SKC Thinks Telanganites are Lazy and Lack Self-confidence!

By Amarnath

The SKC report says “Telangana experienced a long history of oppressive feudal rule which shaped the character of the people and also generated the resistance to it. Telangana people are often considered subservient and lazy and they feel that coastal Andhra people exercise a “veiled contempt” towards them.” Can any academic well-versed in history, sociology actually stereotype that a group of people are lazy and subservient! This is a stereotype propagated by chauvinist Andhrites and the SKC has got its report ghost-written by them. Nothing else explains this scandal.

In fact while discussing how Telanganites are stereotyped in Telugu movies, this is what the report says – “The question of stereotyping and “being looked down upon” or “made fun of” is not peculiar to Telangana – unfortunately such stereotypes abound in all societies and are subject to change as the fortunes of such groups and sections of society improve. The self-confidence has to come from within and cannot be legislated or dictated by policy.” The last statement is again a pedestrian observation. How can a group of academics say that a people of a particular region lack self-confidence! Does that mean that Tamils lack self-confidence because Hindi movies make fun about them? Or that Jews lacked self-confidence in Hitler’s Germany when they were butt of all jokes!? It is an embarrassment for this country that these are ‘observations’ of a central government’s team of ‘experts’. Do we need further proof about who actually wrote the report?

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