Telangana Congress scores self goal 

Telangana Congress leaders scored a self goal by criticizing and blaming TRS government for a decline in literacy rate. The Congress leaders obliviously held TRS government responsible for poor literacy rate in the state, based on a news report filed by an English daily.

On September 11th, 2018, Deccan Chronicle, a leading newspaper from the state reported on the literacy rate of Telangana. The article reasoned out on how the literacy rate in Telangana has declined over the years. One mischief the article committed was to take the data from 2011 census followed by Telangana Socio-Economic Outlook 2018 report.

The Deccan Chronicle report said, “Telangana has least literacy rate in the country after Bihar. Amongst the 36 states and Union Territories, AP stands at 32 ranks, Telangana stands at 35 while Bihar stands at 36th position in literacy rate.”

“According to the 2011 census, the Telangana state’s literacy rate is 66.46 percent whereas the national literacy rate is 74.04 percent,” said another Deccan Chronicle reported.

The 2011 census reflects the literacy rate between the years 2001-2011. The same years were under the rule of TDP and Congress governments, respectively. To be precise, 2000 – 2004 has seen Telugu Desam Party government followed by Congress government from 2004 – 2014.

It is very ironic to see the same Congress leaders blame the present TRS government for the mistakes committed by them during their government.

Sravan Dasoju, Chief Spokesperson, Indian National Congress, Telangana, tweeted:

The Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee President Uttam Kumar Reddy expended satirical congratulations to Chief Minister KCR in a tweet:

Senior Congress leader Geeta Reddy also tweeted:

The leaders have completely forgotten the fact that the literacy rates they are talking about were recorded during their regime. In the process of criticizing the government, Telangana Congress leaders again became the butt of the joke for the netizens.

The Congress leaders played shoddy political by believing in a news article and responding, without checking for facts. With elections around the corner, making such baseless allegations will surely cost the Congress leaders.

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