Telangana Integrated District Offices Complex: Good governance closer to public

Gone are the days when the public used to travel hundreds of kilometres to meet the district collector or any other district officer. Re-organisation of districts had brought governance much closer to the people with smaller administrative units. And bringing all the district offices under one roof through an integrated district offices complex has reduced the need to travel to different places. 

Today, Telangana is redefining governance through swanky integrated buildings and by reducing the burden on district officers with smaller units. Re-organising Telangana into 33 districts and constructing modern buildings to house all the district offices are the reasons behind the transformation. 

Even public representatives from other states who visited the buildings were impressed by the grandeur and scale of the integrated offices. Clearing the misconception about government office buildings, the new integrated offices in Telangana are offering a pleasant experience to the public. And in addition to easing the administration, they are also helping in better coordination among officers. 

So far, out of the 29 proposed integrated complexes, 14 complexes were inaugurated in the state. CM KCR opened two buildings in Mahabubabad and Kothagudem on January 12 and one more complex will be opened on January 18 in Khammam. 12 more integrated complexes are in various stages of construction.

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