Telangana to house another marquee company, BOSCH



Telangana continues to roll the red carpet to the major global companies. In the latest, Bosch Global Software Technologies agreed to set up their facility which will provide employment for about 3,000 people in the region.
During a virtual meeting with the leadership team of Bosch, IT and Industries Minister Mr KTR welcomed the company. He highlighted that Telangana has the best talent pool and infrastructure. Earlier, many companies recruited more employees than they announced initially, he said.
Minister KTR in his Tweet said, “BOSCH in Hyderabad! German MNC & a world leader in Mobility, Industrial Engineering & Home Appliances has chosen Hyderabad as a strategic location with its Bosch Global Software Technologies and R&D presence. The proposed facility will provide employment to about 3000 people.”
Bosch came into Kolkata, India in 1922, 100 years ago. Bosch software and R&D division came to Bengaluru in 1997, 25 years ago. For the first time after 25 years, the company decided to set up their facility in Hyderabad with a large presence of 3,000 people in IT, engineering, and R&D.
This stands as a testimony to the visionary leadership, able administration and industry friendly policies of Telangana Govt.
A formal launch event will be organized by Bosch in the coming days.
Bosch Global Software Technologies Vice President Center Head Kiran Sundara Raman, was present in the meeting along with Principal Secretary Jayesh and Senior officials from ITE&C Department.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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