‘Telangana state incomplete without own high court’: Kalvakuntla Kavitha

By Pradeep Kaushal 

You were pressing for a separate high court in Telangana when Hyderabad already has a high court. Why?

It is legitimate for people of Telangana to yearn for their own institutions. We consider the judiciary as one of the pillars of a state’s democratic setup. The formation of the new state is incomplete without its own high court.

The high court will surely be bifurcated after some time. What is the hurry?

When the then NDA government formed three states – Uttarakhand, Chattisgarh and Jharkhand – they got their high courts within 15 days. Telangana, on the other hand, has been on the wait for over three years.

What difference would a separate high court make?

One, the pendency of cases would decrease. Two, Telangana would get due representation in the elevation of people to the high court and the Supreme Court. We have been totally overlooked so far. It was because of this that lawyers had participated in the separate statehood agitation in large numbers.

How can Andhra Pradesh shift a high court to Amaravathi, its new capital, in the absence of a building?

Hyderabad has to be the joint capital of the two states for 10 years under the Reorganisation Act. We have provided Andhra with many buildings. There are three solutions to the problem — the separate high courts can share the present building or Telangana moves its own high court to another building for the interim period or Andhra accepts our offer of a separate building in Hyderabad itself.

What do you want of the Centre?

We want a time-bound solution to the problem. Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad has promised to make a statement in Parliament. This gives us hope.

Source: Indian Express

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