This Telangana young lady made 75 Foreigners say ‘Jai Telangana’

A passionate Telangana woman named Sai Geetha has made an novel video, in which 75 foreigners wish the newest state of India and say “Jai Telangana”. The video is now being actively shared on Social Media.

Sai Geetha explains in her blog the reasons behind this novel video:

I belong to Telangana State and am proud of that state.

Now the reason for writing this blog and taking this video of foreigners is ….

I traveled in few countries with my husband and everywhere I go foreigners easily recognized me that am from India.

They use to ask me from which state I am??? I use to tell them that I belong to Telangana state and the foreigners were surprisingly asking me where is it?

They know the place Hyderabad and they also know that Hyderabad was capital of Andhra Pradesh,  but they don’t know the current status of  AP and Hyderabad(HYD) so they use to ask me where is Telangana.

I Use to explain them about the separation of state and then one day I thought many Telangana people who are staying abroad might also have faced this same situation and so my husband and myself tried to make a video of foreigners to whom we explained about Telangana and capture their video while congratulating the new state Telangana.

Our Objective was to make at least 100 foreigners know about Telangana and we were successful in that but unfortunately some of the videos got deleted (sorry) and the count 100 remained 89 foreigners.

So we wanted to make some round figure as 75 foreigners wishing the new state of India…Telangana.

Watch the video here:

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