TJAC ultimatum to Cong, TDP & YSRCP

In a bid to keep the momentum high on Telanagana in the back drop of the all-party meeting slated for December 28, Telangana Political Joint Action Committee(T-JAC) is contemplating calling bandh on December 27, while it has lined up a series of agitation programmes to intensify the movement.

The T-JAC has also set December 26 as the deadline for the political parties to come clear in public on Telangana, and it has demanded the parties to stick to their stand while expressing their opinion in the all-party meeting.

The steering committee of T-JAC met on Monday, to lay down strategy to keep the pitch at a high level as a premise for the all-party meet resolved to intensify the movement across Telangana through various public programmes. Representatives of Telangana Rastra Samithi(TRS), BJP and New Democracy Party took part in the meeting.

“We decided not to allow the Centre getting away with its political ploy of calling an all-party meeting and not deciding anything concrete on Telangana. So, the T-JAC planned for public demonstrations in a big way for December 27 and 28. And we have also issued an ultimatum of December 26 for the political parties to spell out their stand in public so that they must be sticking to it in the all-party meeting,” said Srinivas Goud, co-convener of T-JAC.

Alongside, the T-JAC will organize a novel agitation on the lines of Gandhigiri titled ‘Mulakath’ between December 13 and 21 wherein the activists visit the assembly segments represented by the leaders of Congress, TDP, and YSR Congress, and present roses to the legislators and ask them to ‘get well soon’.

“The legislators of the parties whose policies are against Telangana are suffering from an illness called anti-Telangana. The T-JAC activists would present them flowers wishing their speedy recovery,” said Sravana Dasoju, a politburo member of TRS, who took part in the T-JAC meeting.

Following the Mulakath, the T-JAC activists will stage deeksha across Telangana between December 24 and 28. And the deeksha will culminate in a mammoth public rally in Hyderabad.

On a serious note, the T-JAC has urged upon the political parties to take part in the all-party meeting with all seriousness and send a single representative to the meeting.

“The parties must send a single representative who must say his party’s stand regardless of concerns on individual and regional basis,” said Srinivas Goud. He said the T-JAC was also urging the Centre to prepare the road map for Telanagna state formation and initiate the process immediately after the all-party meeting.

(Times of India)

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