TRS leaders come close to people through kindred meetings.

Following the directions of the party supremo and chief minister K Chandrasekhara Rao, the TRS MLAs and senior leaders are organising kindred meetings (aatmeeya sadassu) across the state.

A kind of festive environment is prevailing at these meetings with people feeling happy to spend some time closely with their leaders.

As instructed by KCR, the party leaders are in the job of identifying active and full time party cadres to be appointed as incharges for every 100 voters. The CM had asked the leaders to send the list of incharges to him.

The TRS leaders are educating their party cadres about the beneficiaries of various schemes in their respective areas. They were also apprised about how the BJP government is harassing the ruling TRS party and discriminating against Telangana in release of funds and sanctioning development projects. They are supposed to tell the public about these issues as instructed by the chief minister KCR.

The presence of senior leader and MLC K Kavitha at the meeting held at Kamareddy district the other day boosted the morale of the party cadres. It was organised by Yellareddy MLA J Surender.

The Warangal West MLA D Vinay Bhaskar also organised a kindred meeting where the district senior leaders discussed the party functioning and political situation in the State.

These meetings are helping the ruling party leaders too in tackling the dissatisfied cadres and keep them active in party work.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao 

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