TDP manipulated the voters lists to win in Hyd

Telanganites have long been suspecting that TDP might use some unethical and illegal methods to win a few seats in Telangana.

A detailed investigation has proved this hunch.

It is now revealed that almost 5 lakh Seemandhra voters were added in Hyderabad city in the past 3 months. All these new voters are actually people from Seemandhra, who already have a vote in Seemandhra region.

Such instances were found in Kukatpally, Serilingampally, Qutbullapur, LB Nagar assembly constituencies.

The investigation led to several sensational revelations.







Image: Kalidindi Durgaprasad has 2 voter id cards – one in Telangana and the other in Seemandhra

For example in Qutbullapur Constituency the number of voters grew from 5,53,000 to 6,15,000 – whopping increase of 60,000 votes in just one month. In Kukatpally, the total voters gre from 4,42,000 to 4,72,560 – again a grwoth of over 30,000 votes in just one month.

For example a woman named Kalidindi Mary has a vote in Sangeetnagar in Kukatpally and and also in Seethanagaram in East Godavari district. Same is the case of Duppati Durgaprasad, who has vote in Kukatpally and also Jaggampet in East Godavari.

Image: Kalidindi Mary’s two voter id cards – one in Telangana and the other in Seemandhra.

Image: Durga Prasad Dupati also has two voter id cards – one from Andhra and the other from Telangana

What is shocking is that many of these voters voted in Telangana on April 30th and also in Seemandhra on 7th May.

It is such dubious methods, which helped TDP win about 10 seats in Greater Hyderabad region

The Telangana government should take immediate steps to cull out all such bogus votes to ensure that the Seemandhra parties are rooted out of Telangana.

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