The one and only KCR

Laxman Kastala from Krishna District, who is currently residing in UK, wrote this analysis on KCR:

He was underestimated to begin with. He was looked at with suspicion for aiming a goal which many powerful leaders and political outfits couldn’t achieve in 50 years. Allegations were made that he only started the movement for missing a cabinet berth for himself. He was then mocked. He was falsely claimed of originating from Andhra Region. He was insulted for damaging the brand image of Hyderabad. He was the target for many Andhrites for being foul mouthed. Even his indefinite hunger strike was mocked at by opportunists. He is the one who most of the leaders and people of Coastal Andhra & Rayala Seema would love to hate.

Whatever anyone says, one thing needs to be agreed by everyone, the only one man who stood by the movement of Telangana, and has been the face of Telangana for over 13 years, is none other than KCR. He is the one who made sure the Telangana agenda is taken across to Delhi power houses. He is the one who ensured that Telangana is the agenda of every political leader across the party lines within Andhra Pradesh. He is the one who took the movement to every soul of Telangana whether it is general public, journalists, NGOs, JAC or anyone. He broke through the caste lines to take it to every household of Telangana.

He had many ups and downs during his fight. Although there were some wrong steps , without his strategic moves the dream of Telangana would have been murdered (yet again!!) by powerful political opponents, media houses and Coastal Andhra lobbies long ago. His feudalistic views and approach has sometimes helped and sometimes hindered the movement.

Every statement of his was made sensational news. But managing such an emotional agitation for 13 years without any violence is not an easy task. Million March the only black mark in the movement was lead by JAC and not KCR. But KCR has never crossed the democratic line. He believed that he could achieve the dream of Telangana via democratic approach than violence route.

If power was his ultimate aim he would have continued in the UPA government as central minister in 2004 itself. If his near & dear’s power is his aim he wouldn’t have asked all his ministers to resign from state government in 2006. However he is not an exception to any other Indian political leader in preparing a political heir from his own family. But anyway, finally he achieved his dream. Whether he has any more room to operate in Telangana political map or whether he will end up merging his party in Congress is immaterial at this moment.

It is not unexpected that the people of Andhra Rayala Seema would have a tinge of disappointment at this announcement of Congress Party. I hope it will get settled over a period of time. At least I strongly believe that Andhra region do not have a leader like KCR to fight for 10 years to oppose this decision.

I hope that the UPA government will stick by its decision and will ensure all the constitutional proceedings in forming the state of Telangana and separation of Andhra region.

Not the least , I also hope that the state of Andhra region will stand on its foot and will emerge as a powerful state in India.

On this note, i would like to Salute to everyone who dreamt for the state of Telangana and fought for it and made it a reality…


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