Telangana to develop Nagarjuna Sagar as major Buddhist place

The Telangana government would develop Nagarjuna Sagar, presently location of a massive irrigation project, as a prominent place of Buddhist significance, Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao said today.

Nagarjuna Sagar in Nalgonda district hold a historical and religious significance for Buddhism as a number of Buddhist monasteries and inscriptions having been found in excavations.

Rao, who visited the ‘Buddhavannam’ (garden) in Nagarjuna Sagar on the occasion of Buddha Jayanti, said the government would appoint a special authority and a special officer for the development of the ‘Sri Parvatha Rama- Buddhavannam’ at Nagarjuna Sagar in Nalgonda district, a release from his office said.

Nagarjuna Sagar project is built on Krishna river. Rao was camping at Nagarjuna Sagar where training sessions were conducted for Telangana ministers and TRS legislators for three days till today.

The Chief Minister plans to develop Nagarjuna Sagar as a major tourist attraction in Telangana. A meeting would be held soon in Hyderabad for the purpose, the release said.

Speaking at the training classes during the day, Rao said the public representatives and political leaders should make efforts to see that the negative image in society about politicians is changed.

“Why did this opinion of public representatives being corrupt come? The public representatives themselves have lowered their own stature and character? The society is looking at them that way because public representatives have taken their stature to low levels.

“Even when mother sings lullabies, she sings in praise of Govinda (god). She does not take the names of Kumbhakarna, Kansa or Duryodhana,” he said.

“Does any mother sing like this? What is the message the mother is giving? You should be like Govinda, Rama, Achyuta or Mukunda – an ideal man. No mother says that you should be like Ravana or Duryodhana. So, when we are born as human beings, our life should be purposeful,” the Chief Minister added.

Source: PTI

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