Telangana has distributed over 23 lakh sheep: CM KCR

The Telangana government has so far distributed 23.80 lakh sheep among sheep-rearing communities, Chief Minister K. Chandrasekar Rao said on Monday.

He said this was befitting answer to those who were making a mockery of the scheme and were questioning from where will 80 lakh sheep be procured for distribution among Golla and Kuruma (Yadav) communities.

Rao made the remarks during a meeting with delegates who came here to participate in All India Kurumas Conference. The delegates including ministers from Karnataka and Maharashtra and public representatives and senior officials from various states congratulated Rao for implementing an innovative sheep distribution schemes for the welfare and development of Golla Kuruma communities.

CM KCR said under Rs.4,500 crore scheme, 84 lakh sheep would be distributed in two years.

Under the scheme launched in June, the state is providing sheep at 75 percent subsidy.

He said though Telangana has about 35 to 40 lakh strong Yadav community engaged in rearing sheep the state is importing 650 truckloads of meat daily. He said the scheme was evolved to make the state self-sufficient to meet its requirements for meat consumption.

KCR said after two years, the All India Shepherd Community Conference will be held in Hyderabad and by then the Telangana shepherd community will become the richest community.

The CM said nobody in the past understood the problems faced by the farmers and hence there were suicides. He said for the first time, a step is initiated to organise the farmers through the Farmers Seva Samithis and Rs 8,000 per acre will be given as an input subsidy to farmers from next year.

“If farmers, shepherd community and milk producers become economically strong, the state’s economy will be robust,” he added.

He announced the grant of 10 acres of land and Rs 10 crore funds for the construction of Golla Kuruma Hostel.

Source: IANS

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