TJAC to intensify agitation. Chalo Hyd on 30th Sep

Telangana Joint Action Committee called for a massive agitation program – Chalo Hyderabad on 30th September. The program would would be on the lines of Tahreer Square protests in Egypt. A TJAC representative said that they are planning to mobilize lakhs of people for this program.

Several key decisions were taken in the JAC steering committee meet yesterday. It was decided to invite the Nagam Janardhan Reddy group of MLAs and also CPI into the JAC.

The meeting also passed a resolution calling for 80% reservation to locals in all private industries. A decision was also taken to launch a separate agitation with a demand to set up a steel factory at Bayyaram.

Speaking to the media after the meeting, Prof. Kodandaram informed that public meetings would be conducted in the constituencies of Telangana ministers and the lackadaisical attitude of these leaders would be exposed thoroughly.

TJAC would also hold a series of programs starting August 1st aimed at strengthening the organization and mobilize people for the massive Chalo Hyderbad program.

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