Telangana Govt. reclaims unused APNGOs’ land

The Telangana government is leaving no stone unturned in respect of prime land resources in around Hyderabad. After the crackdown on illegal constructions in Gurukul Trust lands, including the N-Convention Centre co-owned by Tollywood actor Nagarjuna, the revenue officials resumed the land allotted to APNGOs as the lands were lying unused for decades.

The 189 acre tract of land in Gopanpally, worth nearly 4000 cr., was awarded to the NGOs in 1991 by the then Chenna Reddy government. But the NGOs due to the internal squabbles could not make good of the allotment. YS Rajasekhar Reddy government in 2007 took back the land citing non-utilization for the assigned purpose. After several submissions by the NGOs the government re-allotted the land.

The allocation of plots to its members by way of lucky draws ended in controversy with several factions of NGOs hurling allegations on one another and the matter could not be settled amicably. The Vigilance and Enforcement department’s enquiry had confirmed the irregularities to the tune of 12.38 crore rupees in civil works and ordered the cancellation of plot allocation. The enquiry had also raised doubts over the authenticity of the members in the NGOs beneficiaries list.

Telangana government has been warning that lands that are unused or are used for unintended purposes would be taken back. Following the orders of the government, the Serilingampally RDO Suresh Poddar, took posession of the land and put up a notice board proclaiming that the allotted site belonged to Telangana government.

The TNGOs questioned the very allotment of the land to AP employees for permanent buildings in Hyderabad while their government would start functioning from their capital in Andhra sometime soon.

It may be recalled that the same APNGOs under the leadership of Ashok Babu spewed venom on the Telangana employees and Telangana movement on numerous occasions. They were also seen threatening the Nizam college students of slitting the throats as part of their dubious ‘Save Andhra Pradesh’ meeting held in Hyderabad.

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