Stalling Dalit Bandhu, BJP Enraged People

Burning effigies of BJP candidate Etela Rajender, taking out mock death processions, staging rasta roko were some of the protests organised by enraged Dalits in Huzurabad constituency.

They were all enraged alleging that Mr Etela Rajender and other BJP leaders wrote a letter to Election Commission asking it to stall the TRS government’s Dalit Bandhu scheme in the constituency accusing it of gaining political mileage out of it.

TRS leader Mothkupalli Narasimhulu called on people to defeat Mr Etela for his anti-dalit attitude. MLA Aruri Ramesh wanted people to teach Etela Rajender a lesson by defeating BJP for stopping Dalit Bandhu scheme in Huzurabad.

Of the total population of 2,89,213 in Huzurabad constituency, the dalit population accounts for 66,152 who were all shattered with the Election Commission directing the State government to stop Dalit Bandhu scheme in view of Assembly by-election there.

“People strongly believe that it is Mr Etela Rajender who wrote a letter to Election Commission against dalits. But the scheme will go on shortly after the polling in 10 days,” said SC welfare minister Koppula Eswar.

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