Telangana Chamber of Commerce and Industry Launched

Taking forward the Telangana agitation is an initiative of industrialists from Telangana region who have got together to form the Telangana Chambers of Commerce and Industry (TECCI). To be formally launched on Wednesday morning, TECCI’s website is up and about with an elaborate introduction of the Telangana region and an exhaustive “objective” list, indicating that the body has been in the making for some time now.

The body aims at making Telangana a self-dependant and rich region in the country as far as trade, commerce and industry is concerned and its website states that its objective includes finding reasons why its backward in this sector. It also has a brief profile of each of the 10 districts of Telangana region.

The It also hopes to create a new business and industrial climate “which stands as an inspiration in creating a new zeal and enthusiasm in the business community”. It would, of course, also be carrying out the regular industry body activities such as holding workshops and seminars apart from collecting and sharing business statistics among TECCI members.

As per TECCI officials, Telangana region has been lagging behind and that the body would concentrate on nurturing enterprises across sectors and size, particularly power and agriculture among others. The body would also be seeking incentives and subsidies from the government by submitting reports periodically on the status of these activities the nature of support needed such as pending clearances to set up a unit etc.

TECCI office bearers include managing director of power and infrastructure companies and its office is located in Kavuri Hills, Hi-Tec city. [Times of India]

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