TRS brings a festive environment to Munugode

Of all the campaigns by the political parties in Munugodu for assembly by-election, the one being carried out by the ruling TRS party is more colourful and jubilant. One could see Tribal welfare minister Satyavathi Rathod dancing in gay abandon yesterday accompanied by a group of tribal women in their traditional attire. There are pink flags flying high and kids and adults moving all over carrying the pink flags on their shoulders cheering.

Every village, every street corner and every thoroughfare is appearing colourful with pink banners, flexi boards and flags with photographs of Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao, party working president Mr KTR and other leaders. It’s a kind of festive mood all over.

The MLAs, ministers and party functionaries touring all over with their followers and the general public raising slogans “Jai Telangana” , “Jai KCR” amidst beating of drums and dancing groups of women carrying Batukamma and Bonalu.

Yesterday one could witness MP Maloth Kavitha walking with crowds raising slogans and cheering crowds like a class leader. It was delighted to see her leading people behind who repeated slogans after her. She went on meeting young and old women asking them not to forget to vote for the TRS party.

In contrast, the campaigns by Congress and BJP are pale with thin and weary crowds while their leaders delivering serious speeches. People seem bored of their rhetoric and criticism against TRS and Mr KCR.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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