Supply of superfine rice to hostels commences

The supply of superfine quality rice to welfare hostels run by the government, enhanced quota of 6 kg rice per head on ration cards and improved nutritious food scheme to children in anganwadi centres were launched across Telangana on Thursday.

Supply of superfine rice to schools for the mid-day meal scheme, however, will commence from Friday since Thursday was a holiday for schools. Commissioner of Civil Supplies C. Partha Sarathi told The Hindu that the stock of superfine quality rice required for welfare hostels and schools was positioned by Wednesday itself. Ministers and legislators launched the superfine rice scheme hostels at several places and it will be taken up in all the hostels in Telangana in the next three-four days. The Commissioner stated the requirement of superfine quality rice to hostels and schools was estimated at 1.2 lakh tonnes per annum but the actual consumption would depend upon attendance of students.

Similarly, the enhanced quantity of rice– 6 kg per head – was also launched at places where enquiry on applications for new ration cards – food security cards – and publication of no objection lists of beneficiaries was completed. It was being done on the existing ration cards, pending the issuance of new cards, to begin with, and the supply of enhanced quota will commence to all eligible units by January 15. Asked about the quantity of rice required to be supplied on ration cards every month, the Commissioner said it could be estimated only after the issuance of new ration cards as the government has removed the ceiling on the number of persons drawing rice in the family from the existing five. However, as per existing norms of issuance of rice at 4 kg per head with 5 persons per family as the ceiling, the supply on 80 lakh ration cards was about 1.2 lakh tonnes per month, Mr. Partha Sarathi

Source: The Hindu

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