Mission Telangana

Telangana becomes rice bowl of India

Positioning itself as the top paddy producing state in the country, Telangana cultivated paddy in a record 18.07 hectares in the Yasangi season. What’s more significant is Telangana is contributing 40 per cent of the total paddy produced in the country.

According to the figures released by the union ministry for agriculture, paddy was cultivated in 46.25 lakh hectares in the country this season against 35.05 lakh hectares in 2021-22. Out of the 11.20 lakh hectares increase in cultivation seen from the last year, 10.31 lakh hectares came from Telangana alone.

These numbers speak for themselves on how Telangana with its farmer-friendly initiatives under the leadership of CM KCR has become an agriculture hub. Despite non-cooperation from the union government on paddy procurement, the state has been performing exceedingly well. Now, Telangana very much deserves the epithet – rice bowl of India.

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