Telangana vindicates its birth, and a journey begins

By: Soonya

For all those Doubting Thomases who wondered what Telangana will do if demerger happens, here are some quick points.

The fact that the new government of Telangana had the guts to demolish illegal constructions in the most-happening part of Hyderabad shows that there is political-will which was lacking in AP and the Andhra rulers. One can surmise and wonder how come the political will was missing.

The fact that the new T government is focusing on Dalits and is willing to ensure that the money is spent on their welfare as per sub-plan shows its sincerity to uplift those who are at the bottom of the pyramid. So far there was blatant misuse and diversion of sub-plan funds for other purposes violating the spirit of Supreme Court directive to delineate the funds for SCs and STs separately and ensure that they go for their benefit.

The fact that the new government is thinking strategically, not just tactically or in a knee-jerk-reaction mode, shows the visionary nature of the current government headed by KCR.

Often governments offer palliatives, and people also demand them – hence populism goes as welfare, while there is a need for genuine welfare for those who need it, it is critical that we treat the causal factors rather than mere symptoms.

For once, a political leader is not afraid of delegation of power and democratization and grasps the value of it for truly deepening democracy by letting the PR institutions perform their critical role.

All of the world, strong local bodies demonstrated their value in delivering better governance to people.

Till about 70’s no one could parashute directly into politics and become an MLA. He/she had to cut their teeth in local bodies before emerging as a leader at the state level.

However, given the feudal times the rich and powerful (upper castes) occupied the whole political space.

Today Telangana has no Doras, the Dalits are more aware. The BCs are aware, and thanks to the T movement the levels of awareness and leadership are definitely higher than many states in India.

If only they find the expression and necessary space and direction I am sure Telangana will be at the fore-front among the states in India.

I must congratulate KCR for contemplating and working towards empowerment at the grassroots level.

The T government and its chief minister KCR, are demonstrating a rare pragmatism and not getting caught in some ‘ism’ or the other. For ‘isms,’ like someone said are ‘wasms’ today.

Just like Deng Xiao Ping, the architect of modern China seems to have said, I do not care what the color of cat is as long it catches a rat.

What impresses me most is the willing to underline the long-term impact and an attempt to comprehend the impact of choices that we make today.

So far every government that we have seen typically go through 3 phases

1. Celebration – it lasts for about 1 year
2. Identifying opportunities for each of the ministers and their coteries to make money for themselves so that they recover what they spend and more for next elections and beyond 2 years.
3. Around the 4th year they start thinking of gearing up for elections and come up with SCHEMES and some times which turn into scams

The approach of KCR is like a whiff of fresh air.

I have confidence in him as he keeps reciting the poem by Bhartruhari

Aarambhimparu moodha maanavulu….

Which says, that 3rd rate people do not start something fearing obstacles or failures.
Mediocre people start something with great fan fare (Not for nothing, the adage goes – Andhrulu Aarambha Shoorulu, do not blame me, I did not coin it) and give up midway when confronted by obstacles.

The true leaders, (Dheerul) continue engaging with their mission irrespective of the number and nature of obstacles that they face and do not rest till they achieve success.

I feel vindicated when a ToI writes, AP walks in the footsteps of Telangana! What a change in a short time. I guess there is more to come.

It’s time to prove that T people are a wonderful lot, are very competent and can more than manage their affairs.

Time to dream policies which will lay the foundation of a modern, equitable and prosperous state for the next 30 years.

IF we focus on doing the right thing first, and learn to do them right, I guess a virtuous cycle will follow.

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