Telangana is ahead in IT &ITeS – Union minister Mr Jitendra Singh.

Union Minister for Science and Technology Mr Jitendra Singh has called for new innovations in the IT sector.

Speaking at the National Conference on e-Governance chaired by State IT and Industries Minister KTR, he said other states need to learn from Telangana in the IT sector development. Telangana has become a platform for start-ups. He wants to compete in digital technology in a healthy way in the face of the country’s development in the fields of science and technology. Prime Minister Mr Modi has initiated changes in the field of digital technology. The digital field has expanded in online mode. He said the central government has given top priority to paperless and cashless transactions. On the occasion, he assured that he would co-operate with the request made by Minister KTR regarding the space sector in Telangana. He said the central government and the state government need to coordinate further.

–Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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