separate Telangana and her brother Y S Jagan opposed the separate Telangana bill in Parliament.
As a woman, she should not use abusive language against others. The Telangana people are very good people but at the same time, if somebody hurts them, they will not hesitate to take action. Ms Sharmila has been going on with her Padayatra and nobody opposed it. But her contempt against chief minister Mr KCR and party leaders is distasteful and unwarranted. “How dare she talk like a goon?, she posed.
MP Ms Kavitha said the BJP was behind Y S Sharmila, encouraging her to taunt the ruling TRS party and its leaders. She has been provoking the people and those sympathising with the TRS are unable to stand anymore. Hence, they are resorting to showing their anger. “What is wrong with the TRS party cadre? They are unable to digest the bad language being used by Y S Sharmila,” she said.
MLA B Suman said she was being supported from behind by the BJP which is doggedly against the TRS party. “How dare Y S Sharmila asks our Narasampet MLA if he is a man? What is the language? In Telangana nobody talks like that. Why is she so spiteful about TRS leaders?,” he pointed out.
The TRS leaders said Y S Sharmila has no right to enact drama and criticise the Telangana leaders. She should go to Andhra Pradesh and do what she likes.
MLC K Kavitha described her as covert of BJP.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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