Telangana witnessed rise in groundwater.

True to the slogan of TRS during the separate Telangana movement, efforts of the Government ensured an increased availability of water.

Now the state also witnessed a phenomenal rise in groundwater. On an average, during the past seven years witnessed a growth of 4.26 metres of groundwater. In 2014, the groundwater was 3.5 percent and now it is 4.26 percent.

The increase in groundwater was registered in 83 mandals across the state. The Telangana dynamic ground water resources computed report was released by the irrigation department. According to the report, presently a whopping 680 tmc of groundwater is available in Telangana state. The use of groundwater also came down by eight percent compared to 2020 by the farmers as the state government ensured enough water for irrigation through various sources. Water is now made available in canals round the year, check dams have waters and open wells too.

The programmes such as Mission Kakaitya ensure increased storage capacity of water in all tanks in every village. The old defunct canal were revived. Mission Bhagiratha is helping people in having safe drinking water at home, all these efforts prevent people from exploiting groundwater, a precious resource that comes to rescue in times of drought. Officials were overseeing that these groundwater is not exploited unnecessarily and are taking steps to protect the same.


By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao


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